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The Sound of the World of SHAB – Music News

SHAB has created its own “global sound”.

The “Criss Cross” singer was born in Iran before moving to Germany and is now based in Texas and her music has been heavily influenced by the various places she has spent time.

She said: “I think what really affected me as a kid was just growing up in different cultures and learning different languages. And that’s why I always like, when people say ‘What’s your sound?’, I’d say ‘the sound of the world’ because of everyone I’ve met.

“So that’s what’s really cool about it, because I take, you know, every place I’ve been from basically, we make it into a sound of the world, which is dance music, which got some EDM, RB, it could be whatever it sounded like, kind of put that together and make a world out of it.

SHAB released their first English single, “Spell on Me”, during the lockdown and admitted it had been an “incredible journey” to move away from Persian music in its current direction.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “I’m still trying to write a song though, even though I’m just working on developing artists, I’m still writing – every day I’m inspired by my surroundings and things around me and I was noticing something.

“But it was really an amazing journey to be able to tap into the English market and kind of like bring my ideas to life.

“Recording the songs in a studio and like six months, eight months later, doing the music video which is such a cool process to see and watch and growing as an artist, I can see my voice becoming stronger seeing my work ethic change and everything because you have a goal and you know, you’re going somewhere.

“It was an incredible journey to be able to write in English.”

SHAB’s single “Criss Cross” is out now.