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The Mercury’s Sound Off Wednesday, April 27 – The Mercury

I try to buy products made in the USA, so I was frustrated that all the HVAC air filters sold in local stores are made in other countries. A few years ago I came across air filters from Koch Industries that are made in our own backyard, East Greenville. It’s time for another order. You have to buy online, but the quality and price are excellent. Thank you East Greenville!

Robert Minner

Again, comments complain about Sound Off. As far as I know, everything sent is published. About two years ago, Sound Off became a daily feature again. Want more “tips” or “informative” comments, send them. Don’t like the content? Thank goodness for that! This is called freedom of expression! We need more of that. Hateful comments? I haven’t seen that. You don’t like it? Ignore Sound Off!

Michael Stern

I commend Tony Phyrillas, editor of Mercury, for being able to keep his sanity after having to read the crazy rants of four left-wing crackpots day after day. It used to be that weirdos spent at least a few minutes putting their posts together, but now all they do is post the same thing day after day.

Dan Fields

White House visitor logs show Hunter Biden’s sleazy business partner made no less than 19 visits to the White House while Joe Biden was vice president. If Hunter wasn’t selling access to his pops, “The Big Guy” and the executive office, why was he there so often? And why has Jerky Joe been denying it for two years? The Bidens have truly enriched themselves through Brain Dead Biden’s life of public service.

just tight

Alert; now approached via email by Amazon, Costco and Sam’s Club about my account which I have none. Beware of responding to these entities unless you want to mess up your computer. Also, the Boyertown Lions Club just cleaned up the trash on Rt. 73. Trash dumpers are not reading this, but for those who can read, please obey the disposal warning on your driver’s recording. It is our/your planet.

Jim Tribett

I can’t wait to reactivate my Twitter account. I shut it down years ago once it became clear that they were nothing more than a group of leftist activists. The Democrat’s social media propaganda arm needed to be shut down and it appears to be happening. To finish!


The Democratic-dominated Washington State Legislature has nothing better to do than eliminate the word “marijuana” from all state laws. Rationale: Marijuana is pejorative and it’s a racist word. Really? I don’t think drug addicts like any particular race, and I’ve never heard of it, but rather I think drug addicts are dumb, dumb idiots. Now, I consider Washington State legislators to be dumb, stupid idiots too.

Rob Andrews

If you hear a trans-something progressive say, “I identify as…”, what they’re really saying is, “I’m pretending to be…”. I’m getting pretty good at translating the wokeish language!

Mrs. Crabtree

Sorry to bother anyone, but continuing with vaccinations will weaken your natural immunity, which will deplete immune capacity and lead to chronic diseases, ear infections, asthma, seizures, ADHD, autism and worse, but doctors call it normal. Don’t buy these 100 year old lies. Our children have never needed any of these vaccines because they were born with an immune system far superior to any vaccine will ever give them and that is factual. Keep them pure.

Filing of information

You have a lot of courage (a) Patriot54 – or you just can’t utter a word about lame accusations against Donald Trump Jr. that you heard about on CNN. After the irrefutable evidence found on Hunter Biden’s laptop that exposes the Joe Biden Crime family, you may want to avoid such topics that concern the President’s children. I guess you are just ignorant….

freedom fighter

Democrats believe the reason they will suffer a historic midterm loss is because they haven’t implemented enough radical progressive policies since taking control of the White House and both chambers. of Congress. Do they really not understand that they are going to be ousted from power precisely because of the radical and crippling left-wing policies they have already put in place? Talk about a complete lack of self-awareness! Dems be tripp’n!


Experience is a comb that nature gives us once we go bald.

Bill Wilson

For anonymous poster using bless your heart you must be new here. Here is my August 8, 2021 submission: “The term ‘bless your heart’ is a Southern idiom intended to show empathy but is more widely used as an insult disguised as kindness. Radical Republicans use it quite often, so in the same vein, bless your hearts Radical Republicans! Bless your heart anonymous poster too!


Russian television broadcasts American commentators (whom I will not name) hitting on the United States. I wonder if Russian viewers are asking, “Where are the Russian commentators hitting on our government?” How are these Americans doing? Do you think the Kremlin understands how this can backfire? Maybe VOA should play this when they broadcast their programs in Russia. “Nyah, nyah… We let our big mouths do the talking….”

Is Joe Biden writing the lopsided Sound Off comments from the looney Democrats? They are incomprehensible. The Democrats’ comments are devoid of logic, facts and common sense. I guess when you can’t defend or support what your party does, you just throw lies and mud.

Shirley Huck

Med Tech, talk about spreading thick manure! I had the Covid and I have long term side effects that affect me on a daily basis. I also received 3 injections and I can tell you irrefutably that the virus is worse than the injection whose side effect lasts maybe 1 day.

David M.

Jane Batdorf, I too think it is only a matter of time before another terrorist attack is committed on American soil. Amazing that no Democrat or Biden supporter can see the inevitable. Our southern border must be secured today! The Time is Yours Jay M., Lefty, David M. and Patriot54.


Christian conservatives will be happy to hear that Putin celebrated Easter by attending midnight mass. Wow, what a good Christian he is. He is only responsible for the deaths of thousands of Ukrainians while he is destroying the country itself. Pro-Russian conservatives love their Christians as long as it’s not Joe Biden. What hypocrites, I feel, Barney?

left handed

I’m no Butchie, but any American patriot can answer your question. No, you’re not right, and you’re not saying it like it’s Lefty. Donald Trump is probably the most beloved president in the history of our country. Thousands of people in unison say to Trump, We Love You! The 2020 election is the one that was stolen. I will record now and tell you the truth before this big lie is exposed.


Lefty doesn’t have an original thought in mind. From repeating the mainstream media’s debunked stories of Russian collusion to stealing Butch’s slogan. Originality is the basis for creating something unique through independent and critical thinking. If you can’t be original, shut up.


People worry about what their children are taught in school. I have a modest proposal: Every night, teachers will post their lesson plans and teaching materials for the next day on the school district’s website, and parents will vote “yes” or “no” to decide whether they want their children participate. The teachers will then adjust the lessons accordingly. We’ll call it “individualized teaching” and everyone will be happy.

J Swift

There is a lot of talk about Bryce Harper for a third MVP. Nothing against him, but should a DH be eligible for MVP? A player sitting on the bench and showing no defense should not be considered. Harper is a good defender. Let him show it. Winning the MVP as a DH is the MLB equivalent of a participation trophy. The glove should count as much as the bat.

chuck draksler

Catherine Rampell writes: “Companies are offering more reproductive care to workers…because they think it will improve their bottom line. Giving a value to a baby’s life? Yes, science deniers, a human being. It sounds like the same old Margaret Sanger Black genocide that Planned Parenthood tries to deny but actually owns the vast majority of their clinics in minority neighborhoods.

The road to dystopia

I would ask the “moderate” to stop pretending to be an intermediate person. Anyone who supports breaking the law by eliminating multiple ballots – harvesting ballots or worse – is not a moderate. My mail was delivered on time when Trump was president, now not so much. Stop lying moderately, be honest for a change.

Sam Tasik

Mehmet Oz must have been terrified when he got Trump’s endorsement. He and everyone else know that getting Trump’s endorsement is a surefire way to lose an election.

MendaciousD makes a highlight on the turnaround time of Sound Off. Therefore, it is our duty to limit our commentary in order to maximize the entertainment his short attention span is entitled to. Sound Off is, of course, here solely for its benefit.

The biggest joke about humanity was when computers started asking humans to prove they weren’t robots!

jim fitch

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