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“Every politician should be a Fetterman.” Do yourself a favor and research Braddock, Pennsylvania, and how Fetterman left Braddock! The steel mill is gone, the town is practically abandoned, the annual income is $14,000. A year! Non-abandoned homes sell for $3,000. I can’t give away the city! Crime is among the highest in the country, beating Somali pirates! Google Braddock, Pennsylvania, see how Fetterman ruled and left Braddock! Pennsylvania doesn’t need a Biden/Fetterman!

Just the facts!

Will Wood in the Sunday paper said there was no fraud in the Pennsylvania election! It’s sad when an educated person says that with a straight face and then refers to January 6th. Has anyone ever said that violence in cities in 2020 isn’t violence or that tearing down our historic statues isn’t terrorism that has gone on for months? These people were more domestic terrorists than the January 6 people. When are we going to wake up from this madness?


Facebook and Twitter shut down all posts or tweets about Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2020. The laptop was deemed misinformation. Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that the FBI took to Facebook and Twitter and told them Hunter’s laptop was “Russian disinformation”. The FBI knew that was a lie. The FBI deliberately helped elect Joe Biden with this action. The FBI is corrupt to the core.

Michael Stern

DC Mayor Bowser said, “…to make sure we have a humane, efficient and welcoming process that will get (illegal) people to their final destination. They can’t live in DC? Joe will spend money on illegal criminals rather than securing the southern border. Why are illegal immigrants given priority over bona fide U.S. citizens? Democrats and Joe continue to destroy our great country. Joe is the laughingstock of the whole world.

Even the resident radical progressives of Sound Off regret their vote for Joe Biden. His lies, his ineptitude, his divisions and his deliberate attempts to reshape our republic are the greatest imaginable threat to our democracy. Biden makes Donald Trump look like an altar boy.

Miss! Miss

In case the Sound Off Patriots missed it, the great Stevie Bannon has been indicted…again. After all the money our crazies at Sound Off gave to build a wall that luckily never got built, he’s stealing your money.

left handed

Democratic Radical Socialist Senses Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who have a history of bashing the rich (like them) and the financial “loopholes” used by wealthy individuals and corporations, just voted for the Biden Inflation Reduction Act after the A provision that targeted billionaires “paying their fair share” was removed. Watch out for Democrat hypocrisy or don’t bother voting.


This comment from Lefty Wednesday is ridiculous. I haven’t seen any Bill Wilson pieces that even come close to being compared to Jim Fitch. Carry on with your Lefty political comments. We can ignore them.

What we need to realize is that the Democratic story for the past 21 months has been supported by all of our Democratic leaders except the two Democratic Senators (until they caved). All Pennsylvania Democrats agree with everything. Withdrawing from Afghanistan, the border, killing our energy policies, no bail for criminals, spending sprees and raising taxes in times of high inflation, sanctuary cities and political transgender pushed our children to name a few.

H. Jean

For those of us who were curious if Merrick Garland went beyond the indictments for the terrorists who attacked the Capitol, he gave us the answer. He sent subpoenas to 40 of Trump’s associates. It is an investigation that will conclude with multiple charges, including Trump.

Jay Miller

So now DC liberals don’t want to see migrants? I thought DC libs liked underground. Why are they fighting now to prevent them from arriving in their progressive utopia? Dems be tripp’n!


There are half a dozen leftist crazies in Sound Off who blame me for telling the truth about Covid vaccines. I’m on the right side here and one day you’ll have to admit it if only to yourself out of pride. This vaccine is the biggest scam in the history of the world and it’s only a matter of time before everyone knows it. Germany, Spain and Israel are about to close it.

Filing of information

Realistic – tell us when “democratic fascists” took control of Colorado’s electric grid from utility companies. When customers install these “smart” thermostats, they agree to have the utility company control them during peak periods in exchange for lower rates. It’s informed consent and it has nothing to do with politics, except in your eyes. Be honest; Admit that your whining is about politics and your reluctance to see a change in your lifestyle.

Congratulations once again to President Trump for his great success in delaying the “investigation” into his “unlawful” retention of “classified” government documents. The longer he stays in court, the better. True showman that he is, he stretches the drama until the final scene where he delivers his climatic speech justifying his actions in front of the judge and the nation: “… because I am Donald Trump, idiot.

J Swift

If you think there’s anything wrong with Biden’s DOJ Gestapo raiding former President Trump’s private residence or arresting Pennsylvania Congressman Scott Perry while on vacation to confiscate his cell phone, then you shouldn’t mind a few of the IRS’ 87,000 armed new morons showing up at your home or small business asking you to cooperate or face personal and financial ruin. If Hitler were alive today, the Democratic Party would proudly lead him in 2024.


Did the left prostitute science because it has a history? The 1619 Project, a recognized work of imaginary history, has found its place in our schools. Its practitioners? Racists addicted to the exploitation of children and minorities. Likewise, those inclined to give us “follow the science” lectures have ignored biology in the context of gender and natural immunity as a barrier to viral infections. Why? To advance agendas best described as nefarious.

Mr. Furlong

Too often each side blames every other political party for everything. Unfortunately, you conspirators don’t realize that many of us laugh at your ignorance. Most of us see the good and the bad on both sides and wonder what kind of pitiful lives you must lead. Did you know that Charles Lindbergh was anti-Negro and anti-Jew, and also Henry Ford, and that there was a Nazi convention in New York in the 1940s that was attended by thousands of people?

Terrence Williams, a black comedian, put his own photo on the box of his pancake mix, Cousin T’s, and Facebook called it ‘racist’.

The Biden administration is making the bizarre claim that it paid for the $500 billion executive action on student debt forgiveness. How? Biden’s administrator said he was borrowing less this year than the year before. Never mind that this year’s deficit is still one of the largest in history. I guess that logic might make sense…if you’re a complete idiot.

Robert Minner

The cartoonist’s Take on the Opinion page just needs to cut to the chase and rename his piece “Trump Deranged’s Take.”

A Nevada Democratic politician killed a reporter who criticized his performance in office. Now other reporters are trying to pin the blame on Trump for a Democrat killing a reporter. This is pure madness or otherwise known as Trump Derangement Syndrome. Obviously, it’s contagious, but it primarily afflicts Democrats, RINOs, and Liars (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Washington Post, to name a few).

Ruth Whisper

Joe Biden could have been the second greatest president of all time. President Donald J. Trump had it all set up. All he had to do was sit in his basement for four years. He could eat ice cream and Keep America Great!


Finally! Someone had the courage to face golfers who do not show up at their tee times. I look forward to articles about not fixing your divots or not wearing collared shirts. Then let’s move on to drivers who don’t use turn signals and people who say “less” when they should say “less”. Please, no more pet peeves in Sound Off to season the diatribes.


Now that “Science” itself is retiring at the end of this year, where will all the sheep go to find out how to live their lives?

The sly curator

I’ve always been one to give credit where credit is due and tip my hat to President Biden. He does the work of two men… Laurel and Hardy!

jim fitch

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