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Well, here we go again! Two more murders in Pottstown. We keep hearing that the city is coming back, but people who have lived here their whole lives know better. Businesses will never come back to a city with all this crime. Borough councils past and present have allowed the worst of the worst people to come here from Phila., Norristown, New York, etc. It’s heartbreaking to see what happened in Pottstown.

The long-awaited Oz/Fetterman debate hasn’t been covered by the TV channels in our market! Even the taxpayer-funded PBS station didn’t cover the debate! A very important debate for Pennsylvania and America and ignored by the media! A calculated move to provide cover for Fetterman! Found the debate on YouTube and figured out why the networks ignored the debate to cover Fetterman! There is no way Fetterman can do the job!

I’m sorry, but after the recent debate, I cannot in good conscience vote for John Fetterman as Pennsylvania State Senator. It would be both a disservice to Mr. Fetterman to be in that position and also to the people of Pennsylvania to have him as their representative.

During a visit to our state, President Biden let slip that if John Fetterman wins the Senate seat, he should be replaced by his wife in the Senate, presumably after resigning due to health issues and being nominated by a Governor Josh Shapiro.

So when Jill Dennin was president of the Boyertown School Board, she gave the superintendent who had two years left on his contract a new contract for more money. Only to see said superintendent leave less than a year later for another school district. Is this the kind of person we want in Harrisburg? I say no.

Another sarcastic conservative

Dear Moderate, your data analysis skills leave a lot to be desired, and in fact your post showing a decline in oil production in 2021 as demand increased after the Covid decline when Biden took over proves that the Biden’s war on oil is real. Obviously, you missed that the inauguration was on January 20, 2021. But again, that’s no surprise since you criticize every conservative and support every mad-eyed Marxist Democrat in sight.

Sam Tasik

Senior readers, when filling out your ballot, please keep these questions in mind. Is your social security safe or will it be taken away? Is your health and prescription insurance secure or will it be taken away from you? Every senior voter will make a difference.

Jay Miller

Kudos to Patriot54. Thank you very much for your informative posts. As a lifelong democrat, you have finally helped me see the light. I’m going to cross party lines and vote straight red in November!

Ex Libby

John Fetterman is the most radical Democrat to ever run for the Senate. Fetterman is against Photo ID to vote. He opposes the protection of women’s sport. He thinks it’s OK for boys to be in your daughter’s locker room. He supports illegal immigration to sanctuary cities. He favors higher taxes. He supports abortion up to the moment of birth. Vote for your values ​​and against John Fetterman.

Dan Fields

Are Republicans tough on crime? The 11 most dangerous states for crime – Alaska, New Mexico, Tennessee, Arkansas, Nevada, Louisiana, Alabama, Missouri, South Carolina, Arizona and Maryland. Three are Democrats, but eight are Republicans. Who’s tough on crime?

Just a retired guy

According to a recent Harvard poll, voters’ top concerns are gas prices, inflation, the economy and illegal immigration. Where was January 6 ranked in this poll? Number 19, with only 27% of respondents mentioning January 6. Meanwhile, Joe Biden says the economy is strong. I guess that’s strong for OPEC, but for me, $4 in gas is too expensive.

Michael Stern

J Dog says “…if you know and understand this, then you know…Biden is not our rightful president!” I say. I understand. You are a hate-filled agitator. Your guy lost, fair and square, and knew it himself, even though his ego would never allow him to publicly admit he’s a loser. Move on.

Realistic — In what reality? Information Repository — information only from the right. Michael Stern – well written does not check multiple sources. Just a pensioner – I’ll join you soon. Barney – Where are Betty and Bam Bam, you’re a cartoon. Mr. Furlong, are you Mark? KC – you look like a long missed Republican. Patriot54 – if you lean more to the left you will need a pillow. Lefty – you can share 54’s pillow. Bill Wilson – Carry on.

The moderate

What does the charlatan Oz know about crime? He literally lives in a gated mansion in New Jersey. He doesn’t know what it’s like to live with gun violence, let alone how to stop it. Vote Blue to save Pa. (and Rufus)!


Below the radar this election season, Democrats’ intentions are to expand the fair housing program in positive ways. They want federal control over the zoning of our townships. Can you say “high density housing”? This would be achieved by withholding HUD and Department of Transportation funding from non-compliant communities. We have seen this weaponized fundraising tactic against school districts that fail to comply with the dictates of social justice or dare to impose discipline without regard to race.

Mr. Furlong

Am I crazy? Biden is ready to forgive $400 billion in student loans and at the same time give out more loans. In what world does this make sense? What bank or loan company would do that? Only the federal government could be so ignorant. They are not loans, they are gifts and they must be taxed.

Painful… just watched the Nixon/Kennedy debate, sorry I meant the Oz/Fetterman debate. The story repeats itself.

Farmer Ole 2

I recently heard a campaign ad for Democrat Josh Shapiro. He claimed that as governor, Shapiro would address Pennsylvania’s crime problem. Does this guy think voters are stupid? Shapiro has been the Attorney General of Pennsylvania for 6 years. If Shapiro didn’t approach crime as the state’s top law enforcement official, why would anyone believe that Shapiro would approach crime as a governor?

Robert Minner

I would like to dialogue sometimes with the Republican sheep who contribute to ringing. But I already know what they will say. Just watch Fox News from the previous week and they just repeat what they hear. How about TV’s Doctor Oz, another puppet killing unhealthy puppies in some type of medical lab? Republicans be tripp’n. So sad.

Robin Q

Wait a minute! Right-wing liar Stevie Bannon faces just 4 months in jail and a $6,500 fine for stealing all that stupid money from the wall. Stupid people get scammed and they love it. If you’re white in America, you can get away with anything. Lock him up!

left handed

I understand that Turkey Hill is releasing a new ice cream flavor in honor of Scranton Joe Biden, it’s called: “Disappoint-mint”.

Billy G.

I finally figured out Lefty, “Patriot54” and Jay. They don’t like Trump because he brought us low inflation, low gas prices, higher median wages, record minority job growth, and world peace. They must like inflation, low wages and high gas prices.

Ruth Whisper

Mr. Furlong says, “…the FBI…populated with miscreants…may be irredeemable.” More than 33,000 employees, your neighbors, of all political persuasions. (As of December 31, 2009, the FBI had a total of 33,852 employees. This includes 13,412 special agents and 20,420 support professionals, such as intelligence analysts, language specialists, scientists, IT specialists information and other professionals – source: Wikipedia.) It’s a fairly wide brush. Am I detecting a political agenda?

Now the J6 Committee, in an unprecedented move, has subpoenaed President Trump. I’m sorry but this J6 theatrical committee has been on a Trump witch hunt since its inception. Why didn’t they save us some money and call it right away? It’s so one-sided… what about who left people inside, ninjas who were there or pipe bombs that were found.


If the Republicans get a majority and they eliminate your Social Security and Medicare, do you really think they will no longer be deducted from your salary? Think again, it will continue to be deducted and diverted to a new title. They will add it to their benefits or retirement plan. Remember that they vote for their own raises. Call and ask Tim Hennessey.


Always remember for those who don’t believe the world should change: “At the beginning of a change, the patriot is a rare man, and brave, hated and despised. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, because then it costs nothing to be a patriot. -Mark Twain

Dog J

Did you know that if you work “bare” in your yard, your neighbor will install a “private” fence at no cost to you? Follow me for more money saving tips.

jim fitch

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