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Thanks to the funny guy who paints bikes in bike paths, because obviously some drivers don’t know what they’re for. You do not believe me ? Drive regularly on Hanover Street, between High Street and the bridge when traffic is heavy.

Golden age

Biden’s Interior Secretary Deb Haaland declined to say in Senate testimony that gasoline prices were too high. I hope you are joking? I guess not, but I guess it doesn’t matter to her. She earns at least $210,000 a year. His net worth has been estimated at $10 million. Democrats don’t care about us. If they did, they could at least agree with us that gas prices are too high.


Finally, the Catholic Church stands up to those hypocritical politicians who claim to be devout Catholics, but then support abortion, which the Church considers homicide. The Archbishop of San Francisco banned Nancy Pelosi from receiving Communion because of her steadfast support for abortion on demand. The next step is excommunication.

Jane Batdorf

Four years after the fact, FBI General Counsel James Baker testified in court and clearly stated that Trump’s accusations of collusion with Russia were completely baseless.


Looks like Joe Biden is pushing the tried-and-tested Marxist philosophy: “The worse, the better. In other words, for Democrats, the worse things get, the better for the Democratic party/ruling class, and who cares about the middle and lower classes. We need to vote against as many Democrats as possible in the fall.


Simply amazing to see gas prices continue to climb. I guess the record high gas prices are going to keep coming day after day until we knock out those Democrats and send a very strong message to Washington DC. Madeleine Dean, start packing your bags.

Nancy Lessig

Hospitals receive more than $100,000 per deceased Covid patient. It is criminal that our government is inciting hospitals to kill patients. Why is there no incentive to save patients? Among this large number of deceased patients, how many would still be alive? I believe most of them died diagnosed with Covid rather than actually having Covid. Big Pharma’s alliance with the highest government. health officials is responsible for the death of your loved ones.

medical technology

I see that the leftwing cabal on Sound Off has created a new conspiracy theory – that all Republicans have embraced a French theory called “theory of replacement” by Renaud Camus. Republicans believe only in the feverish imagination of liberals. Using this same logic, all Democrats believe that men can get pregnant. Testified in Congress.


On May 14, a well-mannered, mentally stable young man walked 200 miles with 2 semi-automatic rifles, an illegally modified one, and a shotgun through a store crowded with black people and exercised his 2nd Amendment rights on 14 people. At trial, we can hear a defense of self-defense, he needed 3 guns to vigorously defend himself from the crowd of attackers. It worked for Kyle, why not Payton? Waiting for her tears to flow.

David M.

Elon Musk said the Democrats have become the party of division and hatred, so he will now vote Republican. I guess he really is as smart as people make him out to be.

Robert Minner

You are either progressive or conservative. There are no moderates in this world. Moderates are people who cannot commit to an idea. Jesus was a progressive because he cared about everyone, not just the rich. Conservatives are only interested in things that benefit them and that people of color don’t need to apply for. Progressive Jesus to the rescue and it’s final.

left handed

A Mercury article had one of the saddest and most disgusting comments about the state of our government/country: “400 proposals vying for $161 million”. No definitive need was identified before handing out taxpayer money, or “Covid money”. This is how our country finds itself in debt of 30,000 billion dollars with nothing to show. This is how we end up with record inflation and collapsing bridges. It is enough to distribute money without a plan.

Michael Stern

America may have reached the climax of its history just before Biden assumed the presidency in 2021. Since then, it has been a complete disaster from which we may never recover. Who is really pushing America into the ground? As Elon Musk says, “The real president is the one who controls the teleprompter” and we know that person is definitely not Joe Biden! My money is Susan Rice and Barack Obama, two people who have always hated America.

Greg Levengood

Wouldn’t you know that! As soon as Elon Musk takes the side of free speech and denounces the Democratic propaganda social media platform Twitter, the radical Democratic machine is ready to crush him with IRS investigations. Dems be tripp’n!


The opinion pieces by Will, Thiessen and York etc. are simply to distract you from the fact that The Mercury dares to publish left-wing opinions, proving that they are part of the “lying” MSM! As a “freedom fighter”, it is my duty to fight against the spread of such freedom of expression. Only what is approved by the right is trustworthy. BTW, Sound Off prints left comments more often. Stop it, or feel our wrath!

From J. Pavlowitz on what the white American evangelical paradise will look like: “Apparently, paradise will be strictly America first. Only English will be spoken in paradise. All the others will just have to adapt. It’s also going to be very, very, very white; with Caucasian guys (like God and Jesus) running the show and making the rules. The ladies will take care of the meals and the children and so on.


Perhaps the most chilling question ever asked is this: Can you imagine what the United States would look like today if Joe Biden had been president in 2020 when the pandemic hit? His response to the baby formula shortage (after his administration shut down a factory): What are we supposed to be, mind readers?

Sam Tasik

So the UK government reports that vaccines have killed more people than they have saved. A whole lot of research. Even if we knew how many people were “killed” by the vaccine, it is absolutely impossible to know how many people were not infected. I consider myself a satirist, emphasizing bad ideas through exaggeration and absurdity, but Info Depot is the best. Kisses from the chef, madam. Med Tech has a high bar to cross.

J Swift

Pro-baby-killing Democrats want unlimited rights to end the lives of their children. Even if we proposed a bill banning abortion, but including exceptions for rape and incest, they still wouldn’t accept the bill. This tells you everything you need to know about their program.

Miss! Miss

The White House’s final advice for moms who need formula for their babies is “Call your OBGYN or pediatrician to see if they have samples in the office.”


Mental health treatment is sorely needed, but don’t blame it for our country’s gun violence. We are the only developed country in the world that allows our children to be slaughtered and massive gun violence to occur on a regular basis. Every country has citizens with mental illness without regular mass shootings. They also don’t have lax gun laws. It is irrefutable and we allow it to continue. This is pure gun lobby greed.


Oh Emily L, you made me hysterical because of your comment about men/birth control. My husband – not quite as amused.

Do you ever read the news and scratch your head in amazement at the demented wickedness in the souls of Democrats? Rafiq Thompson murdered Tamara Cornelius. Tamara was 14 weeks pregnant. Thompson is charged with 2 counts of first degree murder – one for the murder of Tamara and one for the murder of her unborn child. But Democrats want to retain their legal right to murder unborn children up to the post-birth point. Pure evil!


Admittedly, the printing of Sound Off comments is at the editor’s discretion, but when people make far-reaching claims and are asked for evidence to back up those claims, the silence is deafening. Instead, the subject is changed, or the unconvinced are simply ridiculed with the blanket response, “Everyone knows…”

Pottstown goes to Hades! Last week I went downtown for a new hat and guess what? The haberdashery closed and left town. Whore !

Progressives had to hunt and dust off their “My Body My Choice” signs they put away at the start of the pandemic.

The sly curator

I didn’t realize it until today, but I have to have an “electric vehicle” because every time I fill up with gas, I have a “shock!

jim fitch

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