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Many old businesses have closed and are no longer in Pottstown due to the loss of high paying industrial jobs. Major employers included Bethlehem Steel, Dana, Doeler-Jarvis, Firestone Tire and Rubber, Mrs Smith’s Pies and Stanley Flagg. What did Pottstown do to try to keep these businesses in town? What industries were brought to town to replace these lost industries? Difficult for cities to survive with only jobs in service companies.


The US State Department has a Twitter account that you can use to send important updates or responses to world events. To underscore the seriousness of Joe Biden’s administration, the State Department tweeted 8 times from December 10 to January 2 to broadcast Secretary Anthony Blinken’s Spotify playlist. Taxpayers paid someone to spend time sending these tweets. Meanwhile, the Americans remain abandoned in Afghanistan.

Shirley huck

Leftists have started 2021 with so much pride and hope. They successfully defeated the wickedly tweeting Orange Man, whose Alpha Male leadership style hurt their delicate feelings. They had control of the Oval Office, the House and the Senate. They were ready to keep their campaign promises to stop Covid, rebuild the economy, make it easier for the middle class, Yadda, yadda, yadda. Here we are a year later. Pity! I’ll leave it there.


Babu Ranganathan’s Sunday Mercury Chronicle is simply absurd. Russia is our enemy. Ukraine is asking to become a member of NATO, we are not forcing it to become a member. The reason Russia could invade Ukraine again is as simple as the discoveries of natural gas off the coast of Ukraine. Ranganathan’s reasoning is that the United States is bad and Russia is good. Ranganathan conveniently ignores the 1979 Russian invasion of Afghanistan along with a host of others.

Michael stern

I wanted to thank Senator Katie Muth and Rep. Tim Hennessey for their excellent work in accelerating the bridge replacement project over Ecker’s Creek in North Coventry, except that they did nothing. Just two more gas bag poles!

I pray for these children who are forced into classrooms infected with Covid when there are safe alternatives. And they won’t be allowed to wear masks. The scary part is that a lot of parents don’t care. Politics comes before the safety of their child. How sad.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has faced criticism from Democrats for being absent from his job. They said he should have personally given updates on the recent increase in Covid cases. He was in the hospital while his wife was receiving chemotherapy treatments. I guess they thought he was at the beach like Joe Biden – come to think of it, I guess this is probably where Joe could do the least harm to our country.

Billy G.

The more transmissible, supposedly milder (possibly; long-term effects as yet unknown) variant of Omicron is now the main source of infection in the United States at over 70%. “I guess I can relax now!” Sorry, if you are infected you still have a 3 in 10 chance of having one of the more serious variants. Or maybe you will be the lucky parent of the next variation. Use common sense, folks! Vaccinate and mask!

It should be noted that while The Mercury has on at least two occasions denounced the arrival of “carpetbagger” Republicans seeking public office in the Palestinian Authority, there has been no comment on it. democratic opposition which facilitated the “parachuting” of illegal unvaccinated in our State. Mostly adults, they arrive in the middle of the night on so-called “ghost flights” recently observed in Allentown & Wilkes-Barre / Scranton, far from the gates of the progressive elites.

Mr. Furlong

Biden’s DOJ and Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorneys have reached a deal ensuring that his “little black book” of Jeffrey Epstein’s contacts, clients, and friends will never be made public. Who would approve of this kind of agreement other than those which are bound and obligated to the people in this book? Remember Hillary and Bill Clinton: “If we fall, most of DC’s elite will come down with us!” “


To continue criticizing Lefty’s comment on January 2, he said the 81-year-old was sentenced to 90 days of house arrest. He ignored 3 years of probation, a fine of $ 2,000 and restitution of $ 500 as part of that sentence. The 81-year-old didn’t break anything or attack anyone, he walked around inside the Capitol for about 20 minutes. Interesting to see how he was treated against Antifa who loots, burns and spits on the police.

Jane batdorf

Mercury’s bias strikes again. On page A8, the Associated Press headline reads, in part, “How GOP Takes Electoral Power”. If they were Democrats, it would read “Democrats Building Electoral Consensus.” Whenever the GOP uses the legalities of the system, it is portrayed negatively. When Democrats do the same, it is “democracy at work.” No wonder half the country hates newspapers. Do you really think this kind of prejudice helps your circulation?

Chuck draksler

Hundreds of millions spent in camps and hotels for the illegals, but not enough money for our homeless. Millions spent to hunt down innocent people, but not enough money to hunt down pedophiles. Millions spent on marketing campaigns to immunize every American citizen, but illegal immigrants not. If you don’t think that there is something seriously wrong with that image, then you are part of the problem.


I keep hearing, “If you get vaccinated, why do you care that I am? Perhaps because we care more about your sister-in-law, who cannot be vaccinated because of her cancer than you do. Perhaps because you are contributing to the lingering economic problems associated with the pandemic. Or maybe we’d like to see you put your ego and political agenda aside, and grow up.

It was great to see a political cartoon of Alan MacBain in color again! Hope to see more in the future. I always appreciate his take on things.

Sam the farmer

Protesters on Capitol Hill were arrested and went to court to stand trial for their crimes. If they are found guilty, they will serve a sentence behind bars. This is how our legal system is supposed to work. But we had to live 2 years of uninterrupted violent riots by criminal elements of the Democratic Party such as Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA without arrest or prison sentence for these criminals. This is not the way our justice system should work.


Chuck Draksler, you say Democrats fear everything. What I fear is losing our democracy. If you want a dictatorship, now you can move to North Korea, China, Russia, etc.

Jay miller

Jay Miller: I’m fully aware that President Biden’s recent action has only postponed student loan payments. He did so after promising there would be no overtime. Just like Biden. Say one thing and do another. However, many Democrats are not satisfied with a simple postponement. Sens Warren (D-MA) and Schumer (D-NY) and other Democrats ask Biden to fully forgive $ 50,000 per borrower. They desperately want to buy votes for the 2022 elections!

Robert minninger

“Winnie the Pooh” and “The Sun Also Rises” are no longer copyrighted this week. “Yes,” said Piglet, “wouldn’t it be nice to think so. “

Bill Wilson

South Korean officials reported that more than 100 house fires last year were started by cats, some of which lit gas stoves with their paws. Why are we wasting our time worrying about human illegal aliens when an even greater threat already lives among us and biding its time.


In reply to M. Furlong on 01/02/22. You can buy one I-Bond per Social Security number per year. The maximum purchase price is $ 1,000. On a $ 1,000. I-Bond is $ 7,120 in interest for one year. Does not cover Bidenflation!

Contributors to Trump or Biden, you denigrate one or the other, how sad. Money rules the roost. Did you forget or are you like me?

Star light

I have been told repeatedly that the insurgents did not have weapons on January 6. Please tell me the following cannot be used as weapons: bats, sticks and sticks, chemical spray, hockey sticks, metal bike racks, batons, bottles, wooden planks, fire extinguishers, tasers and flag poles.

Professor Harold Hill had a witty rhyme / He must be retired / and on time. I enjoyed the words / he had to say / They brightened, intensified and brightened my day. So Sound Off contributors / don’t stand still, thank the teacher / like me – Queen of the Hill!

Why are you all so worried about the origin of Covid-19? You should be concerned about where it is going, how it will mutate, and how the unvaxed will survive.


I’m now more convinced than ever that the reason Patriot54, David M, Lefty, and Jay Miller don’t like me is because they can’t date me.

The sneaky curator

Fitch Fact – A dog gets more factual information from smelling another dog’s butt than a human gets from watching CNN! Stay tuned!

Jim fitch

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