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Why is Joe Biden sending US troops to protect the Ukrainian border when he left the US border wide open to the invasion of 2 million illegals from over 100 different countries? Why should our soldiers die to protect Ukraine when our so-called European NATO allies don’t lift a finger to challenge Russia? Warmongering Democrats have a lot to answer for.

Indisputable evidence has just been uncovered that proves that Hillary paid her lawyers to infiltrate Trump’s data servers in order to fabricate a link to Russia. The Dems and their MSMs ran with it for almost 4 years. I don’t think anyone would dispute the fact that Hillary is the most corrupt and despicable human being to ever walk the face of the earth. It will never be too late to “lock him up!”


Good luck if you are unlucky enough to catch COVID in the second year of the Biden administration! The FDA restricts the distribution of monoclonal antibodies. Promising treatments are still unavailable months after they were authorized for emergency use, and doctors will be fired if they deliver the safe, inexpensive treatments used by other countries. You are alone.

Robert Minner

If Trump had been re-elected, you wouldn’t see Republicans in Pennsylvania trying to get rid of Bill 77. They almost all voted for it. Then Trump lost, so they didn’t like it anymore. Everyone thought mail-in voting was a good idea, but more Democrats voted by mail than Republicans. I can’t have this. Anything that gets more people to vote is rejected by Republicans. Electoral fraud? Almost everyone who gets caught is a Republican.

Tucker Carlson would have you believe that Biden wants war with Russia. While offering valid justifications against military involvement in Ukraine, his twist was meant to encourage his viewers to voice the opinion that Putin should be given whatever he wants. No sane person wants war, but some things are worth fighting for. Look for Neville Chamberlain and Appeasement (ceding the Sudeten German-speaking region of Czechoslovakia to Hitler Germany).

The left’s biggest lie about Covid is the claim that unvaccinated people are a threat to others. This silly claim cannot be sustained. Vaxxed and unvaxxed end up in intensive care and some of them die. Vax warrants are criminal and wrong for scientific or legal reasons. Leftists’ only option is to silence anyone who will tell the truth, so they always turn to mass censorship as a tool to legitimize their stupid ideas.

The truth must be told

David M, in your SCOTUS post, people like you who base everything on the color of your skin that’s why there will never be an end to racism.

I don’t color

Republicans always shout “Stop the theft!” Update my Republican friends, we have stopped the flight. PS Why would you think of taxes when you hear the name Gov Wolf? No matter which party is in power, your taxes will go up. What does Fact Jack mean we’ll be back to normal when Biden is out? We are more normal than the screams of the past 4 years.


The southwestern United States is experiencing the worst drought in 1,200 years, but that’s okay, we don’t live there. Here, sea level rise is a more relevant concern, but that’s decades away, so don’t lose any sleep. The great thing about the future is that it’s the future, and in the near future, we’ll all be dead. Our grandchildren will have their own worries and life will go on until it is not.


Barney, are you claiming we’re more divided as a country than at any time in history, including the Civil War? I have a lot of food to eat, try another supermarket. An unprecedented flow of drugs? Are you a seller or a user? JB from Limerick, that would be 4 hotels, 5 bankruptcies in 6 years, plus an airline. Mr. Wilson, I heard Ken Jennings use this quote a while back on “Masterminds.” It is good.

David M.

Watters (FOX) lamented the quality of public school lunches compared to that of an unnamed (public or private?) prison lunch in an unnamed state with $17 billion in Fed aid. For an average of 528 students for 180 days on average for more than 97,000 public schools, that equates to $1.83 per student per day per school. For some students, this may be the only meal they receive. Can we do better? Sure. Fund schools.

Democrats all seem to agree that the current president has no control over soaring inflation, illegal immigration, unemployment, rising fuel prices, Covid mitigation, fentanyl deaths, out of control crime and murder rates, supply chain shortages, keeping aggressive dictators online, and how the police are portrayed by the media. If so, please say, what did you hire Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to do?


CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky always recommends people cover their faces in indoor public places, Dot. Stop spreading false information. “Hospitalizations are still high and death rates are still high,” Walensky said Feb. 9. It doesn’t take long at all to check the facts.

Several years ago, when the BLM protests were in full swing, our friends at Fox News were very clear that blocking traffic on freeways and bridges was an absolute no-no. Now, those same trusted advisers are encouraging American truckers to copy their vaccine-protesting Canadian neighbors and start scolding traffic and blocking trade in the United States. I am often confused, but it is disconcerting.

Emily L.

Replying to S. Light. Agreed, no one should get taxpayer paid school loans! No one was forced to take out a loan, pay the loan you owe them! Just like the advertisements about reimbursing the IRS for pennies on the dollar. They took the loan pay the loan! Get out of taxpayers’ pockets!

Mrs. Crabtree says to remove the warrants. on February 10, 3,000 people died of Covid. 98% of deaths were unvaccinated according to the AP.

Jay Miller

For those spreading misinformation about the CDC and masks, here are the guidelines. May you see how foolish it is to repeat political pundits instead of reading from the source. Wear a mask? Oh the horrors! Google: Your Guide to Masks | CDC. Too bad those who lament how harmful it is for kids to wear masks don’t seem to be fighting as hard for responsible gun ownership, so they’re safe enough to avoid shooting drills.


Ted Cruz, among others, has complained that only black women are considered candidates for the Supreme Court. Statistics show that since 1789, 115 judges have been appointed – all white except Marshall, Thomas and Sotomayor. Three people of color out of 115. Hmmm, that seems fair, doesn’t it Ted?

I suggest we trade with Canada. They send us all their freedom-loving patriots and we send them all our democrats.

The sly curator

I think Donald Trump pissed off the Democrats so much that if he came out for gun control, they would fully support the 2nd Amendment!

jim fitch

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