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Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania have proposed a common-sense bill that bars boys from competing in women’s K-12 sports. This law will protect decades of progress towards equal sporting opportunities for women. The vast majority of voters support this bill which would prevent boys from using their biological advantage to crush girls in sports competitions. Guess which group of lawmakers are fighting the bill? Yes, the democrats, the deplorables who ruin everything they touch!

Mrs. Crabtree

Responding to Butch’s comment on March 30. Voting in long-term care facilities is controlled by the “activities” department! For six years we had a family member at a local facility and I saw firsthand what was going on. The “activity” staff actually coach residents who can half understand who to vote for and I’ve seen them fill out an absentee ballot for the resident and help the resident try to scroll a signature!

As Dr. Fauci again escalates the scary talk about Covid, we can see that his prescription to control Covid has completely failed. The seven-day average of Covid deaths in the United States is almost exactly the same today as it was a year ago. About 70% of US citizens have received the vaccine and deaths remain at about the same level. All his measures failed. Time for therapy.

Don’t live in fear

Very few are listening because the “news” media ignores the fact that the United States is heading into a deep recession that could make 2008 look like the proverbial “walk in the park.” Democratic overspending, Democratic cuts to our oil production, and Democratic regulations are creating the deep hole our economy is about to fall into.

Jane Batdorf

Over the past 5 years we have heard of President Trump’s children breaking the law and going to jail. Yet there are only wild accusations and no evidence. With Hunter Biden we have a laptop full of evidence of wrongdoing and as of yesterday we have bank transactions showing money being transferred from Chinese front companies to Hunter Biden, then Jim Biden, then Joe Biden. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC are not interested.


PA GOP leaders want to have security guards at offsite drop boxes for mail-in ballots, operate the boxes during business hours, and require signatures when dropping ballots. Eight states have used absentee ballots for many years. Wake up GOP…it works. Just because you lost the presidential election, you want change. But you accepted the victories for your seats in the Senate and the State and Federal House. Sounds like a sore loser.

Just a retired guy

Is Patriot54 just trying to make Democrats look stupid? Because he/she is doing a good job. Chris Rufo exposed the CRT and here’s why Americans are upset about it: “Critical race theorists argue that racism is inherent in United States law and legal institutions…” by Additionally, CRT states that the American Revolution was waged to preserve slavery.

Dan Fields

For progressive liberal teachers and school boards who are so insistent that they do not indoctrinate our young children with radical and immoral sex education programs, they seem quite resistant to passing laws prohibiting subjecting our young children to radical and immoral sex education programs. Dems be tripp’n!


I’m sure our resident fact checker, David M. would have figured this out, so I’m sorry if I beat you to the punch…but Lefty really outdid himself this time. In Tuesday’s Sound Off, he said, “All Democrats are for Ukraine and Republicans for Putin.” I’m starting to wonder who is more cognitively impaired, Lefty or Joe Biden.

freedom fighter

Most people here don’t really want the truth. They just want constant reassurance that what they believe is the truth.

Trump publicly asks Russia for information on Hunter Biden. Russian state television calls Trump their partner, saying it wants to help him get re-elected. Some of you will reject that and continue to support it. In all my life. I never expected to see this in America from a major political party, or from “fellow” Americans. You are not patriots, you are members of a sect. Selling America for a crook and a gallon of gas.


I warned that President Biden should not go to Europe, but he went anyway. The result was a dangerous series of missteps and blunders. Biden announced that we were training Ukrainian troops. He threatened in-kind retaliation if Russia used chemical or nuclear weapons in Ukraine, and called for Putin’s removal from power. All contradict stated US policy. We desperately need Biden to stay in his basement in Delaware!

Robert Minner

To David M. regarding oil production in the United States If the US government that sets the rules and regulations tells your company that we have no intention of using your product in the future and that we will use a different product to replace your product, why would you keep spending money trying to produce more products or improve them? This is the message sent by Biden. Understand now?

The right claims that the left “hates” America. No, we just hate the America that the right is trying to create, run exclusively by the right for the sole benefit of the right, because they believe (wrongly) that they alone “own” this country.

Oh man! We’ve been seeing ‘Mastriano for Governor’ lawn signs lately. Who would vote for an insurgent and a false patriot for governor? We all know who would do that. Pennsylvania conservatives will drink the Kool-Aid and go for it. Josh Shapiro should wipe the floor with this guy, just like Biden did with Trump.

left handed

Sound Off has become a part of The Mercury that cannot be undone. Rightly or wrongly, it gives everyone who lives the right of expression. Thank you.

night light

If Trump had succeeded, there would be no NATO today. Considering the things happening in the world today, Putin would have nothing to fear. Fortunately, Trump has nothing to say about it. He reportedly told Putin “Just take what you want”. Trump was scared to death of Putin.

All this chatter about male swimmers swimming as women. I wonder if they brag about their victories to their male friends? If you can’t compete with men, change your sport to something you can compete in fairly. The ladies might do the trick.

The theory of general relativity says that space and time are the same thing. Einstein discovered this when he kept showing up three miles late for his meetings.

Bill Wilson

Congratulations to Joe Biden and Democrats in the House and Senate. Biden just signed a law banning lynching. Who knew it was legal? I certainly didn’t. I thought killing or killing someone by any means was illegal. But Democrats believed it was important to ban lynching amid record inflation, record gasoline prices and a war in Ukraine. Hey, it’s important to keep scratching that scab, don’t you think?


The only reason Putin felt so emboldened to invade Ukraine without fear of any repercussions is because the US and the EU have been on a terrible waking trajectory of self-loathing, ignoring their own geopolitical interests to pushing non-issues like “destroy your own energy sector even if it doesn’t dent global CO2 emissions” etc. America is so screwed

Non-stop nonsense from Sound Off’s quartet of progressive Democratic clowns. Somewhere out there are 4 trees whose sole purpose on Earth is to replace the waste oxygen of Patriot54, David M, Lefty and Jay Miller. They should find those trees and apologize.


President Trump is urging Vladimir Putin to release information he has about the Biden family scandal. This explains the war in Ukraine. The Sleepy Joe administration pushes for war and kills millions in order to suppress the truth. Zelensky is playing along. He should have worked with Trump when he had the chance.

J Swift

Righty Tighty writes “It’s almost impossible to believe how far America has fallen since Trump left office.” No, it’s almost impossible to believe how far America fell when it elected Trump in the first place!

David M.

Why is no one looking at our southern border and the high number of illegal immigrants who arrive in our country by the thousands? No one in this government! I don’t understand how that’s a good thing. Who pays for medical care, housing, transportation to where they want to go? You and me! Come to this country but come legally!


I really miss wearing the mask. I kept my M&M’s there so I could eat them like a horse.

jim fitch

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