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Republicans should be thrilled to hear that Biden is keeping his campaign promise to deny Medicare for All. Instead, he chooses to expand a Trump-era program by enrolling beneficiaries, often unknowingly, in programs controlled by private insurance companies. As a middleman, they can overcharge the government as needed while denying patient demands to secure their profits. To cover this, Medicare premiums skyrocket. I guess it helps if your 401(k) has insurance stocks.


Good news! Kamala Harris has a solution to illegal immigration! That’s right, Kamala says that if American taxpayers give $3 billion to Central America and Mexico, that will solve the problem! Predictable. Throwing money at a problem. I have an idea, Biden and Harris should just stop letting them into the United States. Finish the wall and divert them. Each of them.

Shirley Huck

I will not vote for any senator or congressman who does not raise the age limit from 18 to 21 to own an assault rifle. If you can’t drink until you’re 21, if you can’t get a commercial driver’s license until you’re 21, then you shouldn’t be able to own an assault rifle.

Jay Miller

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen testified before Congress about inflation. She had no answers. Her most truthful response was that she “hopes inflation will go down.” Pathetic for a Secretary of the Treasury.


More than 70 years ago, our army landed in Normandy and my father was there. I cried when my father went to war. Our country worked as one. My grandfather was an air guard and my mother worked in a steel mill. We Rugrats went with wagons collecting rubber tires and metal for recycling and collected the tops of milkweed plants that were used to make parachutes. We loved our country and its flag and God.

San Francisco residents voted overwhelmingly to recall their liberal, crime-insensitive district attorney. They were fed up with the growing crime in their town and the ridiculous policies of the DA. Philadelphians aren’t as smart. They re-elected their liberal, lenient crime district attorney, Larry Krasner, to a second term last November, despite the out-of-control crime in Philadelphia. Stupid is also stupid.

Robert Minner

Solar panels have fallen in price by around 70% as production costs have fallen. Curiously, states that are increasingly reliant on solar panels and wind power have seen steep increases in electricity costs. Electricity costs in California now average 25.59 cents per kilowatt hour. That’s more than double my rate. Imagine your bill goes from $100 to $250 per month. Get ready, he’s coming, courtesy of the Democratic Party.

Jane Batdorf

How long will the lame media promote Biden’s lie to America that nothing can be done about gas prices and inflation? The very first document Biden signed when he took office was to stop drilling on federal lands, and gas prices have been rising ever since. Overturning this executive order with this cheap and easily accessible oil would reduce gas prices, and inflation would eventually follow suit.

Greg Levengood

Most Americans don’t understand the two equally important parts of our freedom. First, freedom means that no one—especially the government—can tell “we the people” what we can and cannot do. Second, with our freedom comes the responsibility to tell those who are not truly part of the nation what they can and cannot do. It’s two sides of the same coin, and people who don’t like it have to stop whining or walk away.

L Carroll

Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow claims she drove from Michigan to Washington, DC in her $60,000 electric car. What she failed to mention was that she didn’t drive near charging stations. At best, on the 600+ mile journey, it had to stop at least twice to recharge for probably an hour minimum each (more likely 3 hours or more). In my 40 mpg Ford Focus, I would have stopped once to gas for 10 minutes.

Michael Stern

From the NY Times: The analysis reveals how deeply entrenched lies and misinformation about Trump’s defeat are in state legislatures, which play a vital role in American democracy. In some, the false view that the election was stolen — either through fraud or as a result of pandemic-related changes to the process — is now widely accepted as fact among Republican lawmakers, transforming state houses into hotbeds of conspiratorial thinking and specious legal theories.


When Democrats hold their “kangaroo court prime-time hearings” during the mostly peaceful Jan. 6 protest, I wonder who’s going to sponsor the travesty. Will it be infant formula, or maybe Exxon-Mobil, or maybe the Keystone XL pipeline? Unlikely, but I bet it’s much more likely that Vladimir Putin, George Soros and illegal immigrants are co-sponsoring it.


David M., as usual, you used the wrong definitions. The good ones are “defend yourself” and “prevent killing babies”. You might be taken seriously if you paid the slightest attention to the massacre committed by liberals in our left-wing towns.


An expert has a suggestion for saving money on gas: buy cocaine and use it, you won’t need gas because you can run everywhere.

Greg Howe

Did Kamala Harris simply resign as US Border Czar? It was supposed to be the most important and critical mission she had as Vice President. What happened to the accountability of our public servants? But Democrats are in the driver’s seat right now, so the bar is about as low as it gets.


The children in the Texas school shooting were shot so horribly that the only way to identify them was by the tiny shoes they were wearing. Even the undertakers couldn’t prepare the bodies for an open coffin, because of the horrific damage an AR-15 does. Republicans have expressed their need to stop this resistance to banning these weapons of war. Forget the cult you currently belong to and call your senator. Now!

Inflation hits everyone’s wallet, doesn’t it? Why then are the profits of the oil companies increasing by 300%? The national average gas price (June 7, 2022) is $4.91. Why then do some CA stations charge more than $8 per gallon? Isn’t that a price hike and aren’t there any laws against it? What’s wrong with this picture?

Go David M.! We can tell you didn’t live in the 80s. Throwing irrelevant numbers from the Republican playbook doesn’t make Reagan a good president. You didn’t mention the “cascade economy” that Ollie North lies to or the fact that he helped create the Taliban. Yes, he was a rotten president but he was a great actor. Never forget “Bedtime for Bonzo”. Epic! Please read more David! No copy-paste!

left handed

Nancy Ballantyne, I regularly thank and salute veterans, we deserve it. If you only thank us on Veterans Day, don’t worry, you don’t mean it. Karen Rivera, I intend to vote for Shapiro and Fetterman. The GOP. offered Mastriano, an insurgent, and Oz, a Turkish soldier. Cato, Abbott Labs is shut down for failing to comply with health guidelines and refusing to remedy them. The regulations are not for the right.

David M.

Anyone who votes for a Democrat in November either has an income over $500,000 a year or is a complete and utter idiot. Not a word from a single Democrat condemning Joe Biden’s energy policy. Joe Biden declared war on fossil fuels when he was elected. Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman love high prices. If you vote for them, you’re a fool.


The Grinch (Oh, I mean Peter Navarro, I’m confusing them) learns that you can’t “just say no” to a subpoena. He must now account for his role in the insurrection. He should have thought of that before doing it. Michael Cohen knows what it’s like to go to jail when you sacrifice yourself for Trump. From now on, Navarro will be too.

After broadcasting his murders live, ‘alleged’ shooter Payton Gendron pleaded ‘not guilty’. His lawyers will likely invoke “diminished capacity”. If found guilty, he should not be rewarded by becoming a hero in a white supremacist prison gang, nor separated from the general prison population. Appropriate justice would be to chain him for life to a serving table in a minority kitchen.

As Barney tells us, no law-abiding citizen has ever murdered someone with a gun. They only become offenders the moment they pull the trigger, which means… something, I guess.


Nancy Pelosi’s partisan committee “investigating” the Capitol protest got off to a bad start and has since deteriorated. Pelosi turned down GOP nominees for the committee, then added a few fiercely anti-Trump GOP members to his own party’s picks, making the whole process a partisan sham. Committee insiders say it was made clear from the outset that the outcome of the investigation must be that President Trump be punished, regardless of the facts.


Recently, I was speaking with a young man about the state of our economy under President Biden. He said, “Well, we’ve created 5 million new jobs.” He then added, “I actually have 3, but I still can’t pay my rent and get groceries!”

jim fitch

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