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Democrats have used the filibuster more than 300 times during Donald Trump’s four years in office to stop or slow down Republican-sponsored legislation. Now they claim the filibuster is “undemocratic”. What a bunch of hypocrites! Democrats have proven that they cannot be trusted or left to rule.

Well done Joe Biden and the Democrats. Now it distributes “free N95 masks” stamped “Made in China”. Guess where they come from: the strategic stock of PPE. So just like he and Obama have done before, he will empty the stock and leave it empty. Then someone, like President Trump, will have to deal with it later. He emptied the oil reserves, and now it’s PPE.


Democrats learn slowly. The Michigan Democratic Party published this: “The purpose of public education in public schools is not to teach children only what parents want them to learn. It’s about teaching them what society needs them to know. The client of the public school is not the parent, but the whole community, the public. Parents are “the public” and they pay teachers’ salaries.

Michael Stern

Will people please stop stealing Walmart carts and leaving them in the Pottsgrove Manor complex. That’s why when I go shopping, I can never get a cart. Only buy what you can take home. What you are doing is called stealing. Shame on you.

John of Pottstown

Hands up… Who’s confident Biden’s ‘Free Test Kit’ program will go ahead as planned? Yeah, as I thought, not many. Kit makers were stunned to learn that Biden had ordered millions of kits. News for them. Similarly, the insurers were not consulted on the coverage of the cost of the kits. Most insurance companies are not set up to accept retail receipts and reimburse their members. Get the popcorn. It should be fun!


I see a lot of blame and shame, insults and invective, on both sides, on both sides, in Sound Off. What I don’t see are any constructive solutions or suggested solutions for the issues people are complaining about. Do we need a “trickle down” or a “trickle down”? Should Sarah McLachlan sing about animals or the homeless? Should churches be taxed? Should sports teams build stadiums out of owners’ pockets? etc

Earth to David M. — President Biden is currently in office. It’s been a year. Joe Biden and voters like you own this mess. It took less than a year to destroy the economy, bring us $3.25 a gallon of fuel oil, blow up a lot of natural gas and propane, divide the United States and have 13 servicemen and servicewomen killed in a withdrawal sloppy to epic proportions. David M., this belongs to you.

Rick M.

Now the White House is finally acknowledging that cloth and surgical masks are virtually useless in preventing the spread of covid. Now they’re going to send us masks that work, N95 masks. You won’t be able to breathe as well if you use it incorrectly. But the knockout blow is that they come with a “Made in China” auction stamped on them. Made in China to stop Chinese virus.

Don’t live in fear

Several posters said we can’t blame President Biden for COVID deaths in 2021 because Republicans fought against his initiatives. A much more accurate statement would be that Republicans fought against Biden’s unconstitutional initiatives, and we should all be grateful for that. A pandemic is no excuse to abandon civil liberties or the Constitution. Fear cannot become the law of the land!

Robert Minner

Sadly, doctors are not only battling with Covid but also with Joe Biden’s administration. Joe Biden and his entire administration are spreading false and misleading information. They continue to over-promise the benefits of Covid vaccines, masks and social distancing and they ignore natural immunity. They do the same to the economy. Their distortions erode public trust every day.

Sue W.

Never agree to fight a pig in the mud. You just got dirty and the pig takes advantage of it.

Bill Wilson

“Ballot harvesting” – a complex topic, permitted in one form or another in all but one state. One state (Alabama) prohibits it completely. Georgia Allows Limited Use (Family Members, Etc) John Solomon, on FOX News, Claims Major Investigation, and Major News of Crop “Fraud” Is About to Break in Georgia; offering summary evidence of the claim. Three days later (Sound Off timeframe), a writer repeats the FOX News story. I have to credit sidekick discipline.

A horrible week for Joe Biden means a great week for America. Have faith and hold on, November will be here soon.


The Washington Post has tracked some of Tucker Carlson’s many lies. Many of them were regurgitated here by radical Republicans: Lie 2 – He falsely stated that President Biden had warned that “Republican white men” were “more dangerous” than the Islamic State.


Joe Biden reminds me of a deer in the headlights. He knows a Mack truck is heading for him but doesn’t have enough common sense to react accordingly. Joe has always been a second string JV player on the bench but included in team photos. Even Juke’n Joe can’t believe he’s in charge of anything, let alone the country. Perhaps that’s why he repeatedly refers to Pointless Kamala as President Harris.


Some people are angry that Joe Biden portrayed Republicans as racist with his voting “rights” speech while aligning them with Bull Connor and George Wallace. But it’s much worse than that. More than 70% of Americans of all ethnicities prefer photo ID to vote, verify signature, limit mail-in ballots, and eliminate ballot harvesting. Joe Biden has said these common sense measures are racist and repressive.

Shirley Huck

Donald Trump is lucky to have lost the election. Otherwise, he would have had to deal with all the things that have hit our country since then, like the spread of Covid, inflation, supply lines, subsequent changes. After watching all of Trump’s presentations a year ago on Covid, I wouldn’t believe he would have handled the situation any better. Republicans, pick a better pick so I can vote R again.

Jim Tribett

Response to anonymous 01/15/22. You wonder where the “republicans” are on the resolution of the Covid crisis. If you haven’t noticed that the Democrats control the US House of Representatives, the US Senate and the White House! Biden on 10/22/20 said “I’ll deal with it, I’ll end it, I’ll have a plan!” I am still waiting! I hope that answers your question ! Bless your heart!

So now we are expected to swallow a false lie backed by science and MSM about an “underwater volcano”. Of course, a volcano cannot erupt underwater; the water would extinguish the fire. Is this just a test to prepare us for bigger lies to come? Just wait for the windless hurricane and the flameless forest fire. Do your research.

Emily L.

Thanks to President Biden for the $27 billion plan to fix and upgrade our bridges – long overdue. Now, if we can get the right to vote passed, that will be wonderful.

Jay Miller

Close businesses. Lay off employees. False promise to end Covid. Win the election. Reopen businesses. Rehire employees. Call it record job growth. Dems be tripp’n!


President Biden complains about the filibuster. Yesterday, Democrats used the filibuster to stop a Senate bill that had the support of 55 senators but was stopped in its tracks by a Democratic filibuster. This is how the minority gets its voice in our system of government. Let’s hope the minority keeps its voice and the Democrats don’t destroy it.

Sam Tasik

I wasn’t sure if I should cry or throw up when I saw this cute little girl getting her covid shot on the front page of Mercury. She looked anxious but also eager to please someone she loved. I sincerely hope that everything went well for this little angel. Please stop risking your children with this unapproved gene therapy made by a criminal corporation with numerous convictions and billions of dollars in fines.

American pie

Anti Vaxxer, I scoured the VAERS website and their data provides 9,320 reported deaths due to COVID19 vaccine (all brands). VAERS compiles its data from all reporting sources, not just medical professionals or investigators. I can’t really understand where you got that 20+ thousand number from. Maybe the black hole in the back?

The moderate

The mainstream media and the Deep State continue to suppress evidence that would heal our nation, such as the video of the 1967 encounter between ML King, Malcolm, X and former heavyweight champion Joe Louis where they agree that the movement civil rights has achieved its goal and America could heal better by shutting down discussions of racism. The more you know…

L Carroll

I am looking to contract snow removal for my home for the season. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’m sure many of you have heard of “PREVAGEN” which is taken to help your memory. There is also “PreferGin” which can be taken to help you forget! Always drink responsibly.

jim fitch

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