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If you haven’t been inundated with all the political ads yet, you’re either hard of hearing or enjoy being tortured.

What a week! “Ian” destroys Florida! Biden calls on deceased congresswoman to take the stage! Kamala in South Korea praising the “important relationship” that is an “alliance with North Korea”! Pelosi saying to keep ‘illegal aliens’: in Florida to pick ‘crops’! That brings us to Monday and Biden is in Puerto Ricco saying he was raised ‘practically Puerto Rican’! And who says these people aren’t five short of a six-pack?

Just the facts!

Fetterman’s ad claims that Dr. Oz wouldn’t last a day in Braddock. Apparently that’s true for the Braddock Police Department which is now down to one full-time man and has to rely on neighboring boroughs to help out. In fact, since July, Braddock has officially asked state police to respond to calls. How does it work for the people of Braddock?

chuck draksler

There was a Coast Guard man who rescued several people in the water in Florida during Ian. He is released in a month because he will not receive the vaccine. The president called him to thank him for his bravery. Biden said Covid is over but good men and women are still losing their jobs. Why isn’t anyone waking up Biden to what his government is doing? Sorry, this is not my America!


Something to think about. So if we don’t let athletes bet on the games, they have the ability to influence. Why do we allow Congress to invest in the companies it regulates?

Dog J

“Jackie, Jackie are you there…?” Enough said.


As The Moderate alluded to, it doesn’t have to be a Republican, just someone without their head stuck between their buttocks. But unfortunately, with the Democrats controlling the low intelligence population and the mainstream media, if anyone does not align with the progressive ethos and its radical agenda, they are branded a MAGA Republican Domestic Terrorist. We will never have a “moderate” POTUS again. Remember, Joe Biden campaigned as a moderate. And unintelligent voters and MSM bought it.


Democrats call Republicans fascists, but which party did the following: issued search warrants for their political opponent’s home, mandated vaccines and fired those who refused; Called voters who voted for their opponent fascists, deplorables and domestic terrorists; Did the FBI investigate parents who spoke out against masks and transgender policies at school board meetings; Invited a band to the White House chanting “pigs in a blanket fried like bacon”? Democrats are the authoritarians.

Michael Stern

Some want everyone to believe recent and dubious “science” about adverse effects of vaccines, but decades of weather studies suggesting harmful climate change are just a “bigoted” belief. That the MSM is part of a worldwide conspiracy by the left to destroy America because only the right loves America. The common goal is to destroy trust in traditional institutions. Ask yourself — Why? They couldn’t have an agenda, could they?

Do you think the rest of the world notices that President Biden doesn’t know how to leave the stage after a speech?

Robert Minner

Education is very important to all of us. In Pennsylvania, we pay for education through a property tax structure. Mastriano wants to cut funding for education by cutting it in half. This will eliminate jobs (your neighbors) and expand classrooms. 89 school board members in 36 school districts sent him a letter opposing this crazy idea. Think before you vote!

Just a retired guy!

Hypocritical Democrats have been complaining about eliminating property taxes for decades. But when they discover that eliminating the property tax is a cornerstone of Doug Mastriano’s campaign for governor of Pennsylvania, all of a sudden property taxes are okay and Mr. Mastriano is a radical Trumpster. . Dems be tripp’n!


The Biden folks paid our media $1,000,000,000 to support the vaccine and do not allow negative stories to be published or discussed. It finally appears that the vaccine is not what we thought it was. We have been similarly sold with our climate crises. No contrary story is allowed, it’s Verboten! It’s more up to the globalists to take control of our lives. The Globalists have already told us!

H. Jean

If you can laugh at yourself loud and clear every time you fall…people will think you’re drunk.

Bill Wilson

The Democrats’ Mar-a-Lago witch hunt is rapidly collapsing. Now that nearly all of the retrieved documents have been verified to have been officially declassified, Democrats are now singing a different tune saying the documents were stored in an unsecured facility. Dopey Dems doesn’t seem to understand that Mar-a-Lago is protected 24-7-365 by the US Secret Service. So yes, Mar-a-Lago was a highly secure facility.


Hey Dot, If I had known you had a medical degree, I could have avoided going to the doctor all these years. I could have just stopped at the school crossing guards corner and got some medical advice from you, especially your expertise with the Covid virus.


We see our budding funny dude now become a gun kook. Suggesting guns in schools is stupid and dangerous. Please listen to the “bride” and maybe even Rufus for advice. We love it when you promote veteran groups. At least it makes sense. Banish all assault weapons!

left handed

Minninger wrote: “Watch group” FACT filed an ethics complaint because Fetterman did not list properties (which he does not even own) on his financial disclosure to the Senate. FACT is a smear factory funded by Koch. Enough with the lies! A response from PA 2nd Lady Gisele Fetterman, “A trust that John started owned these Braddock properties and he had to walk away from them in 2018 when he became Lieutenant Governor because, by law, he couldn’t own a nonprofit.”


Instead of dealing with the real southern border issue, all the Biden administration has done since day one has been tricking would-be immigrants into entering the United States illegally. Arguing over how best to accommodate illegal travelers once they are here, rather than arguing over how best to send the vast majority of them back across the border, increases the incentive for those considering entering the United States illegally.

Mrs. Crabtree

In Massachusetts, the state health department told medical examiners that if a person died with Covid, list Covid as the cause of death, even if Covid was not the real cause. This is a violation of federal law. You can be sure it happened all over the United States. You ask why? #1 – To receive federal funds for your state or hospital. #2 – Encourage people out of fear to get vaccinated.

Anti Vaxter

School boards controlled by Democrats have been compared to ATMs. They are rewarding unionized teachers with big pay hikes from which dues favorable to Democratic candidates are deducted. According to, $23,000,000 has been paid to Democratic interests this election cycle by the NEA and AFT. To the Republican? $0.00. At the behest of these unions and commissions, students have been abused and worried parents have been branded as terrorists.

Mr. Furlong

Ignore all the campaign spin – watch the real stories and make up your own mind: vs.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ embarrassment joined Democrats’ racist rhetoric last week in suggesting that Hurricane Ian rescue aid be prioritized and distributed based on race, gender and orientation sexual. A vote for any Democrat helps ensure that this kind of madness will not only continue, but get worse.


Richard Paladino, if you had a 2,000 square foot house and you put on the bank application that you have a 6,000 square foot house, you will be arrested for bank fraud. If your house is valued at $300,000 and you tell taxpayers it’s worth $15,000, you’ll be arrested for tax evasion and that means the rest of us will have to pay more.

Jay Miller

Hey, Florida Republicans, see how your reps voted for disaster relief! And what is really sad is that you will vote for these people again.

JB in Limerick

A winner of the debate is the one who speaks the most and the fastest.

night light

Governor DeSantis of the red state of Florida sent immigrants to sanctuary cities in blue states, pitting red against blue and deepening division. If God forbid he were to become president, would he favor red states in the decision-making process? Meanwhile, Joe Biden hasn’t been shy about sending aid to Florida when needed. The humble DeSantis even thanked him. Biden is the US President, not just the Blue State President.

If con is the opposite of pro, then Congress must be the opposite of progress.

The sly curator

The other night our internet stopped working, so I spent a few hours with my bride. She seems like a really nice person!

jim fitch

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