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The on-air NBC reporter blasted for telling the truth about her interview with Fetterman. Without a computer copy of what she requested, he is unable to carry on a normal conversation. She will probably lose her job. For some, the truth is not acceptable. The average citizen appreciates it.


I can’t wait for the Republicans to take control of the House and the Senate. Then we can have real committees of inquiry. Starting by getting to the bottom of the pressure on the National Archives to become a political operation. Next, we investigated all the laws that were broken by Joe Biden by allowing illegal Venezuelan immigrants to cross our southern border.

Sam Tasik

Special thanks to Mr. Strohecker and all of our wonderful and dedicated teachers at Owen J. Roberts. You took good care of us and taught us the lessons of life. Thank you for giving your all and making a difference! God bless! Continue to trust the Lord Jesus step by step. John 3:16. You will never be forgotten!

Bill and Shirley Reiter (classes 68 and 72)

I guess some Sound Off readers misunderstood that inflation is global, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine affected oil markets. The UK has a conservative government and worse inflation than ours. Italy voted for the fascist remnant of Mussolini’s party and Mastriano praised that and said Pa. is next. Times are hard. How sad we are in the face of fascism and the propaganda lies sustained and repeated in these pages.


Philadelphia Democratic Mayor Kenney said “I don’t think it’s a bad omen” the closure of 2 Wawa stores in Phila. Oh good? Wawa states that they are closing “due to ongoing security concerns” and an increase in retail crime, all as a result of “soft on crime” Phila DA Krasner. At the end of September, a group of 100 miners ransacked a Phila Wawa. This is no longer the city of brotherly love!!


Wow! Alex Jones gets a judgment against him for about a billion dollars for lying and the right-wing dopes will bail him out. Just think of the patriots of Sound Off, on this page you can do it for free. According to the simple-minded right, conservative liars are hiding behind the First Amendment. Intrepid!

left handed

Here we go again, Democrats are for gun control. If so, why do most of them in the House and Senate wear them, along with Shapiro, Fetterman and Hunter Biden? Democrats are for judges who parole criminals who committed crimes even when a gun was used during the crime, to commit other crimes or make witnesses disappear. Criminals don’t care about gun control. It’s Shapiro’s job to fight crime and he failed.

If you look closely at the figures around Trump, it reminds you of the bar scene from “Star Wars.” And he is Darth Vader.

So we find out that the whole Robert Mueller investigation was a scam. We find out that they knew Trump didn’t do anything they were investigating, and they knew that when they started. The dossier was created by Hillary’s campaign team and supported and further investigated by the FBI and Mueller. Everyone involved knew there was nothing to do. Trump did nothing, everything was fabricated. Wow! We all lose!

H. Jean

Parents, be sure to carefully examine your children’s Halloween candies. A friend of my cousin opened an Almond Joy and found a miniaturized copy of “The 1619 Project” between the two candies. You must beware.

Mr. Furlong: The Democrats were given by the NEA & AFT (NGO), but not the Republican anti-union anti-education groups. So vulgar! But Republicans don’t have wealthy (unknown) donors contributing to PACs, anti-union, anti-education groups and candidates. Which students were abused? No one has called parents who do not engage in terrorist behavior terrorists. Threatening school board members with physical violence is, by its very nature, terrorism and should not be investigated.

I prefer mean tweets to nuclear armageddon. But it’s only me

Dog J

When they tell people to start lining up to receive reparations for America’s sin of slavery, white people who can prove their dead soldiers served for the Union Army fighting slavery will they be entitled to their fair share of these reparations? I think we know the answer to that. Progressives will probably say it’s racist to suggest such a thing.

Can the man

Cisgender, transgender, non-binary, agender, bigender, two-spirit, demigender, genderfluid, genderqueer, gender-neutral, gender-null, genderless, neutral, androgynous, gender expansive, gender outlaw, center masculine, omni gender, polygender, pangender, etc . Sorry to burst your bubble, but from a scientific and biological point of view, these are not genders. They simply describe personal sexuality.

Just thought I’d drop this advice for John Fetterman’s campaign manager: If Fetterman needs a medical note to get out of the debate with Oz, I know about 50 former intelligence officers who will sign anything for the Democrats.

Billy G.

Lumpy: “…it has been verified that almost all documents retrieved have been officially declassified….” A) “almost” does not equal “all”. B) Who checked it? Donald Trump? Rudy Guliani? Steve Bannon? Peter Roger? Breitbart news? Fox News? C) The Secret Service is protecting Trump, not Mar A Lago. I seem to remember a female Chinese agent infiltrating Mar A Lago while Trump was in office. A highly secure installation? Give us a break.

Kudos to Tony Phyrillas for bringing the story of electoral integrity by Ford Turner. Here we go again. Democratic-run Pennsylvania is stuck in 1900. We have the worst electoral integrity. There will not be election results like in France or Canada within 2 hours of the closing of the polls, but 2 days later. Why? Because Democrats want to be able to fill the ballot box with Democratic votes. Same-day voting is the only way to ensure integrity.

Michael Stern

I used to think that we didn’t have to fear Russia, that we were going to drown in paperwork. However, watching FOX, The Five, Hannity, Carlson and Ingraham makes me believe they go out of their way to give out misrepresentations, lies, distortions and garbage. Those watching are eating from the bottom and certainly don’t represent most of us.

I repeat again and again — Vote — for or against or write. Vote.

star light

It is estimated that there are over 40 million illegal aliens living in the United States. Since Democrats are responsible, we must have a lottery exclusively for Biden voters where lucky 40 million of Biden’s 80 million voters must take responsibility for housing, food, clothing, education and providing health care to at least one of the Democrats’ underground. It’s only justice.

Miss! Miss

(Un)Patriot54 reminds me of that old adage that it’s better to shut up and let people think you’re stupid than to open it up and dispel any doubts. Exhibit A is his comment – “President Joe Biden is making America great!” Considering less than 40% of Americans approve of Biden’s presidential performance, you might want to check out the other 60%+ who have a slightly different opinion.

freedom fighter

Looks like we’ve come full circle with the Democrats’ failing signature policies. Following a mass shooting at a western Pennsylvania amusement park, township and park officials announced new security measures: more police (I hope they don’t haven’t been too poorly funded yet), more security (hope they’re not too crippled by “equity” guidelines), and strict restrictions on masks covering faces (Covid masks are still allowed I guess?). Did Biden voters ever realize they got what they voted for?


Responding to KC — Bless your heart, my friend! You don’t mention the billionaires who support the Democrats! Apple Google NBC ABC CBS WP NYT and all their cousins! No mention of the Hollywood crowd! No mention of how the MSM manipulates the news! No mention of how Tech handles! No mention of Zuckerberg’s FB handling Hunter/Joe/Jim Biden corruption (laptop) under FBI direction! All this as a cover for Biden’s election! I guess you know that!

Thanks to my sister, Info Depot, for sharing these definitive vaccine truth links (two of the three were email addresses rather than URLs, but a .333 batting average is good in any league .) For even more relevant information, try this site:

Medical deposit

Dopey Joe still doesn’t understand! He keeps calling half of all American citizens “MAGA Republicans” like it’s some kind of pejorative term when most common sense individuals fall in line with the concept and policies of making the America great again. Joey Marbles thinks if you don’t agree with the Democrats’ socialist agenda, you’re a fascist. Dementia Biden will never have it.


I told my wife that I never wanted to live in a vegetative state, dependent on an electronic device and liquids from a bottle to sustain me. She then got up, unplugged the TV, poured my drink and said, “You’re welcome!

jim fitch

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