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The Biden administration recognizes how far we have fallen since the Democrats took office. National Economic Council Director Brian Deese said: “High prices are hitting Americans very hard, but in a different way than some places facing famine.” So now Democrats are comparing the United States to Sudan and the Republic of Congo. That’s a pretty low bar, don’t you think?

Jane Batdorf

So Montgomery County is sitting on millions of dollars in “pandemic funds” doled out by DC’s swamp rats and they’re asking the public’s input on how to spend it. Here’s an idea so simple that I’m sure our elected officials haven’t even thought of it. What if you returned this money to the taxpayers from whom it was confiscated?


I remember sitting in class in 1958 and hearing the teacher say that the news from Russia was all controlled by the government and they believed it to be true. I felt so bad for them. Here we are now, in the same boat. The audience dutifully sits in front of the television mesmerized by MSM. It is painful to see our country fall into the water. The damage is being seen every day nationally and locally, even in Pottstown.

The front-page article “Filling The Ranks” (July 26, Mercury) discusses the lack of recruiting for the armed forces. Do not be surprised. The majority of our service members come from the South and Midwest. (In combat arms up to 70%.) When government elites spend so much time and effort degrading the values ​​and dreams of average Americans, how can they expect them to want to defend the country ?

chuck draksler

Wednesday’s guest op-ed from The Seattle Times begins: “Climate change is an imminent threat to humanity and the planet, and we’re running out of time. It’s as settled as science can be. The inconvenient truth is that there is not a shred of scientific evidence proving that climate change is influenced by anything man-made. Do you know what you call something that is not made by man? This is called “nature”.

Mrs. Crabtree

A Williamsport man killed himself before being sentenced for his “crimes” of entering the Capitol building on January 6. He was not charged with violence against anyone or charged with damaging property. But he was going to get 6 months in prison. First time offender. Meanwhile, the 2020 summer rioters have mostly gotten away with it unscathed. It was the 2nd such suicide. Prosecutors should be very proud.

Richard Paladin

“In my day, we just called those 95 degree days summer.” Cool. What do you call melting glaciers, increasing forest fires, warming oceans and rising sea levels, coral bleaching, melting permafrost, reduced mountain snow cover, increased and more severe hurricane activity, accelerating extinctions, more frequent and longer droughts, and so on? You can rationalize, but you can’t hide.


In my hometown, we joked, “Don’t bother using your turn signals. We know where you are going. That’s how it is with Sound Off. Just read the first sentence – or the name at the end – and you know where each message is going. Same villains, same insults, same shibboleths. Even our vaccine “experts” don’t bother to invent new things. Sure, it saves our readers time, but where’s the fun? Come on, people. We can do better.


A young Easy Jet co-pilot makes an emergency landing with his sick pilot in the lavatory. He landed safely with firefighters and emergency rescue by his side. It couldn’t be clearer. Vaccinations forced on pilots cause heart problems, even the CDC admits. Any airline that does not control its pilots is a disaster in the making. But they won’t, because most pilots will now fail and the air sector will disappear.

Anti Vaxter

Jim Dandy: A) On which right-wing website did you find “133 million registered voters”? B) Assuming this number is correct (it is not), the counter-argument also holds – Joe got 81 million, leaving only 52 million for Donald. How could he have gotten 74 million? BTW, there’s something bad about losing the popular vote but winning the election (Bush/Trump). Your guy lost, fair and square, 2 years ago. Move on.

Ridiculous Associated Press bias. “GOP Heats Up for Far-Right Gubernatorial Candidate in Pennsylvania.” It is not fair ! Shapiro or Governor Wolf could easily be called extremes, but articles about him are never titled or worded that way in your newspaper. This label is straight out of a Democratic ad. Let’s be fair and balanced.


Being thin-skinned is a common trait among radical progressive Democrats. Just refer to how Barack Obama and Joe Biden react when the butt of a joke. Lord knows they both provided plenty of comedic fodder. It would be a shame to waste it. Sound Off’s quartet of liberal crazies, just like Barry and Joe, become absolutely outraged when rightly criticized, challenged for spreading progressive propaganda, or caught lying.


If you’ve ever wondered what happened to Uncle Fester from “The Addams Family,” wonder no more. He is back! He is running for governor of Pennsylvania on the Republican ticket. And a lot of his plans look like what he did in his lab.

It’s funny how some criticize me for telling the truth when they themselves only know the lies they’re force-fed at night. You could get enough information from Pfizer alone if you turned off the TV and started looking. I like freedom, not politically imposed mandates by stupid people who want to control the serfs. If you’re dumb enough to continue covid shots and weaken your immunity, “it’s your funeral” I guess.

Filing of information

Remember when Whoopi Goldberg said that Dr. Jill should be the Surgeon General and all the other sight witches agreed with her and the studio audience all cheered her on? It is a perfect representation of how the left is absolutely devoid of any common sense. Thank goodness the Democrats are getting kicked out.

Miss! Miss

I’m really tired of all the misinformation in Sound Off about Covid vaccinations. The CDC and the medical profession never said that if you got vaccinated you wouldn’t get Covid. They have always said that if you catch Covid after vaccination, it will be less serious and less likely to be seriously ill and hospitalized.

Voters, Pennsylvania GOP leaders are wisely breaking with one of their own GOPs and acknowledging the threat posed by GOP candidate Doug Mastriano, facilitator of the January 6 insurgency. This venture cost thousands of dollars to bring people from Pennsylvania to the mob event. Where did Mastrianno find the money? Follow the money? There is a story to tell!

Jay Miller

Responding to Rusty on July 27. Correct, it’s something different every decade with the “greens”! we also had a lot “too much packaging” in cardboard and plastic, hello Amazon! Then there was a “hole in the ozone layer” then a decade of “mercury in the water” and today there is “mercury” in all these LEDs, soon to be buried! they need to repair plastic recycling, most are landfilled or incinerated! Recycling is broken! Madeline Dean, be constructive and fix something that matters!!

Just the facts!

A plan to solve many problems! How about the 99% of us who aren’t offended by everything, just carry on and don’t worry about the 1% who are! Let them roam and sulk or learn to fend for yourself!

I can’t wait to see the 90-second video produced by Power the Future comparing the Biden and Carter presidencies. Lefty, if you send me your address, I’ll provide the popcorn for you and your buddies. I think that is perhaps the biggest gripe of any sitting president in the history of our country. Personally, I think Biden is much worse than Carter. Boy am I excited!

Surprisingly, liberal pundits are still talking about Kamala Harris running for president. Have they forgotten that she had to leave her campaign when she received less than 1% of the vote in the 2020 Democratic primary and her campaign went bankrupt? And that was when most Americans didn’t know much about her and her lack of qualifications, laughable incompetence, and extreme unpopularity. Kamala is almost as repulsive as Hillary and neither will ever be POTUS.


The reason Stephen Colbert’s team weren’t charged with anything is that they were invited into the capitol building, therefore, they couldn’t press any charges.

It’s really cool to be alive right now at this point in Biden’s America’s history because it’s like living through the collapse of the Roman Empire but with social media.

The sly curator

We all experience “inflation,” otherwise known as reducing the value of a dollar bill, without cutting the paper.

jim fitch

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