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There is now a potentially huge pool of government money available for Camp LeJeune water. Legal ads sprouted everywhere, including half-hour infomercials, which aired simultaneously on various networks. Have you noticed that all advertisements to “help” victims of asbestos and talc have almost disappeared? I wonder why?

Inflation increases the cost of borrowing. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that annual net interest on accumulated US debt will total $388 billion this year and reach $1.2 trillion in 2032. Elections have consequences.

Democrat Paul Friel claims to be a conservative in his campaign ads and flyers, but actions speak louder than words. Attend an OJR school board meeting to see Liberal Paul Friel in action. Friel again raised OJR’s school taxes, but instead of taking responsibility for its failure to rein in spending, Friel blamed Harrisburg. He’s not a boss!

Robert Minner

According to the Associated Press, Josh Shapiro supporters are installing lawn signs with built-in razor blades. They put them up on lawns without asking, and Bucks County residents are hurt when the signs are removed. Be extremely careful when removing unwanted political signs.

Dan Fields

To the person complaining about right-wing ads attacking their opponents without proof, uh, hello, Democrats are doing the same thing, so do it. I want the election to happen today so we can put an end to all these television ads.

Another sarcastic conservative

What impeccable timing! Lefty just repeated a stupid statement our senile President Joe Biden just made that if Republicans get elected they will raise taxes on the middle class. Dementia Joe and Lefty the Sheep conveniently forget that since Democrats were elected just 20 months ago, they have given the middle class the biggest tax hike in more than 40 years. If you want this painful trend to continue, vote Blue.


John Fetterman’s stroke not a factor in US Senate election in Pennsylvania. Dr. Oz was a superior candidate to Fetterman even before the unfortunate stroke happened. Dr. Oz is more intelligent, rational, articulate and will be on the right side of issues such as economy, border control, crime, etc. Fetterman is the abortion extremist who supports partial birth abortion. I have no concerns about the residence. I want the best candidate to represent Pa.


Just a reminder: On January 6, 2021, Mastriano bussed over 100 protesters to the “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington that turned into an attack on the Capitol. He prayed during a Zoom call the previous week that he and other MAGA adherents could “take over” and keep Trump in power. Vote Blue to save Pa. (and Rufus)!


Don’t be fooled, guys. Biden is running out of oil in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. When the midterm vote is over, gas prices will be over $6 a gallon and hopefully not hit $8. This is where we are heading. Don’t believe the Democrats’ lies and get fooled like you did in 2020. Vote Republican top to bottom. It’s the only way to stop this madness.

Jane Batdorf

Trump may have hurt your feelings, but Biden is hurting your family, your finances, and your freedom.

Dog J

We all need to acknowledge the excellent work of the bipartisan House committee regarding the January 6, 2021, uprising. Bennie Thompson and the committee exposed the truth for all to see. Donnie must be held accountable along with his other co-conspirators. Don’t tell Otis, but Bennie Thompson is black. He might not like it. Just say!

left handed

If you have prosecutors who refuse to prosecute criminals, guess what more you get? Crime! Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies keep vicious criminals off the streets. So go ahead and vote Blue if you’re okay with that. But if you want to end this madness, vote Republican at all levels. I’m sure Rufus will be fine.


According to Reuters, Democrats are currently in talks with oil companies to buy back oil to fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve over the next 3 years. President Trump filled the reserve at a low price, and Democrats will fill it with oil bought by American taxpayers at twice the price.

Jim Atlas

Robt Minninger, I checked both the Billionaire Koch-backed Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust complaint and Allegheny County online records. You’ll notice that these properties were actually transferred in 2018 before Fetterman took over. Gisele Fetterman responded directly with a response, a fairly responsive 2nd lady. After reading many of your posts, I will take his word and record on your distortions. It is unfortunate that Republicans have fully embraced provable lies and propaganda.


I thought the time was over for a kid to find a sheriff’s badge in a cereal box. But Herschel Walker found one. The difference is that the child knows it’s not real.

If you can read a Sound Off comment and ask yourself, “Could I be wrong? …there’s probably hope for you.

It’s really disgusting to see Fox News making fun of the January 6 hearings. One of the named hosts (Gutfeld) is about as funny as a heart attack. Sensible Republicans need to stop looking at this nonsense and focus on rebuilding their party after the end of Trump’s nightmare.

After watching Joe Biden get scary with another young girl, I have to ask these brain dead doctors. moms and other Biden voters. Are mean tweets really that bad?

Ruth Whisper

It is true, the climate is not the weather and the weather is not the climate. You can’t see climate change by looking at a single event like a hurricane. You see it by looking at long-term trends, including droughts and floods, hurricane severity and frequency, measuring the building blocks of the atmosphere and ice sheets, and other things like that. In other words, science. Oh wait, we don’t believe that. No matter.


NBC News interviewed John Fetterman and following the interview, it’s apparent that Fetterman has the same thing as Bruce Willis: aphasia. Aphasia is often caused by a stroke. After receiving his diagnosis, Bruce Willis retired from acting. After 4 months of lying about Fetterman’s health and saying that Fetterman was fine, the Fetterman campaign admitted that Fetterman suffered from aphasia. It’s time for Fetterman to be removed by voters.

Michael Stern

It seems the comments here are getting more and more personal, tasteless and obnoxious. Recently, someone suggested that she was hoping for a pigeon to poop in another writer’s mouth. In the old days, we might have called these things “petty, vulgar, or inappropriate”, but I guess not anymore. I shudder to think of the comments being rejected. O time! O manners!


Reports from those in the know said that during the riots associated with Black Lives Matter, the FBI made arrests and charges were filed. Moreover, these riots were not to overthrow the government by interfering with legal proceedings. The January 6 riots were intended to change the legal results of our vote. It is an insurrection, very different from a riot.

Jay Miller — John Fetterman may be on the mend. However, it will be a very long road with a sign near the end that says “No Outlet!” Vote All Red to Save All USA.


Why do candidates support the lies told in TV ads?

night light

Hunter Biden is a drug addict. You would think President Biden would use his power to keep illegal drugs out of our country and prosecute the drug lords. They make millions of dollars selling drugs and don’t pay taxes on them. Law enforcement will tell you that illegal drugs are the cause of most crimes. Our penal system treats these crimes as misdemeanors. Biden could assemble an FBI and police task force to arrest them.

The new Harvard CAPS-Harris poll will blow not only liberal heads, but also RINO heads like Liz Cheney’s. The most popular politician in the United States is none other than President Donald J. Trump, by far even after 6 years of lies about him. I guess a lot of those Biden voters regret that stupid vote in 2020.

Richard Paladin

Freedom Fighter, I never claimed to be a meteorologist. However, I read scientific reports and look at the doctorate. scientists on The Weather Channel. Some of you refuse to follow science. I can’t help you with that.

Jay Miller

I think we should all write in a vote for Jim Fitch for US Senator from Pennsylvania – that way you’ll already know what’s coming out of his mouth is a joke, unlike the other 2 candidates running.

I came to the conclusion that now that I am three quarters old, I should use valet parking. Why? They don’t forget where the car is parked!

jim fitch

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