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Telltale Announces New EP “Lie Your Way Out”

WITNESS have announced a new EP!

Title Lie downthe upcoming EP from the Richmond, Va.-based pop-punk band is their brand new studio effort and is slated for release in March of this year, via Rude Discs.

Speaking of the upcoming EP, the band says, “This record is our take on being part of the apocalyptic generation. We’re obsessed with zombie movies, live in fear of the daily news, and constantly predict the end of the world. Or rather, the world as we know it. A generation seen as lazy and self-centered, we are taught to believe that something broken cannot be fixed from within. Movies I grew up with, like The hunger Games, taught us that to change things, you have to overthrow this great establishment. But the simplest and most effective tool we have is to embrace our individuality. We are taught that the arts are unviable and that the rules of society are firm. But maybe we were taught wrong. Take that guitar, cross the country to California, write a song about the environment, go for it. Real life is messy.

Along with the announcement of the new EP, the band released a new song from the upcoming album; the title song Lie down. The new song is the fourth single to be released from the upcoming EP, following the releases of COBAIN, Out of control! and Slow burning.

Speaking of the new song, the singer John Carteret said,Lie down seems to be this pervasive mindset when it comes to mental health. As someone with bipolar disorder, it’s often difficult to be open and honest about my state of mind. As a result, you end up lying to your family, friends, and even yourself. It becomes easier to simply end a conversation than to explain why you are staring at that person on the other side. Put on a face, go to work, be a “functional” member of society. Most of us lie every day.

Listen to Lie Your Way Out here:

You can also check out the tracklist and artwork for the new upcoming EP below:

List of tracks:

1. Slow burning
2. Pessimistic
3. Out of control!
5. Lie down

Lie Your Way Out is set to be released on March 25 via Rude Records. Pre-orders will be available soon.

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