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Teenage Engineering Teases New Collaboration With Sound Artist Yuri Suzuki

At the best of times, it’s hard to guess what Teenage Engineering will do next, but throw experimental sound artist, designer and electronic musician Yuri Suzuki into the mix and we really don’t know what to expect.

There is speculation that some kind of quirky hub is on the way

The collaboration is said to be “coming soon” and is announced in a video on YouTube. This shows a collection of circular elements that may or may not represent vinyl records.

As such, there’s speculation that some sort of quirky hub is on the way – remember Teenage Engineering has already released the OB-4a “magic radio” – but that could turn out to be way off the mark.

Suzuki has already collaborated with Roland to create the Roland50 Studioa free online music suite that contains software versions of some of its most famous synths and drum machines.

He has also worked with Google on the AR Music Kitan Android app that lets you create music using just your phone and a few sheets of paper.

Speaking of Google, Teenage Engineering recently teamed up with the tech giant to create a Pocket Operator app for Pixel phones, and also caused ripples with its Field line, which includes a new version of the OP-1. and the tiny TX-6 mixer.

We’re told the Yuri Suzuki collab is coming soon – more news as we receive it.

Teenage engineering Yuri Suzuki

(Image credit: Teenage Engineering)