Sound studio

Tampa’s meditation studio uses sound therapy to promote healing

Tampa’s first dedicated meditation studio helps people clear their minds through sound.

Bliss Bar Studio focuses on sound therapy, which is a meditation technique that helps improve mental, physical and emotional health.

The studio offers collective sound baths, which consist of lying on a mat and listening to crystal and Himalayan sound bowls.

“The vibrations from the bowls activate our energetic beings and when they activate our cells, they help us feel our best,” said Niajae Wallace, owner of Bliss Bar Studio. “Crystal sound bowls produce pure sound, which is measured in Hertz and this frequency has activated our brainwaves. We have five brainwaves and this takes you into the Theta brainwave, which is this meditative state. If you are a seasoned meditator, you can get into that brainwave without it, but because of the Hertz, it takes you right into that space and that’s where the healing happens.”

Wallace opened Bliss Bar because she wanted to make mediation and mindfulness more accessible.

“A lot of people tell me I can’t meditate and so I want to change that perspective and show people that there is a way to balance and center yourself,” Wallace said. “If you’ve never experienced a sound bath, it’s basically a really nice nap. A lot of people fall asleep. It’s a complete relaxation experience, allowing your body to just let go and you walk out of the session feeling rejuvenated.”

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