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Sully and SuperAve. Shake Sound Systems with the EP ‘Interflow’

Sully and SuperAve. became the duo bass lovers never knew they needed with their new collaborative EP on WAKAAN, Interflux.

It’s all gas and no breaks this year for the underground bass scene and among the lineup of artists who are quickly rising to the top are Defile and SuperAve. The couple’s successes both began around 2019 when artists like Liquid Stranger and Zeds Dead dropped their tracks in their Lost lands sets. Similar to many producers, 2021 has brought them many individual wins from outings to reservations and now to end the year strong they have teamed up for the first time on their two tracks. Interflux PE to WAKAAN.

When considering the individual tracks of Sully and SuperAve, the similarities in their sound design couldn’t be more apparent. The combination of unique melodies with heavy, wobbly bass rhythms is a style the two have perfected and which they demonstrate perfectly together on Interflux. The first track “Assault, ”Opens with a few vocal samples that create anticipation in the accumulation. He then falls into wobbly basslines which only become more unpleasant with the second fall.

You may have unknowingly heard a preview of the next track, “Slide up, in SuperAve. The block is hot Vol. 1 mix released on its SoundCloud almost a year ago now. This song is without a doubt a sound system slapper with its punchy drums and cloying bass. The unique melody and heavy bass of “Slip Up” are faithful to the production styles of Sully and SuperAve. Perfect continuation of the first song, this song only wished for a third.

Superave. and I first made contact on social media about 2 years ago now after a friend of mine showed me his music. We became friends instantly and our common joke after working together so many times is that we share the same brain when we write music. The two tracks display the mix of our sound palettes so well and this is generated by the chemistry we have when we write together. MANY hours went into this EP to make sure it was perfect and we are very proud of the outcome of both tracks.


Since the styles of Sully and SuperAve. go so well together, it’s no wonder they chose the name Interflux for their project – these tracks link incredibly well together. The time and dedication this pair put into this release is evident in the complexity and attention to detail in the sound design. We can only hope to hear more collaborations from Sully and SuperAve. in the future, and we look forward to seeing their individual victories coming in 2022 and beyond.

Be certain to listen Interflux on your favorite platform to hear the madness for yourself!

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