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Studio Sound Comes Home With All-New Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series

Classic British loudspeaker brand Bowers & Wilkins have just announced the launch of their brand new 700 Series bristling with some of the high-end technologies used in the company’s flagship 800 Series Diamond, the same loudspeakers used in many of the world’s most famous recording studios. . The new 700 Series was designed to bring that studio sound home.

The all-new 700 Series continues the trickling technology concept originally used in the brand’s flagship range. The launch is the result of three years of R&D and nearly every element of the new range has been transformed. Everything from the design, construction and finish of the cabinet to major acoustic and mechanical improvements has been upgraded.

The 700 Series is the company’s most comprehensive range, comprising eight models, including three floor stands, three floor stands and two dedicated center channels for a home theater setup.

In a first for the 700 series, the new range has slimmer cabinets with a curved front baffle and drive units mounted in external “pods”, echoing the look and technology of the Diamond range of the 800 series. Bowers & Wilkins claims that the new design reduces the impact of the speaker baffle on sound quality by mitigating the effect of “enclosure diffraction”. As a result, the company says the new range lets the listener focus on the music rather than the speaker sound.

The new cabinets are slimmer and available in a new Mocha finish, a high-grained wood that suits the revised proportions well and joins the traditional Gloss Black and Satin White finishes. A fourth Rosenut finish will also be available in Asia and Pacific markets.

Bowers & Wilkins now offers its Solid Body Tweeter-on-Top technology in four of the new 700 Series models. a Tweeter-on-Top.

The Tweeter-on-Top design has been redesigned. The new housing is machined from a single block of aluminum and has also been lengthened to reduce distortion and provide a cleaner presentation. Additionally, this longer shape has improved two-point decoupling to isolate the entire enclosure from the driver, creating a more open soundstage.

Bowers & Wilkins has introduced biomimetic suspension in all three-way loudspeakers in the new range. First revealed last year in the 800 Series Diamond range, the design replaces the conventional fabric spider found in the suspension of nearly all loudspeakers. The biomimetic suspension reduces unwanted noise from the spider output when the midrange cone is working.

The bass driver uses the latest generation of Bowers & Wilkins Aerofoil Profile bass cone technology, based on a composite “sandwich” of materials with a variable profile to deliver crisper bass with lower distortion.

The new 700 Series range has improved the speaker terminals inspired by the 800 Series Diamond, with more substantial contact connections and a layout that facilitates the use of lug speaker cables. Additionally, the speaker terminals lead to improved crossovers that use Mundorf capacitors, upgraded with multiple bypass capacitors and a better heatsink for cleaner performance.

All models in the lineup have updated, larger-diameter Flowports for more substantial output, producing bigger, more expansive sound. In the ground-based 702 S3, this approach is taken a step further with the re-orientation of the port to fire down. Bower & Wilkins says the result is a substantial, powerful speaker that’s easier to locate in any home.

All floor models in the new range have improved spikes that anchor them to the ground. On 704 S3 and 703 S3, stainless steel M6 nails are included with the integrated plinths. On the 702 S3 heavy duty M10 tips are provided. Even the pedestal mount models have received mechanical upgrades with the FS-700 S3 floor stand, which has been upgraded to match the slimmer curved profile of the new cabinet design and with M6 spikes more rigid.

Price and availability: The new Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series range will be available from September 21. Prices per pair are: Top 702 S3 Standmount Tweeter ($7,000), Top 703 S3 Standmount Tweeter ($6,000), 704 S3 Standmount Stand ($4,000), Top 705 Standmount Tweeter S3 ($3,400), Standmount 706 S3 ($2,200), Bookshelf/Stand-mount 707 S3 ($1,800), Center-channel Tweeter on Top HTM71 S3 ($2,500), Center-channel HTM72 S3 (1 $500), Stands FS-700 S3 ($800).

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