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Stone Gossard says Pearl Jam sounds better than ever with Josh Klinghoffer

In a recent interview with VWMusic, Pearl Jam’s stone gossard shared that the addition of Josh Klinghofer to the band took them to another level and improved their sound.

Josh Klinghoffer is best known as the former guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He worked with the band for a decade replacing John Frusciante. He even participated in the recording of two studio albums. However, Klinghoffer joined Pearl Jam as a touring musician following Frusciante’s return to the RHCP.

The connection between RHCP and Pearl Jam is unique. In 1991, RHCP’s fifth album “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” was released. After the album became a hit with fans, the band decided to go on tour to promote the album. They then started their tour with Pearl Jam as one of their opening acts.

There was also talk of former RHCP drummer Jack Irons who paired Eddie with Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament before Pearl Jam even began their musical journey. This introduction made Pearl Jam one of the hottest alternative rock bands in the rock and roll industry today.

When Gossard recently spoke about what Klinghoffer has brought to Pearl Jam, the guitarist said he’s sung so many parts of songs they’re ignoring where their vocals aren’t enough for complex backing vocals. He also added that Josh is a Pearl Jam fan who knows most of their songs better than them. The musician also mentioned that Klinghoffer is a great guy to be around. Finally, he talked about Klinghoffer’s musical knowledge which made them ring better than ever.

Thoughts of Stone Gossard on Josh Klinghoffer joining Pearl Jam:

“Josh has such a great voice and he sings so many harmony parts that have been ignored for a long time. Matt can sing really well, and me, Jeff and Mike can also create a background from time to time. But Ed writes quite intricate, intricate, extremely difficult background vocal parts, so if you don’t sing, you can’t get away with it, so for us to have Josh singing all those parts of those old songs, and the new ones too, everything playing those keyboard parts that we missed, it’s incredible.”

He added:

“It’s funny because Josh has been a longtime Pearl Jam fan, so he knows our stuff better than we do, which is kind of hilarious. It’s just a joy to be with him, and he’s also a amazing and friendly guy.He is a musical genius who has a lot of deep harmonic knowledge and tremendous understanding of music.

Josh informs the band and makes us so much better, but he’s also a brother and someone who is fun to tour with. So going out with him was just a joy, and I think we probably sounds better than everand Josh largely adds some parts that have been ignored for a while.

Pearl Jam members delayed their “Gigaton Tour” dates due to the pandemic in 2020. The band postponed the tour to start in March 2022. However, there were some setbacks. Jeff Ament tested positive for Covid-19, forcing the band to refund tickets for several of their concerts.