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Stamford band The Empty Pages unveil new sound with post-lockdown release of The Clowns EP

A Stamford band have emerged from the pandemic with new musical direction after Covid kept them apart for nearly 18 months.

The Empty Pages released their first new work since 2019 – The Clowns EP this month.

The five-song release has already attracted listeners in the United States, Australia and South America through online streaming services such as Spotify.

Fredo Miceli (left) and Kieran Wade formed their first band together at school.

Founding member Kieran Wade wrote the songs at his home studio during lockdown but had to wait until mid-autumn to start recording them with bandmate Fredo Miceli as restrictions eased.

“We’ve been very quiet for the past two years after the pandemic,” Kieran explained.

“We haven’t seen each other for a year and a half despite strictly adhering to the distancing rules.

The Clowns EP is the band's first new work since 2019.
The Clowns EP is the band’s first new work since 2019.

“I had all these songs ready, but I needed Fred on them, so when we felt like we were ready to get together, that’s when it all fell into place.”

The size of the group has varied over the years, but has boiled down to a streamlined duo between former classmates.

For the EP, they also collaborated with Kieran’s son Tristan, 10, who designed the cover art.

Kieran Wade
Kieran Wade

“We were friends at school and formed our first band together and then went off in different directions,” Kieran explained.

“So now we’ve come full circle, which is cool.”

But the main shift was their sound, shifting from the acoustic folk and country of their first two albums to guitar-driven blues/rock.

Fredo Miceli
Fredo Miceli

“The first two albums were very acoustic guitar oriented because they were influenced by what I was listening to at the time.

“But when Fred and I first met, we were into blues rock music, so it was inevitable that it would end up something like this.

“I think that’s probably how it’s going to stay, but you never know. Never rule anything out.”

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