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Stake Announces New Album “Love, Death And Decay”

STAKE have announced a new album!

Title Love, death and decadencethe next album of the belgian group follows that of 2019 Critical method and is slated for release in September this year, via Hassle Folders.

“This band is about all my inner darkness and demons, and finding a peaceful place in my head,” says the singer/guitarist Brent Vanneste. “I’m not going to be able to erase them, but making music is a great way to fix them and survive this crazy life.”

Along with the new album announcement, the group released a new music video for a new song taken from the upcoming album; Fuck my anxiety. “Fear dominates us so often that it can seemingly take control of our decisions without realizing it. I have already missed many opportunities because of fear. This is the time when I want to draw a line on that. Fuck my anxieties,” exclaims Vanneste. “We posted this as a sort of mantra for when you need a little more strength to recognize that fear is winning. If we can grasp our personal fears in their entirety, I think that allows us to get rid of them completely. Don’t get carried away by your fear. Return it. Am I really afraid? What anxieties do I have? You try to understand, then you grasp them, and then you can go further in life. Eventually you have to say, ‘Fuck my anxiety!’ “

Watch the official music video for F*ck My Anxiety here:

You can also see the track list and artwork for the upcoming new album below:

List of tracks:

1. Love, death and decadence
2. Dance of deliverance
3. Exit area
4. Fuck my anxiety
5. Queen in the Dirt
6. Dead Eyes
7. Sunbeam
8. Dream City

Love, Death And Decay is set for release on September 30 via Hassle Records. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here.

For more information on STAKE, like their official page on Facebook.