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Spatial democratizes 3D sound for real-world environments with global open access to its immersive audio service and authoring tools

For commercial use, Spatial now offers a simple $10,000subscription license/year, including access to its full platform and library of shared soundscapes, making its previously closed software available to retailers, hospitality, museums, estates, places, hospitals, theme parks and more that believe sound is the most underutilized sense in shaping human experiences today.

For creative uses, Spatial offers Backstage Pass, the free license that lets creators easily design immersive 3D audio environments with Spatial Studio, the company’s macOS authoring tool; and Spatial Reality, the real-time performance engine that runs audio simulation in real-world physical spaces. In a model that has worked extremely well for game engines like Unity and Unreal, Spatial democratizes access to 3D sound design by providing free access to all design and publishing capabilities. This enables a much wider ecosystem of creators to release dynamic 3D soundscapes directly to commercial Spatial customers for use in a wide variety of spaces and experiences.

“Designing acoustic experiences, at all levels, in all kinds of spaces, with the full power of sound in mind is no longer a multi-million dollar capability constrained by highly specialized and inflexible systems,” said Calin Pacurariu, co-founder and CEO of Spatial. “We created Spatial to put that power in everyone’s hands, and we’re excited to see how our creators and customers create a range of experiences from magically entertaining immersive places to deeply therapeutic retreats for recovery workers. health. Creators around the world are already taking this technology and reshaping the human experience in this infinite universe we call reality.”

Since its inception in 2017, Spatial has embarked on a journey to unleash the full potential of immersive technology to enhance the human experience – in the real world and everyday environments. From retail stores, hotels, and theme parks to workspaces, hospitals, and museums, Spatial’s award-winning audio design platform opens up new creative possibilities to enhance environments for meaningful engagement, powerful entertainment, and well-being. be optimal. Spatial liberates sound design from linear and channel-based audio, allowing people to do things with immersive sound that have never been done before in places traditional audio has long forgotten. Running on Mac and iPhone, Spatial deploys more easily and affordably than existing audio solutions – and scales without constraints.

New features for Spatial Studio, Spatial Reality and Spatial Control
After a year of incredible feedback from sound designers, engineers and technology partners around the world, including Eight, Made Music Studio, Meow Wolf, HealthTunes, Catalyst by Wellstar, Zeitgeist, National Geographic, Nightscape, California Academy of Arts (CalArts), and the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS), among others – Spatial introduces significant feature enhancements that make it easier than ever to design, create, and deploy 3D sound experiences realistic, interactive dynamic and flexible.

  • Incredibly believable: experiences that truly envelop – With Spatial, augment any space with natural, immersive sound experiences that feel completely real, where layers of sound move through a room, seeming to come from anywhere and everywhere. Spatial soundscapes bring environments to life, evoking emotions, influencing behaviors and elevating moments. Built around how sound works in nature, the system allows sound objects to be defined with both physics and natural behaviors: not only position/location, but also size, shape, distance, realistic movement and speed. With today’s updates, the Spatial platform further improves critical sound behaviors such as loudness, delay, interior and exterior distance effects, doppler effect, and more. To ensure that users always get the most out of their technology investments, Spatial now offers improved rendering and scalable high performance support, with Spatial Reality now able to support up to 64 audio channels on a single Mac. min.
  • Dynamically interactive: an ever-changing symphony – Space experiments are designed to last for weeks or even months. Objects have natural and realistic behaviors, so you can stay in a virtual world and never hear the same scene twice. Spatial soundscapes can react to motion, video, lighting, music, and other inputs that trigger actions. With full input and output support, there is unlimited potential to create responsive and immersive experiences optimized for specific audiences. Improved and powerful event-driven behaviors, sound animation and fading, and increased integration with Open Sound Control (OSC) inputs and outputs for dynamic soundstages, can make soundscapes an effortless combination of naturally randomized content , timeline-driven and event-driven. This enables a whole new level in the power of designing with sound: audio can finally become a living pillar of any experience design, with a real impact on behaviors, mindsets and the memory recall.
  • Completely Flexible: Immersive Audio AnywhereDesigned to be flexible, spatial soundscapes can be deployed in indoor or outdoor spaces of any size. Soundscapes can be adapted to any speaker configuration at a fraction of the cost of other immersive sound technologies. Place the speakers where you want them, or even where you can. The same scene built in Spatial Studio can intelligently reshape itself to any layout and environment. In a quest to remove friction from both creative and execution perspectives, today’s updates include: Spatial Headspace, allowing a soundscape designer to preview and simulate their target deployment through headphones or stereo speakers; better adaptation to spaces and interaction with modeling transformations; as well as broader support for sound fields from traditional immersive formats, via native integration with Steinway Lyngdorf.
  • Simple setup and ongoing account management – Spatial also released a number of additional tools today to help with initial setup as well as ongoing management. Starting with convenient account management through a web-based admin view and enhanced, privacy-protected analytics to better understand Spatial usage and make improvements in the future. Logging, warnings, and troubleshooting are also improved for enterprise-level stability.

Experience the Space Holodeck at SXSW 2022
Spatial invites all SXSW attendees to its Spatial Holodeck experience at Austin later this week, from March 11 to 14. Along with guided Spatial demos, hands-on Spatial Studio tutorials, and an in-depth look at the anatomy of an immersive experience project, several special highlights will bring the full power of Spatial sound to life over the four days:

  • Space partner Meow Wolf will open a daily interdimensional portal to its latest thrilling immersive experience, complete with spatial audio.
  • Space investor and partner National Geographic Society will host a party on Saturday evening, Around the world with National Geographican immersive tour of some of Earth’s greatest wonders.
  • Rich panel lineup, with a special SXSW speaker event featuring Jill Tiefenthaler, CEO of the National Geographic Society; as well as discussion panels on the future of real-world entertainment, the opportunities sound offers to redefine healing experiences, and the endless possibilities brands can unlock when designing with sound.
  • Experiences and panels will include leading industry experts from Eight, Made Music Studio, TAIT, Zeitgeist, HealthTunes, Catalyst by Wellstar, and more.

For more information on Spatial Holodeck and SXSW programming, Click on here.

About Space
Spatial redefines the human experience by creating virtual soundscapes where you work, where you play and where you stay. Spatial’s technology is flexible, powerful and scalable, breaking down traditional audio barriers. Serving customers in businesses, retail, theme parks, museums, hotels, real estate entertainment and more, Spatial takes audio to a new level and allows creators to unleash their creative soundscapes. Spatial’s team and demo sites are located in Emeryville, California and Scottsdale, AZ. Led by experienced executives from Apple, Nest, LucasArts and Disney and backed by DBL Partners, BITKRAFT Ventures, National Geographic Society, The Kraft Group, Marquee Sports Holdings, WS Development and others, Spatial is poised to reinvent immersive human experiences and entertainment. To learn more, visit or follow us on instagram, Twitter Where LinkedIn.

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