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Soundcore Infinite soundbar: sound like a home theater

The Infinity soundbar has a compact design and delivers a good cinematic experience with crisp highs and powerful bass

Confined to the four walls of their homes during the never-ending pandemic, people are looking for new ways to break through boredom and improve their lives. Listening to music has long been a favorite activity, but the number of hours spent listening to music has increased dramatically. “In fact, with Covid-19, home entertainment is one of the most important stress relievers today,” notes Gopal Jeyaraj, Country Manager, India and Saarc, Anker Innovations. Recently we reviewed the Life Q35 active noise canceling headphones from the American audio brand Soundcore by Anker. The company’s new Infinity soundbar, priced at Rs 9,999, promises to be an audio treat for homebound consumers. Let’s see the finer details of this audio product.

For the uninitiated, a sound bar is an elongated speaker that can reproduce a wide sound field through a number of small built-in speakers. It is equipped with its own amplifier to control these speakers, and there are different connection options to connect your equipment and your TV. The medium soundbar can be mounted on the wall under the TV or placed on the TV cabinet. The sound bar has established itself as one of the most popular solutions for those looking for a home theater system but don’t want a lot of speakers in the room.

The Infinite Sound Bar System ticks many boxes for tech-savvy consumers: it sounds wonderful, with crisp highs and powerful bass. It brings a pretty good cinematic experience with its built-in Dual Bass port design and rich soundscape. The product with 18 month warranty is only available on Flipkart in India. It is designed in a sleek and stylish design.

For my part, I installed the Infini sound bar with my ten year old Sony Bravia wall mounted TV. There are many things that will blow your mind about this 2.1 channel soundbar. First, it comes with a premium black finish that will amplify the aesthetic of any interior. Second, the Infinity can fit comfortably under the TV or can be mounted on any device without hassle. Third, with 100W RMS, the soundbar enhances all aspects of entertainment, whether it is your living room or your dedicated entertainment room; it is a theatrical experience watching movies. The portable device delivers balanced 360-degree sound and deep bass for your movies, music, and other entertainment sessions. Fourth, it delivers much improved audio quality in a relatively compact body, as evidenced by the movies I have streamed from Prime Video and Netflix.

Probing the guts, the soundbar comes with two high-end subwoofers, mid-range speakers and tweeters paired with two bass reflex ports to work in tandem with impressive amplifiers. This good combination together with the company’s bass up technology feeds the sounds with very good clarity and depth.

In addition, the sound bar is equipped with three modes: Movie, Music and Dialogue, allowing personalized acoustics for a rewarding experience. Switch to sound, depending on the mood, whether it’s with pulsating bass or a well-balanced balanced mode.

The versatile sound bar is compatible with all devices. It can be connected via digital optical, digital coaxial or AUX connections and wireless via Bluetooth. Additionally, the soundbar supports dual control, allowing remote and onboard buttons for convenient control of volume, sound modes, and switching between wired and wireless connections.

Key takeaways: The Infinity soundbar looks great and sounds awesome, especially its thundering bass. It has the ability to easily project audio into the room in impressive detail, thus creating an immersive viewing experience. Connectivity is also top notch. Overall, the Infinite offers both excellent value for money and impeccable performance.

Estimated public price: Rs 9,999

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