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stop and go

It’s ridiculous to have a main road where drivers have to continually stop at a pedestrian light so that Merrimack College students can cross the road. Merrimack should pay for a pedestrian bridge similar to North Andover High. This is the safest way for students to cross.

Things that jostle

The city went to fix one in three potholes on North Avenue. How about filling in the other two-thirds that ruin people’s cars?

show me the money

Taxpayers pay municipal employees and therefore need to know who gets paid what. It appears Plaistow does not want ratepayers to know exactly what is being paid, as this information has now been omitted from the municipal report.

It’s not freedom

Changing channels over the weekend, I came across a report about protesters being forcibly evicted from the capital. The civilians were handcuffed and taken away by the police. I thought, “wow, things are bad in Ukraine.” Then I saw that it was Ottawa, the capital of Canada, a so-called free nation.

Enemies and traitors

Biden and his family are the only traitors, not Trump. If you remember, there was no war in Ukraine, we were energy independent, all the other communist leaders were close to Trump. Keep your enemies closer.

Old times

Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country. He had them all under control. Under Biden it’s a mess – 40 years of experience and I still can’t do anything for the people. Of course, this far-left liberal newspaper will not publish any of my Sound Offs because of my unwavering support for President Trump, along with 90 million other Americans.

free to be

Wearing the mask is slowly fading away as it should have done long before this. People who still wear a mask are fine with me, but don’t try to force everyone. This is America, we should be leaders not followers!! Take off your mask and be free.

Dangerous movement

Mayor Perry continues to twist the state’s decision to deny “dangerous duty” bonuses and attempts to shift blame. The state never approved Methuen’s plan. The state approvals official learned of the plan by reading it in the Eagle-Tribune and immediately communicated A&F’s requirement for more details.

Anti-American Thoughts

I can’t believe there are people out there defending Trump’s treacherous support for Putin. If you defend it, you are unpatriotic. Oh, and by the way, Biden is not the president of Ukraine. Biden is cleaning up the mess Trump and his family left behind and bringing decency back.