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Sound Off for May 22


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Stay safe from carjackings

I keep wasp and hornet spray on the seat of our cars and trucks at all times. You can hit an attacker from 20 feet away. It’s safer than carrying a gun and very effective. You don’t have to worry about someone stealing like you would about stealing your gun.

Vote on formula shortage

Sorry. There is no excuse for Republicans to refuse to support any initiative by President Joe Biden. Yesterday, not a single Republican voted on a bill to solve the formula shortage. Apparently they will do anything and everything to worsen the health and economy to keep control.

Highway trash can

Failing to pick up litter in front of mowers is just one problem in the Southern Transportation District. The central and northern districts do. I will certainly remember this for the next Southern District Director election and encourage you to do so as well.

The UFO discussion

Congress is now discussing UFOs. God only knows how much money they will approve to pay them back in the future.

Come on Joe?

In response to the “Goe Joe” Sound Off: I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at this statement about President Biden. Have you looked around lately and checked the status of our country? You’re not even close.

It’s not all Biden’s fault

Joe Biden is a good president. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine leads to high gas prices. The high inflation is due to the bipartisan influx of money Congress has dumped on the workforce during the pandemic. We are still using the border policies of the previous administration, and Congress is guilty of not coming up with better solutions. Giving Ukraine hundreds of billions of our tax dollars is a bipartisan/majority supported effort. Racial division and misinformation are our fault for refusing to accept the truth about ourselves.

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