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Sound off for January 15, 2022


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No love

I always thought Hillary Clinton was the most despised woman in the country. Then Kamala Harris arrived.

Vaccine shots

Let’s be thankful that the shots are in the arm and not in the butt, although that might make it more interesting.

Our divide

Not allowing medical marijuana in the state is a good illustration of the divide. Those on the left are willing to take a chance and let those with illnesses have access to marijuana. Those on the right are not out of fear of abuse. One side is ready to trust and the other is frozen in fear and mistrust. One of the many reasons why more people are leaving the state than moving into it.

Slow process

Cities are expressing their anger at FEMA for their slow Zeta response. Basically, they want a check. Maybe FEMA is tired of paying your claims for rebuilding pillars that are destroyed after being rebuilt for only six months. I bet the Coliseum Pier won’t last until the end of July.

The difference?

Unvaccinated people in Mississippi led the country to use monoclonal antibody infusions instead of getting vaccinated and preventing serious illnesses. Now they want to complain because there are few. What is the difference between them and women having abortions to end pregnancy instead of using birth control for prevention, other than hypocrisy?


I agree with the astute observer who said that much has been written about the “crazy right” – but not so much about the cities that are besieged by far-left crazies. Or even worse, those towns run by liberals who don’t prosecute lawbreakers and are riddled with crime.

A question?

What exactly is the far left? I’m as conservative as an honest person can be, and I’m always labeled far left.

A bad sound

Listening to President Biden trying to speak coherently is like listening to fingernails on a blackboard.

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