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SOUND OFF: Expect more of the same from ‘No Action’ Eby

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By Peter Milobar, MPP for Kamloops-North Thompson

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October 27, 2022 | 1:40 p.m.

HE WHO HAS PROPOSED LITTLE CONCRETE IDEAS to tackle our province’s core issues has now succeeded in ousting his only competitor in the messy NDP leadership race and will become BC’s next premier. David Eby takes on the new role under a cloud, after nasty allegations of wrongdoing against Anjali Appadurai disqualified her from the race. Many of these accusations were made by Eby’s camp.

After his marred victory, Eby addressed the media this week – referring to a “100-day plan” of action on public safety, health care and other key challenges. But in typical NDP fashion, he showed up to his event with no details. All he could tell reporters was that over the next 100 days they will see “announcements” and “activities” that “lay the groundwork for how we will proceed over the next two coming years to bring about meaningful change”. Why not just call it a two-year plan then?

But really, 100 days, two years – it doesn’t matter, because Eby accomplished next to nothing during his tenure as Attorney General and Housing Minister. In fact, I would argue that its capture and release justice system and complete failure to make housing more affordable has actually made people’s lives worse.

For the past five years, Eby and current Attorney General Murray Rankin have refused to issue a directive to Crown prosecutors to keep dangerous offenders in custody and keep the public safe – to push through security rights community before a criminal’s right to re-offend. As a result, violent crime has continued to spiral out of control in our communities.