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Special day in Haverhill

The Hilldale Overpass Bridge was dedicated to Ted and Mary Murphy. These two are amazing people for all they do for the town of Haverhill, especially the young people. Their generosity over 60 years is truly amazing. Thank you for who you are!

Halloween high cost

It’s that silly season again and I don’t mean politically. This is the amount of money people spend on Halloween decorations for their garden. I’m amazed how they can justify the expense when all you hear and read is how expensive gas, food and utilities are. Must be nice to have so much discretionary income.

i’m a fan

Great Chronicles of Theodore Xenakis on Wednesdays.

Check accommodation

What do we do in Methuen with single-family houses transformed into two-three-family houses? The trash is out of control! It doesn’t fit in a single trash can and a single recycling container. Is anyone watching what’s going on? Awake Methuen: We are slowly becoming a junk town.

Just be in the headlines

In a Thursday headline, you said Diehl is a pro-Trump Republican, but you failed to say Healey is a pro-Biden Democrat. A real bias at work here.

Weighted vote

Inflation is painful, but it is caused by the war in Ukraine. It will be short lived. However, if Trump and his appointees come in, the pain for us, the country and the world will last for a long time. We all have to vote with our head.

Live chat please

John Fetterman is clearly unfit to run for the Pennsylvania Senate, but he eventually accepted a debate, with a computer using captions so he could understand his opponent. That’s because he had a near-fatal stroke in May. Maggie Hassan, meanwhile, also holds out for a single debate, refusing to be on the same stage as Don Bolduc, and with a computer present as well. What is his disability?

what really happened

Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric of Democratic media coverage of the Venezuela 50 story, just read the facts. An island full of liberals signaling virtue with “Hate Has No Home Here” and “No Human Is Illegal” lawn signs suddenly found these migrants among them. They came out, took pictures with the brown people, then called the army to get them off the island and intern them. These are the facts.

One-sided coverage

Hear, listen, Joseph D’Agati’s letter on the bias of our once beloved LET (I wonder how many people know what that acronym stands for). I don’t even bother to read the AP or the big city American newspaper writers anymore. There is simply no interest. It seems the only place where there is any truth is the sports page and an obituary section. The rest is nothing but lies and outright lies.