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We don’t need COVID numbers

I respond to (page A8 of Friday July 29) Sound Off, “Print the weekly COVID stats”, where the person complains that we should print them. We don’t need to print them. Would you stop worrying about COVID and live your life to the fullest? If you don’t like it, stay home. I don’t need to see the COVID stats, and I don’t even care. If that’s all you care about in your life, then you better find something else to do, mate.

Board vote fuels socialism

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(Re Sunday, July 31, front-page article, “Meadowcrest Affordable Housing Project Has Financial Challenges”): Interesting reading in today’s article outlining the process required to secure funds to build these low-rent housing such as Meadowcrest. I doubt that the commissioners approving these projects considered the unfortunate prospect of how these projects will handle in the future if federal grants are no longer available. It is, quite simply, another misguided and doomed effort endorsed by short-sighted elected officials who perceive they are helping unfortunate souls when in reality they are creating a society of people dependent on government aid and promote socialism in this country.

Nice article on women veterans

In the Sunday newspaper, in the veterans section, what a remarkable article about female veterans who went to Washington, DC (July 31, page A13). These girls look like they had a lot of fun. Again, a nice article about them.

I sure hope they don’t drive

I call in reference to a Sound Off in the Sunday July 31 article, “DMV treated me like royalty” (Page C2). The person says they are 90% deaf and they have a sign around their neck. Now, I know a lot of different things are done at the DMV and I hope it was something other than a driver’s license renewal or something. I wish they had specified that, because it scares me to think that someone who is 90% deaf could possibly drive a car. There are many, many bad drivers here in Citrus County. Everyone knows it. Every time I go out I see someone turning sharp left in front of me or chasing me when I’m 5 mph over the speed limit, etc. So anyway, it’s really good that this person has great service, but I sure hope they don’t drive. Have a nice day.

Agree with the author of the letter

Under the letters to the editor on Sunday, July 31, 2022, I totally agree with Robert B. Krieger in Beverly Hills. Wow, he really did write a wonderful letter (entitled, “Board’s vote is a ‘disastrous decision’, page C3). I agree with everything in it. Well done, Mr. Krieger!

Thanks for cleaning up the road

Today is Sunday (July 31) and last Wednesday I was traveling South (US) 41 Florida Avenue between Gobbler and (State Road) 44 East Gulf-to-Lake (Highway) and j looked down the road and thought, ‘Wow, they must have done this, but when did they do it?’ I don’t remember seeing any workers there. Then I suddenly realized that the street was so clean, all the trash had been picked up, and that whole section looked like a brand new street. He looked so good. So I just want to thank the county workers or the street sweepers or whoever did this. It looks so wonderful and I hope it stays that way. Thanks for cleaning out the trash. It seems very good. Thanks.

Walkers are allowed to hang out

At Liberty Park, we were walking down the driveway with our dog and a bicyclist passed by and he said, “By the way,” facing us, and he made a face because we were walking down the path. We have every right to walk this path. As a cyclist, you must yield to pedestrians.

The difference is the property

Meadowcrest residents have been living with 28 three-story apartments at the Summerhill addition to Meadowcrest, on the northeast corner of the development for nearly a decade. The only difference to the 179 apartments on offer at the south-west corner of the development is company ownership.

Fix all potholes

I went to Citrus Springs the other day and took this route and you can see they freshly patched up all the bigger holes but still left the little ones that are a foot wide. They didn’t fix them. It is a waste of taxpayers’ money. Complete the patching of the road. Why do you make big and leave small? The little ones will grow into bigger ones.

Be proud of the post

There are lots of cigarette butts all over the driveway and the entrance to the post office here in Crystal River. Why isn’t the manager proud of his building? There are weeds growing in a rock garden. There should be flowers planted in there. It would be so nice if the manager would arrange with a nursery here in town or in the county, allowing them to display various flowers with a sign showing the name of their business. They would get free advertising and they could keep it so the post office wouldn’t have to worry about paying someone to work on it and maintain it.

The board is out of control

These county commissioners are strictly out of control. The Meadowcrest decision is absolutely absurd. Increase our taxes? My God, what a surprise. They’ve raised millions more this year than last, but it’s never enough. Where are their cost-cutting measures? Where is the money saved? Where is the help for the struggling citizens of this county? No, just take more money from them so we can have our favorite little projects. It’s absurd. It’s awful.