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Sound Off Calls for Saturday July 9 | Sounds off

Target vehicles without silencer

(Regarding the Tuesday, July 5, front page article, “New Florida law will allow police to target loud motorists”): I wanted to comment on the new law on loud stereo systems if your car stereo can be heard at more 25 feet. What about the mufflers on the old vans driving around town? You can hear them a mile away, coming and going, it’s so loud. Can’t they label them too? I mean, it’s noisier than being at the Gatornationals or the Daytona 500 and it’s just an old junk truck. Go get a silencer.

The college erred in naming the college after Simpson

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(About the Friday July 8 front page story, “CF Citrus campus to be renamed for State Senator Wilton Simpson”): I’m calling about them wanting to name the campus after Simpson, Lecanto Junior College. It should never be. It should be named after Roger Weaver, the Superintendent of Schools in the 80s and 70s. He was the one who brought the college here when he opened Lecanto High School. It should bear his name. Roger Weaver, Glen Wade, Wayne Rolph, Phil Zellner, Dave Langer, Reverend Hoffman, Karen Johnson – these people are the people who got this campus in Lecanto the first time we had junior college there. They are responsible for this junior college.

Budget increase for the “ridiculous” CCSO

I reply to Sound Off to (Friday July 8th A5 page story) “Inverness OKs pay a raise for law enforcement.” Totally, totally disagree with you. This is ridiculous and a waste of taxpayers’ money. He’s not even here to patrol the streets of Citrus County and now Prendergast can say his employees are facing inflation like he hasn’t seen in over 40 years? So what are we? Aren’t we dealing with inflation, ordinary people? Only its staff is confronted with inflation? Totally ridiculous and ridiculous. So you show a movie. I could also show you a movie. Totally ridiculous. When Prendergast shows their budget for last year, I’d like to see where the money went, how much drugs they confiscated, if they sold the confiscated vehicles, and how much money they received on the vehicles. That he won’t give us. Why? The answer is why.

Animals are just left to suffer

I’m reading today’s paper, Saturday, July 9. Another animal abuse was mentioned (the front-page story, “Man must pay $117,000 in animal cruelty case”). I can’t believe the guy didn’t get a jail term. He should have had the experience of getting the pain he inflicted on those poor animals. We’re so tired, we animal lovers, that people get away with things like that. The poor suffered. It was unfair.

Animal abuser deserved jail time

In today’s paper, July 9 (the front-page story), another case of animal cruelty… Are you kidding me? A plea deal to keep him out of jail? All he has to do is pay the vet bill. He should do it anyway. He will not be imprisoned for what he did to these animals. We will never stop animal abuse if we don’t get tougher on the abusers.

The school should have taken care of it

I was reading in today’s paper, July 9 (the story on the front page), about the demolition of the historic Hernando School Extension. And I think, what a waste of time, money – what sadness. The school here was built around 1940 and it’s still standing and, yes, it needs maintenance. So what, about 30 years ago when they built the extension, did they just leave it in the jar, thinking it wouldn’t need updates? I just don’t understand. Who was the person stupid enough not to care about what was given to him? I just think that’s the biggest waste. People better start waking up and using their heads and planning ahead and saying, yes, it’s going to cost us to maintain this.

Call the post

This is in response to the person who said “the postal service isn’t what it used to be” and someone isn’t picking up their mail (A8 Sound Off page from Saturday, July 9). Well, I will tell you how to fix this problem. I had the same problem. Wherever you live call the post office as they are supposed to come by your house everyday to see if you have mail going out, if you have mail arriving or not. So when you drop off mail and no one comes for two or three days, you have to call the post office. Then the post office will find out who is on that route and find out what happened. It’s the only way to do it. This happened to me and I had to call the post office more than once. I hope this will solve your problem. Have a nice day.

Publish Sound Offs Earlier

Why do online subscribers have to wait three or four days to receive Sound Offs? Often we go from Thursday or Friday until the next posting on Monday or Tuesday. You know, we pay for the service. Of course, it would be nice to get the Sound Offs while they’re fresh.

Don’t prolong the walk

They keep wanting to extend the walk. We don’t need it. It has only caused problems in this county. This is the Nature Coast. Let’s keep the Nature Coast.

The assistant should himself verbalize

To the Citrus sheriff’s officer in his cruiser driving down Pleasant Grove Road yesterday morning at 40 mph in a 45 mph zone, slowing traffic: Give yourself a ticket for that.

We have a lot of butterflies here

I keep reading (about) someone who says mosquito control kills all their moths. I have plenty of butterflies in Crystal River. So obviously your butterflies just left Homosassa and headed north to Crystal River because we have a lot of them here. Have a nice day.

Explain email notifications if power, cable cut off

I would like to see if anyone can answer this question: if you have a cable failure, they will email you – (the company) that is working on your cable – that there is a failure. Also, the power company, if you have a power outage, will also send you an email that there is a power outage. I don’t understand this because if you have no cable and/or no power, how are you supposed to receive your email? If anyone has an answer, I’d love to hear it. Have a good day.