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Sound Off Calls for Monday March 21 | Sounds off

Thank you for returning the bag

A big and sincere thank you to the person who delivered my bag to Walmart on Sunday (March 20). I wish you the best. I believe there are angels among us and you are one of them. Once again, thank you, thank you.

someone made a mistake

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There must be a mistake. In your article “Busch Wildlife innovates on the sanctuary” (Monday March 21, page A3), you indicate that they will put 200 animals on a new site of 19.4 acres. You don’t mean a 194 acre site? There’s no way 200 animals can survive on 19 acres, especially when you read the rest of the article. Where is the error?

Editor’s note: According to the Palm Beach Post, it’s a 19.4-acre site.

It’s good to see gas prices come down.

I drove by a Wawa today, Monday (March 21), and gas was $4.18 and I could have sworn it was no more than $4.39 until the end of the last week. Obviously, prices are falling. It’s a good thing now. Good to see things going that way.

Let the people of Inverness rule Crystal River

I can’t believe the town council of the town of Crystal River didn’t meet the other day because there wasn’t enough of an agenda. I think the people from Inverness who run this town should come here to Crystal River and take over. What about the big mall that has nothing in it? We all talk about it and nothing is done, nothing. I bet if the people in Inverness had this problem they would deal with it in a few months, but the people in Crystal River would not. They must be worried about – oh, I know – the Riverwalk. Boy, this is really going to do a lot for Crystal River. Nothing to say, huh, city council? You better wake up.

Editor’s note: The Town of Crystal River has no control over the Crystal River Mall.

Great walk videos

Two stunning six and a half minute YouTube views, both looking north and south, of the 13 mile Suncoast Parkway extension that opened (February 28) 2022 at 4K SR 589.

Call the predecessor for advice

I respond to Sound Off. Hey, Prendergast, if you really want to know more about enforcement and traffic control, why don’t you call Sheriff Dawsy and ask him for some advice? When he was sheriff, we didn’t have these problems and we saw many deputies on the roads issuing tickets. Unfortunately, since you were elected, we no longer see MPs on the road writing tickets. And don’t blame the pandemic for not writing tickets, it’s totally ridiculous.

The price hikes are disgusting

I’m so disgusted with the price increases…food, gas, health insurance premiums, home insurance premiums, etc., and now (a waste hauler company changed hands). Customers were informed that there would be no noticeable changes in service or billing. Well, I just got the bill from (the new company) with an increase of $30.92 per quarter. This is an increase of more than 30%. Just disgusting.