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Sound Off Calls for Monday March 14 | Sounds off

Politically motivated gas tax suspension

(Regarding front page Saturday, March 12, “State lawmakers plan to suspend gas tax”): I read in the paper the other day that our illustrious state leaders were considering reducing the state gas tax for a period of time to help the people. from Florida, but at first they thought it would help too many tourists, so they decided against it. Then they changed their minds and decided to do it for the month of October when, according to them, there would be fewer tourists. It also happens conveniently a month before many of them, including the governor, are up for re-election. They claim it’s not politically motivated…

The kitchen must quit

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I agree with every word of your Sunday editorial entitled “Commissioners, the public must apologize”, by Ron Kitchen (March 13, page C2). The only thing I would change is that after his apology, he should step down as president. His behavior should not be tolerated and there are other members of this board who should have the honor of serving as president and representing us.

Sick of all the mess with Board

(Regarding page C2 of March 13, “Commissioners, the public must apologize”): “Different sources” and “word on the street” are Mr. Kitchen’s words about what he is listening to. In other words, he listens to rumours. I am fed up with all that. You don’t know what to believe anymore with all this bullshit.

Here’s how to help Ukraine

Someone on Sound Off was asking how to help the Ukrainian people (Sunday March 13, page C2). If you look at World Central Kitchen you will see that they were there to feed the people of Haiti and Puerto Rico when they were hit by the storms and they are now in Poland to feed the people when they cross the border and take trucks to towns where there are still people in Ukraine. You can also view them under WCK on Facebook or Twitter. If you do your research you will see that they are on the rise. They are currently providing coffee, hot chocolate, water and food to people crossing the border.

Town meeting shouldn’t have been canceled

Regarding the cancellation of the March 14 City Council meeting in Crystal River (see the front page of Monday March 14 “In Brief”). These meetings should always take place, regardless of the agenda, except for concerns, comments or updates from the public. What about the status of the Crystal (Square) mall? What about boat mooring? What about traffic control? What about Town Hall upgrades to fortify against storms? What’s next on the Riverwalk now that the state has given them a lot of money? The board always indicates how busy they are. We pay these members and their medical insurance for scheduled meetings. There are many things that could be accomplished in a meeting like this. Maybe the board needs to expand its to-do list. If nothing else, just for information for us citizens in your city, that would be helpful.

Brady set another record

(Regarding the B1 page story from Monday, March 14, “Change of heart: Brady’s back”, “QB reverses decision to retire, returns to Buccaneers to play 23rd season in NFL”): Tom Brady has announced that he would be back for his 23rd year in the NFL. There are comments on both sides. A comment is “Wow!” The other side is, “Oh (shoot), he’s back.” Tom Brady set another record – the shortest retirement.

BOCC can cross off this list

A citizen review today, Monday, March 14, indicates the BOCC can strike out the No. 1 issue on the Carnahan-Kitchen pooh-poohness of 2019. The installation of the traffic light on County Road 491 (and) the National Highway 200 seems to have solved the problem with backups on CR 491 of no more than eight to 10 vehicles.

Inverness is becoming the motorhome world

Looks like Inverness is becoming a campervan world with all the campervans, camper vans and travel trailers our people live in here which I think is illegal.

Stop with summer time

I call Sound Off in reference to daylight saving time. Could we please leave the clock alone and leave them as they are? It’s really starting to be a pain in the back. Other states are doing it, so why can’t we just follow? To hell with the time change. Leave alone. Put it on the November ballot and let people vote. You’ll see that they don’t want it and leave it alone, period.

All the county wanna do is spend, spend, spend

Here we go again with our county commissioners. What’s got into you? All you want to do is spend, spend, spend. Hey, what about the animal shelter? We need an animal shelter. What’s up with you guys? Out of sight, out of mind. You obviously don’t go there and pay no attention to what is going on. Now you want to lay concrete slabs. What a waste of money. I’m so disgusted with you guys. It’s never been this bad 10 or 15 years ago. I don’t know what’s wrong with the people running Citrus County. Angry? Yes.