Sound controls

Sound from DJs will be limited to 65dB in Berhampur

Berhampur: Hearing of several complaints about the use of fireworks and loud DJ music during wedding processions, Berhampur Police decided to use the “Sound Limiter” for all DJ owners to limit the noise of the sound system.

Police held a meeting with all DJ owners and band party masters of Berhampur at SDPO offices, Berhampur on Saturday. Inspectors from Baidyanathpur, Gosaninuagaon, Berhampur Town and Bada Bazar police stations attended.

The meeting decided that all DJ owners would purchase a sound limiter and install it in their system by July 10. They were asked to abide by the rules of the Odisha Fire Works and Loudspeakers Act. IICs were advised to use the sound level meter to check the sound of music groups during processions.

Saravana Vivek M, SP, said the sound limit would be 65 decibels (dB). “We will do periodic checks. It is now mandatory for everyone. We will follow up and ensure that this sound limiter is purchased and installed soon by all DJs,” he said.

Many bands and DJs play music at 100 decibels. If you don’t wear earplugs, 100 dB can cause hearing loss in just 14 minutes, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

A sound limiter or noise limiter is a digital device fitted with a microphone to measure the sound pressure level of ambient noise, sources said.