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Sound Body Studio Brings Eastern Deep Relaxation Practices to Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – Sioux Falls has seen strong growth since the start of the pandemic, with many people coming from across the country. Many are also bringing in unique companies like Sound Body Studio.

“At the most basic level, it’s deep relaxation therapy, it’s meditative,” said Sound Body owner Kristen Lund.

Kristin Lund moved to Sioux Falls late last year.

“My husband is originally from Brookings, we lived in Washington, DC and I practiced there as well as in Phoenix, Arizona. But then when everything stopped in the cities, it was a natural transition to come here,” Lund said.

She brought her unique training in sound and vibration therapy with her to Sioux Falls.

“It’s a form of eastern medicine, it’s been around for 2,000 years, but it’s new to the west…it’s even new to New York and LA,” Lund said.

She is working to make this unique therapy using crystal and Tibetan bowls more accessible nationwide.

“I consult spas, I’ve done workshops through the National Institutes of Health, I’ve spoken at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix,” Lund said.

During a session, patients will sit in the vibrations for 20 to 30 minutes, but Lund says the benefits to your body will last much longer.

“Basically, 30 minutes of this is, they say, two hours of sleep, it also takes the weight of life off you sometimes,” Lund said.

“You get up and feel rested,” said Sound Body Sioux Falls client Emily Small.

Small has found this new form of relaxation incredibly beneficial and is grateful for the opportunity to return to the Sioux Falls studio.

“At least every month when I’m going to start feeling really overwhelmed, it seems like Kristen pops up when I have to come,” Small said.

“At the time I was looking for this, there was a lot of chaos in my life and a lot of difficult transitions,” said Sound Body Sioux Falls client Emily Wilson.

Wilson says she also found physical and emotional healing in this deep form of relaxation.

“Walking in there I wasn’t sure what to expect, once I lay down, and the music started playing and the bowls started playing, the way they resonated with my body was very calm, very relaxing,” Wilson said.

The Sound Body studio is located in downtown Sioux Falls across from Bread and Circus; Sessions are available individually or in groups. You can find more information about Lund’s services here.