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Sony HT-A3000 3.1 soundbar delivers big sound for less money

For consumers who don’t need a full-size or expensive soundbar for a small den or bedroom system, the Sony HT-A3000 is a new addition to their soundbar lineup that might have sense. Similar to their top-of-the-line HT-A7000 and HT-A5000, this soundbar is also designed to immerse listeners in a music and home theater experience.

The HT-A3000 is a 3.1-channel soundbar that still offers plenty of features, but at a lower price than its fancier siblings.

In addition, this sound bar provides access to 360° spatial sound mapping when connected to compatible Sony wireless rear speakers, such as the SA-RS5 and SA-RS3S.

You can add an external wireless subwoofer, such as the Sony SA-SW3 Where SA-SW5.


Product design and speaker complement: The Sony HT-A3000 is a 37.5 inch wide 3.1 channel soundbar that incorporates three balanced (rectangular) speakers (left, center, right) into the soundbar unit. The rectangular shape increases the effective size of the diaphragm and reduces the amount of in-out movement needed to produce sound.

Comparison of Regular and X-Balanced Speakers

Dual Subwoofer drivers are also onboard, but as mentioned in the introduction you can add an external wireless subwoofer for even deeper bass.

Amplifier type: S-Master Digital Amplifier

Amplification channels: 5 channels (one for each speaker and built-in subwoofer)

output power: 250 watts total. To note: No rated power reference point is provided

Support for traditional audio formats includes Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Dolby Dual Mono, 2ch LCPM, DTS and DTS:X.

Virtual Surround Technology: S-Force PRO Front Surround, Vertical Surround Engine, Dolby Virtual Speaker, Virtual DTS: X

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Sony HT-A3000 soundbar exploded

Point: The S-Force PRO Front Surround and Vertical Surround Engine create an immersive sound field from 3.1 channels using the 3 main speakers built into the soundbar.

Sony audio enhancements: Sony 360 Reality Audio and sound field optimization.

Sound Field Optimization uses microphones built into the soundbar or optional wireless rear speakers to measure the relative height and position of the soundbar and rear speakers.

360° spatial sound mapping then creates multiple phantom speakers by synthesizing sound waves based on the gathering room and speaker distance information. A wide spatial sound field is created that fills the room, allowing everyone in that space to have the same sound experience.

Additional sound settings: Night Mode (maintains an even frequency range at low volume), Voice Mode (when you can hear dialogue over all other sound effects), Sound Field (provides a surround sound listening experience from sources two-channel stereo).

Sony RMT-AH514U remote control
Sony RMT-AH514U remote control


The HT-A3000 can be controlled via the supplied wireless remote (model RMT-AH514U) or the control buttons on the soundbar.

Point: When connected to some Sony Bravia TVs via HDMI, the soundbar settings will automatically appear on the TV screen.

Voice assistants: Works with Google-assistant and Amazon Alexa enabled devices. Users can add the HT-A3000 to their speaker group using the Google Home app to play music, change volume or many other functions with voice commands.

Sony HT-A3000 soundbar rear connections


HDMI-eARC: This transfers audio directly from the TV to the soundbar using an HDMI cable. The TV must have an HDMI connection labeled HDMI-ARC or eARC for this to work.

digital optics: If your TV does not have an HDMI-ARC connection, this is the next best option for transmitting audio from your TV to the soundbar.

Point: The HT-A3000 does not provide an analog audio connection option.

Bluetooth (version 5.0): Built-in transmitter and receiver This means you can listen to music from smartphones, tablets and laptops/PCs and use the soundbar to send audio to Bluetooth headsets or external Bluetooth speakers.

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Point: The HT-A3000 can connect to select Sony TVs wirelessly via Bluetooth. This means that an HDMI-ARC or Digital Optical connection is not always necessary.

Sony HT-A3000 Lifestyle Soundbar Front

USB: Allows music playback from compatible flash drives. Compatible formats include DSD, DSD 5.6 MHz, Wav, Flac, ALAC, AIFF, HE-AAC, AAC, mp3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis and Monkey Audio.

Integrated broadcast: Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay 2

What’s in the box

  • sound bar
  • HDMI cable
  • Wireless remote control with batteries
  • AC power cable
  • Registration and warranty cards
  • Wall mounting template

Sony HT-A3000 soundbar promotional video

Price and availability

The HT-A3000 is available for pre-order (expected release date is September 13-14, 2022) for $699 on Amazon, Crutchfield or (USD).

In Canada, it’s available for $899 on (CAD).

Optional wireless rear speakers

As mentioned at the top of the article, to enjoy the 360° spatial audio enhancements, you need a pair of compatible Sony wireless surround back speakers.

SA-RS3S: $399.99 or less. Available from Amazon, Best Buy, Sony and other authorized retailers.

SA-RS5: $599.99 or less. Available from Amazon, Best Buy, Sony and other authorized retailers.

Optional wireless subwoofers

SA-SW5: $699.99 or less. Available on Amazon, Sony.

SA-SW3: $399.99 or less. Available on Amazon, Sony.

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