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Sharktank Sounds Bright and Airy on “Never Ever Ever” | Best fit

Vienna may not be known for its indie music, perhaps even more so for its great symphonies and operas on golden stages, but Sharktank is undeterred. In fact, they probably didn’t even notice. This is a group operating completely in its own way. Each track sees the trio scour the palette and swirl pigment to create something entirely new, with their latest single “Never Ever Ever” weaving nasal basses and conscious ’90s rap lines into an ornate portrait of the modern existence.

It’s a fortified spontaneity in the foundations of the band that formed almost entirely by accident. Austrian rapper Mile found himself in a studio with local producer Marco Kleebauers in early 2020 and a mixtape steeped in classic hip-hop and old-school sampling rolled off the production line. It combined everything the pair liked, but Mile wasn’t quite satisfied. Enter singer-songwriter Katrin Paucz of local indie band Oehl, whose tender voice saw fit to transport sound into a new realm.

Since then, the three members of the group have met regularly – the result is songs that are intuitive, almost always on the spot, and with frank and brooding lyrics, which are always snapshots and expressions of current emotional situations. Their first single, “Washed Up”, confirmed that the newly formed trio were onto something special, with a sound that reinforced Khruangbin’s lo-fi aesthetic with some nifty boom-bap beats and rap lines to the Fugees.

“‘Never Ever Ever’ is about standing up for yourself and not letting anyone tell you how to act, what to think, and most importantly how to feel,” the band shared on their latest album. “Even if it’s someone you’re very close to, you shouldn’t let them dictate those aspects of you. It’s okay to have your own thoughts and let yourself have certain feelings and express or say what one thinks.

Sharktank never expected the massive following they’ve built and that’s precisely what makes their sound so rewarding. In a deeply artificial musical ecosystem, we have three masterful but complete opposite musicians experimenting with sound and flow for fun. A delightfully simple but rare event. Fueled by spontaneity, the band have been immersed in the process of invention and reinvention ever since, championing eccentricity through every single they release.