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Scorpio Sound Systems ‘designated’ to support Bill Burr at Fenway with d&b KSL.

August 21, 2022, Boston, MA: Bill Burr performs at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts on Sunday, August 21, 2022. (Photo by Griffin Quinn/Boston Red Sox)

ASHEVILLE, NC (10.5.22)—A leading Boston and New England audio provider since the late 1970s, Scorpio Sound Systems of Massachusetts provided the audio for the Bill Burr Historic Show at Fenway Park, the first comedy show featured in the famous venue.

“From corporate events to large-scale concerts in arenas and stadiums, the company has top-notch equipment and staff to satisfy artists, technicians, promoters and, of course, the public. “, says Gary King, owner of Scorpio Sound Systems. “Audio is our passion, and it shows. We are proud to offer the largest selection of live mixing consoles and loudspeaker systems from d&b audiotechnik.

For the Bill Burr show at Fenway, Scorpio Sound Systems chose a d&b audiotechnik KSL and V-Series speaker system for their unique technologies. “The d&b KSL loudspeakers were the right tools for the job,” says King. “We always use ArrayProcessing on KSLs to get the best results. Fenway is in a residential area. The stage is in the center of the field and faces the high stands, so it’s easy to have control of the coverage. The noise level there, especially with music events, is quite high, of course, but it’s more like the strict curfew. Protecting the pitch and covering the seats are the objectives to be achieved. »

The SL Series is widely acclaimed for its well-behaved broadband directivity control, keeping sound where it’s needed and further enhanced when paired with ArrayProcessing for consistency of tone and SPL across vertical coverage.

The setup for Bill Burr’s show consisted of 20 x KSL per side (14 x KSL8 and 6 x KSL12), 20 x V-Series side suspensions per side (18 x V8 and 2 x V12), plus 12 x SL -GSUB. “The 4 lags each had 2 x J-SUBs and 7 x V12s on carts with pneumatic wheels to respect the terrain,” says King. “Aiming from this position is perfect for hitting from the bottom up of the bleachers. This is a proven method that has been used there for years and works well. We used 12 Y7P speakers for the front fill as well as 12 x M2 for artist monitoring.

“First of all, I would like to thank Gary and everyone at Scorpio Sound, especially my systems tech Andy Vickery, for helping to make the Fenway show a huge success,” says – Travis “Bickle” Walat – PM & FOH for Bill Burr Slight return tour. “As Production Manager and FOH Engineer for Bill Burr’s 2022 Slight Return Tour, my attention is often directed to non-audio situations. Andy made sure all I had to do was turn up the faders and focus on the show, instead of fixing the systems; it is something for which I am extremely grateful.

Walat said he learned a lot about ArrayProcessing when he was a house engineer in a DC room and added “for me, this is the best advancement that has happened to speaker technology in recent years. When combined with the d&b SL Series, I feel the clarity, fullness and presence are unmatched and create the perfect canvas on which we can create art.

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PHOTO CREDIT:Show Photo Credit: Griffin Quinn/Boston Red Sox

d&b KSL photo montage provided by Scorpio Sound Systems