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Sabaton announces new album “The Symphony To End All Wars”

SABATON have announced a new album!

Title The Symphony to End All Warsthe Swedish power metal band’s next album is a reworked rendition of their latest studio album, The war to end all warswhich was released in March of this year.

The symphonic version of the disc intends to boast a new interpretation of their latest album, as a beautiful and monumental epic version of the soundtrack.

Along with the announcement of the symphony record, you can see the track listing and artwork for the upcoming album below:

List of tracks:

1. Sarajevo (symphonic version)
2. Storm Troopers (symphonic version)
3. Dreadnought (symphonic version)
4. The invincible soldier (symphonic version)
5. Soldier of Heaven (symphonic version)
6. Hellfighters (symphonic version)
7. Race to the sea (symphonic version)
8. Lady of Darkness (symphonic version)
9. Death Valley (symphonic version)
10. Truce de Noël (symphonic version)
11. Versailles (Symphonic Version)

Symphony To End All Wars is scheduled for release on May 6 via Nuclear Blast Records. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here. The band adorns the cover of our brand new digital issue, find out via our Patreon page!

For more information about SABATON, like their official page on Facebook.