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Riedel’s Bolero intercom system improves live sound production for United Studios of Israel – rAVe [PUBS]

With the recent deployment of a Riedel Communications Bolero wireless intercom system, United Studios of Israel (USI) has significantly improved communications capabilities at its expansive Hertzliya studios. Supplied and configured by Riedel’s regional partner, Arrowmid Communications, the Bolero system enables flexible communications between eight state-of-the-art television studios, as well as OB vans in the field, during live broadcast production. entertainment, sports and reality TV. .

“We went through a due diligence phase and tested some wireless intercom systems, but realized that the landscape in terms of reliable wireless communication technology is really tight,” said Haim Sivilia, CTO at United Studios. “Riedel quickly stood out in terms of RF performance, audio coverage and quality, and ease of use.

USI is home to some of the highest-rated primetime entertainment shows on Israeli television, and the company’s Hertzliya Studios are the largest and most advanced content production facility in the country. Riedel’s powerful Bolero wireless intercom system increases the range of communications in these production facilities, ensures exceptional audio quality and provides convenient configuration options that simplify the creation of user groups according to the needs of various productions. Bolero also supports communications between USI OB vans operated across Israel.

“Bolero promotes better coordination among staff, which not only saves us time and money, but also makes everyone’s job much easier,” added Sivilia. “The simple and powerful configuration we can achieve for each individual Bolero belt makes our workflow smoother, and with very high functionality in each unit, I have more options for configuring communications across all of our studios.”

Because Riedel’s Bolero system requires less than half the number of antennas required by other solutions to ensure full coverage, USI was able to reduce antenna costs while improving both audio quality and communications flexibility. . Misha Ayzenberg, Arrowmid Communications CTO, helped USI optimize the wireless intercom system across all of its facilities.

“United Studios of Israel creates hugely popular programming across many genres, and it’s exciting to see Bolero supporting the company’s dynamic live production operations,” said Franck Berger, Managing Director, Riedel France, Africa and Israel. “Our wireless intercom technology is perfectly suited for this fast-paced, multi-studio production environment, and USI makes the most of it!”