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Reeking Aura Announces Debut Album “Blood And Bonemeal”

POWERFUL AURA announced their debut album!

Title Blood and Bone Mealthe Long Island and New York based death/doom metal band’s next album is their first full album and is set to be released in July of this year, via Deep Traditions Records.

The band worked with a highly respected producer Hake Marston to his Menegroth the thousand caves studio in Queens, New York, which handled all stages of production on Blood and Bone Meal from recording to mixing and mastering, with drums being recorded at Rock N Roll Gas Station Studios in Long Island, New York. The album is completed with illustrations by a renowned watercolourist Jon Carchelan.

The album is a concept album centered around the caretaker of a desolate farm property and a person struggling with a morbid psychosis.

Along with the debut album announcement, the band released a new song from the upcoming album; Seed the size of a spider’s eye.

Listen to Seed The Size Of A Spider’s Eye here:

Additionally, you can see both the track list and artwork for the upcoming debut album below:

List of tracks:

1. Remnant Of Obstinate Rank (Flooding Ratholes)
2. Blood and Bone Meal
3. Seed the size of a spider’s eye
4. Harvest the hatchet
5. A vegetative porridge that melts among the shelves lined with meats of undetermined origin
6. Pyramid Plow / The Guardian
7. Grublust

Blood And Bonemeal is set for release on July 28 via Profound Lore Records. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here.

For more information on REEKING AURA, like their official page at Facebook.