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Readers Talk Law Enforcement, A Cashier’s Self-Defense And Brittney Griner – New York Daily News

Forest Hills: You wouldn’t pay a restaurant that never served your food, which means we have to take back the paychecks and pensions of every inept or incompetent police officer across the country. Ditto useless politicians.

I have been the victim of more crimes than I can count and, needless to say, never in my long life have the police stepped in for me (in any case the criminals stepped in and did their job as reliable pros — unwavering work ethic).

I’ve never found a cop who cares about crime. Most are rude jerks to victims of crime. Most earthlings have the same stories.

I kept my part of the contract; I paid insane taxes to be safe from crime. The police never kept their part of this contract. It should be illegal!

How many more school shootings before society realizes the police have nothing to do with fighting crime? We have 10 times more cops than any other country. The irrefutable result is 10 times more crime. Uvalde was the rule, not the exception. No more worthless cops. Every officer in Uvalde should be jailed for manslaughter (40% of the city budget goes to those lazy crooks! They should be jailed for robbery too!) Jim Ranium

Manchester, NJ: To The Voicer Walt Wayne: Yes, Jayland Walker sounded like a villain! As for a shot from his car, how could that be? Did Walker only have one bullet in the gun found in the car? Now police say he grabbed a gun as they chased him – a gun that wasn’t there – and so police followed up an officer’s first shot with a gun salute of 80 strokes. Come on, it stinks of poorly trained police. Unfortunately, this happens too often. As bad as this guy seems to have been, he didn’t deserve the 60 shots that caused his death. Alain Berman

Bayonne: Re “A bag of crisps, a fatal stab” (July 6): Bodega worker Jose Alba was arrested and jailed for stabbing Harlemite Austin Simon. Simon’s wife, who stabbed Alba, has been released. What appeals to me is that this wouldn’t have happened in the Cuban strongholds of Union City and western New York, just across the Lincoln Tunnel, and everyone knows that. Well, thank goodness I moved to Jersey about 18 years ago. Enough already with this “it could happen anywhere” mentality. Peter A. de Matteo

Brooklyn: I want to be a judge for Jose Alba. I never said that in my life. If we can’t get justice that makes sense while the prosecutor is stoned and against everyone who isn’t black, then we need to get justice for Alba. Daily News, please set up bail fund for him; he doesn’t deserve jail time for self-defense. We have to get him out! And Alvin Bragg, why don’t you take your “every criminal is a saint” BS to another city? I think Kyiv is nice at this time of year. What a traitor you are. Lisa DeSantis

Maspeth: Alvin Bragg must be fired immediately. This man shouldn’t be a prosecutor for another day. Governor Hochul, you lost my vote because you didn’t step in and remove Bragg. A hardworking New Yorker attacked at his workplace fights back and he’s charged and put in jail – shows what you two are. It’s destroying NYC and it’s such a shame. Lance Lovejoy

Darien, Conn.: Bernhard Goetz fired five rounds of an illegal firearm in 1984. He left the scene of the crime after injuring four men. Nine days later he surrendered. He only served two-thirds of a one-year sentence. Is this justice? I do not think so. Dan Singer

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Bronx: I quote the last paragraph of a statement from the New York State Sheriffs Association: “We want to be clear: New York City Sheriffs strongly support reasonable licensing laws that seek to ensure that firearms do not fall into the wrong hands. We do not support punitive licensing requirements that are intended solely to restrict and punish law-abiding citizens who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Had we been consulted before these laws were passed, we could have helped legislators discern the difference between these two things, and the result would have been better, more practical licensing provisions that respect the rights of our citizens. law-abiding and punishing outlaws. » Don Call

Brooklyn: Andrew Yarrow made excellent points in his op-ed on young men and mass shootings (“Our Young Men Hurt and Hurt Others,” July 6). One more point: look at all the young men involved in the mass shootings and notice how each of them is what my mother would have called “simple”. It’s not a stretch to assume that these guys didn’t do too well in the dating game, which likely added to their feelings of anger and inadequacy. Carol Katz

Brooklyn: I agree with Voicer Frank Alesso that we give far too much power to politicians and judges. I think the main reason our politicians can’t agree or even compromise on anything is because of the way campaigns are funded. We all know that it is the obscene amounts of money that control our politicians that are ruining our country. We are the second richest country in the world, but we still have great poverty and a minimum wage that is not sustainable. The corporations that write our laws hurt people. Corporate greed is out of control and they don’t even pay taxes. They drain all the money from the public. Most government agencies are inefficient, understaffed and underfunded. I read about it every day in the newspaper. When politicians lie and cheat, they almost never pay the price. Limit people’s length of service. Greg Ahl

Monroe, NJ: Brittney Griner and his wife are up in arms because President Biden isn’t doing enough to get her out of a Russian prison. Her fate is on her, she broke Russian law. What should the United States give up to compensate for its stupidity? John Ray

Roosevelt, LI: I call on Russia to release WNBA star Phoenix Mercury Brittney Griner. She is wrongfully held hostage to hostility in Russia. Holding Brittney as a prisoner of war, a political pawn in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s corrupt chess game, is just as wrong as Putin’s unjust war in Ukraine. This is a gross violation of Brittney’s civil and human rights. Now is the time for the Biden administration’s State Department to bring Brittney home. We need President Biden to conduct a hostage exchange to bring her back to America, along with other hostages wrongfully held in Russia. Act with the urgency of the moment! Bring Brittney home! Arthur L. Mackey Jr.

East Meadow, LI: To those voices that suggest watching Fox News with an open mind because you might learn something: Let me know when you’re performing at a comedy club, I might still have a good laugh. Jeff Tuck

Schenectady, NY: Re “Solving NYC’s math problem” (op-ed, July 4): As an amateur math student, I’d like to suggest a radical new approach to improving student achievement. It seems that Phyllis Tashlik’s approach is going in the wrong direction. Being good at math requires above all a good memory: the ability to quickly recall formulas, equations, laws, theorems, etc. is strongly correlated, in my mind, with success in math. She warns against memorizing mechanically and by heart these symbolic constructions. I do not agree. The mathematician Leonhard Euler had such a prodigious memory that he could recite Virgil’s “Aeneid” from memory, and give the first and last word of each page! I suggest that the scientific psychological study of memory and its improvement be one of the teaching tools of the mathematics teacher. Robert J. San Filippo