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Readers Talk Grand Theory of Replacement, Nakba and NYC Rules of the Road – New York Daily News

Bronx: When I first heard about the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the first thing I thought of was Patrick J. Buchanan’s book, “The Death of the West.” In it, Buchanan expresses “how dying populations and immigrant invasions jeopardize our country and our civilization,” and how places like Texas and California were taken over by Spanish speakers “without firing a shot.” . He talks in depth about changing demographics, “degraded old heroes”, a “polluted” culture and how, because of things like women’s liberation, white people are not keeping up with the birth rates of other ethnic groups and will lose their majority in the population. America and the dominant political power. The same is planned for European countries.

My take on the Supreme Court decision and the support it received from the far right: It’s an attempt to force white women to have children. After the recent massacre of black people in Buffalo, it turns out that the white supremacist who perpetrated it believes in the great replacement theory, the belief that there is a conspiracy to replace white Americans with immigrants, leading to the eventual extinction of the white race.

As is clear from the rise in the number of hate groups, these groups’ preparations for a civil war, Trump’s nationalist rhetoric, his election as president, his subsequent isolationist and anti-immigration policies, and the book of Buchanan, many whites believe the great replacement theory is also true. The Buffalo massacre was not the first fueled by racism. Unfortunately, with gun control designed not to restrict the sale of guns but to keep black people helpless, this won’t be the last. Jonathan Solomon

Raleigh, NC: All Christians should take an active role in the pro-life issue since Jesus taught his followers not to be content to be on the sidelines. Flood the Christian Democrat politicians and liberal media and support our God, for we will be judged. Joseph J. Rothengast

Staten Island: In the voice of Ilsa Ruthen: I hear what you’re saying, but there was never a push to do anything about gun control when Democrats controlled both houses – the reason being that the gun lobbyists are in the back pockets of the politicians. Even with our tough laws, we cannot control illegal firearms. This is what needs to be fixed to make the gun laws stricter. Even now politicians are more concerned with legal guns while people are buying illegal guns and building ghost guns. Do you think this 11 year old girl was killed with a legal weapon? (FYI, I don’t vote to any party line; I vote for who will do the best for our country, our state, and our city.) Thomas Bell

Far Rockaway: This House bill “The Access to Baby Formula Act” passed 414 to nine and received a negative vote from Lauren Boebert. If you remember (or care), it was the Republican Rep. from Colorado who said, about maternity leave, “I gave birth to one of my children in the front seat of my truck.” No matter where you live, please vote in the interim and general elections. Ora Reed

Needham, Mass. : Re the Nakba: why the dilemma? Every person in this world sits on land that belonged to someone who was displaced or left. I’m in Massachusetts and I’m sitting on land that belonged to Native Americans who were moved/stripped/cheated of their land so my ancestors and I could have it. So maybe you want to take it away? Who cares – it’s only about Israel that the whiners of the world want the Jews to disappear, even after 4,000 years. To grow. The land was won. He is/was a Jew. Pass. Remind the Arabs that the Nakba is a plot to steal and terrorize. Tell them to fly to Syria, there is much bigger land there. Carol Fineblum

Manhattan: Why are full-size electric motorcycles allowed to tear down bike lanes in either direction? New Yorkers just don’t feel safe with these vehicles popping up out of nowhere at 50 miles an hour. These vehicles are on the cycle paths because traffic is very slow on the street. They know there is a total lack of enforcement in the bike lanes. Please do something, Mayor Adams, if you want your approval rating to increase. Leonard Smoke

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Bellerose Village: Dear Mayor Adams, the other day at 6 a.m. I saw a police officer with a radar gun hidden in an alley on Jamaica Ave. trying to catch speeders. Don’t you think resources would be better spent going after the thugs on illegal quad bikes and dirt bikes who are terrorizing neighborhoods all over the city instead of targeting hard working men and women in the way work ? I’ll report back when I figure out homelessness for you. Peter O’Connor

Brooklyn: Now that Citi Bike is taking up more street parking spots in our city, along with Zipcars and now electric car charging stations that will be taking up more parking spots, there will be very little parking available so people can park. What should drivers do to find a parking space? Charlie Pisano

Staten Island: Re “Adams avoids COVID advice” (May 19): Politics, anyone? Mayor Adams is not reinstating the city’s indoor face mask mandate despite a recommendation from his health department. In doing so, it also ignores its own color-coded risk guidelines. He goes on to say, “I’m going to be judged on my success in navigating the complexities,” blah, blah, blah. All we need to know here is that he is worried about how he will be judged, not about us. He goes on to say that the number of hospitalizations and deaths is stable. Not only are they not stable, but they are increasing, according to Adams’ own health commissioner. Have we learned nothing? Let’s be proactive, not reactive. And please, Mr. Mayor, worry about us instead of how you will be judged. Nobody cares. They certainly won’t care if they’re dead. Dorothee Gallie

Manhattan: My building, much like the city, is flooded with rats. This disgusting situation is largely due to the fact that some well-meaning gentrifiers have had cats sterilized. So there are more rats because there are fewer cats. Fewer cats means more rats, and between cats and rats, I’ll take cats every time! You do not like rats ? Stop sterilizing cats! It’s simple like that! Eugene Rodriguez

Bronx: I don’t understand the reason the Daily News doesn’t highlight Major League Baseball’s stance for the Yankees and Mets. Is this a new way to be politically correct? Mary Caggiano

Medford, LI: So Anisah Sabur says the city “must decarcerate now” (“Inmate Dies of Drugs OD,” May 19). Is she serious? Let’s get the facts straight. The deceased inmate overdosed on drugs she voluntarily took. It’s not about jail, it’s not their failure. Additionally, she was on Rikers Island because she was a person of interest in a domestic violence case, and in 2020 she was charged with robbing someone at knifepoint, released on bail. bail and never showed up on his arrest warrant. We don’t need these violent criminals on our streets. They obviously don’t care about living as productive members of our society. Betty Miserendino

Fresh Meadows: What a beautiful piece written by Voicer Robert J. SanFilippo. I was particularly touched by the phrase that we must develop drugs that are free of euphoric effects and addictive potential. I have a family member who was a drug addict and a relative had the harrowing task of getting rid of his opioids after he died. The last one was a box of fentanyl patches and it was feared that someone on the street would find them and use them. Pray for a better world and more informed decision makers. Lesley Cardew