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New Paltz, NY: Re “A farmer who stands for fair pay for farmworkers” (op-ed, Aug 22): Lowering the overtime threshold for farmworkers will significantly hurt my small organic farm and the six people I I employ. It all comes down to the economy and what my employees say they want and need.

I compete with farms from all over the northeast in New York’s green markets. My costs are up in all areas. On the other hand, I can’t just raise my prices and not lose business to farm stalls in the market in states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey that have significantly lower wage rates and no hours additional. I talked about it with my longtime employees, four of whom said they would leave if I had to cut their hours to control the high costs of farming. It won’t be a punishment, nor out of disrespect for anything they do, but simply because we look at our income and expenses to make informed decisions that help us stay in business.

Todd Cavallo’s article ignores all of this. He also suggests that a 10-year phase-in and tax credit will be beneficial. However, it pains me that the proposed phase-in, although intended to give us time to adjust to the threshold changes, only gradually reduces the hours and earnings of agricultural workers over this period.

Any changes to the overtime threshold must be made at the federal level to make it a level playing field for family businesses. Kira Kinney

South Hempstead, LI: I got a full scholarship to a top university through a competition. Why should I pay over $2,000 in taxes for those who graduated from high school and needed loans? Michael Quane

Glendale: After reading guest columnist Rich Leimsider’s column “The Crushing Weight of Student Loans Out of Sight” (August 23), I have to assume he’s a typical liberal with no common sense or aptitude for math. He states that he has not been able to significantly reduce his remaining debt (student loan). First, everyone must learn to live within their means. If you take out a loan, whether it’s for college, a house or a car, the first question you should ask yourself is how much will it cost me? The second should be can I afford it? When I bought my house, I made sure I could afford the monthly payments. Many real estate agents tried to get me to buy a house that was out of my reach. If you want to buy something extravagant, you are responsible for paying for it! Thomas Murawski

Centerport, LI: About the “Red & Rover” comic: Brian Basset, the comic’s author, underwent cancer surgery to remove tumors from his pancreas and spleen. He will recover for at least the next two months, according to the June 23 Daily Cartoonist. Pete Scott

Brooklyn: Two of my friends got hit with Citi Bikes. The runners did not stop. Both had to go to the emergency room with injuries and now have hospital bills. Citi Bike should ask people to show ID and hold them accountable. It seems that the people who follow the rules in New York are the losers and the criminals get away with it. Shame on Citi Bike. Mariann Tepedino

Bronx: Luxembourg and Malta have free public transport. Germany is also thinking about it. Let’s send the spenders who work at the MTA to see what’s going on in those countries. Maybe they’ll learn to save money and stop making up these organized crime schemes. Virgil Carballo

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Bronx: Shore Road in the northeast Bronx is in dire need of maintenance from the exit to Orchard Beach on the right and Hutchinson Parkway on the left to the New Rochelle border at the Episcopal Church. Encroaching vines and overgrowth climb over utility poles and cables, creeping stealthily and steadily down the current road, and have already killed off the cherry blossom trees that lined the once-beautiful road. Another mild winter plus wet weather and oncoming and outbound traffic will have to travel the same middle of the road. I hope the jungle doesn’t cover this necessary and once pretty stretch of highway due to lack of maintenance. Please print this letter or an editorial to help remedy this situation and get the parks department and our local city council members moving. Rose Mary Lancaster

Merion Station, Pennsylvania: The Department of Justice has revealed that the FBI mistakenly took a faded full-page Daily News advertisement from May 1, 1989 during a raid on Mar-a-Lago. Part of the announcement was highlighted: “What happened to respect for authority, fear of retaliation by courts, society and police for those who break the law…? Criminals must be told that their civil liberties end when an attack on our security begins! —Donald J. Trump.Paul L. Newman

Brooklyn: Enough is enough! New York City and the State cannot house, clothe, and feed every migrant and immigrant sent to us. Who will pay for all this? Are the city and state considering the needs of homeless veterans? Melissa Lieberman

Staten Island: America is a country of immigrants and always will be. The problem today is that we let in illegal immigrants and give them accommodation, food, medical care and education. What about the people born here who are starving, unemployed, without insurance and struggling to make ends meet due to the pandemic and high inflation? Our priorities are no longer as they were in the past. Governor Hochul wants to secure work visas for illegal immigrants and find them jobs. What about our own people born here who have problems? She just told 4.5 million registered Republicans that they can pack up and go to Florida or Texas because they’re not good New Yorkers. Does she think they can be replaced by these illegal immigrants? To date she lost my vote and I hope a lot of people think the same. Thomas Bell

Fresh Meadows: Governor Hochul is expected to agree to debate Lee Zeldin in the gubernatorial race this fall. Hochul continues to dither and dither on critical issues like crime and taxes, and Zeldin is right to want to bring these issues to the forefront of a debate. Zeldin will fight to reduce crime and taxes in New York, but Hochul certainly won’t, considering what she has yet to do. She’s a gasbag that could fill 20 hot air balloons with all her political rhetoric. New Yorkers are fed up with all his political nonsense! The voters of this state have the right to have a governor who will fight for their rights and their safety. Lee Zeldin is that person. Kathy Hochul is definitely not that person. John Amato

Manhattan: Voice John Deichmeister: Since you’re not a Mets fan, I can excuse you for not knowing this, but our amazing SportsNet New York broadcast team consists of Ron Darling, Keith Hernandez and Gary Cohen – at unless there was a Gary Thorne on an alternative SNY show we missed that night. Maybe you should watch more regularly. Lynne A. Henderson

Somers, NY: Reading some Voicers expressing their desire to have Craig Nettles’ number retired by the Yankees, I thought, “Really?” He was an excellent third baseman but is not in the Hall of Fame. There are already too many retired Yankee numbers. There are currently two rows of retired numbers. How many additional rows will be added? I think a player has to be far and above the others for their number to be retired. Maybe just remove the numbers of all former Yankees players, except maybe Horace Clarke. Sorry Horace. And yes, I’m a former Yankees fan turned die-hard Mets fan. Michael Gold