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Readers Talk Congestion Pricing, ‘Red & Rover’ and Mad Magazine – New York Daily News

Manhattan: The Voicer Stan Rosenson is on point. The MTA has now concluded public hearings on a yet to be formalized vehicle tax for entry below 60th Street. We cannot call this “congestion pricing” if the tax will be in effect 24/7. What traffic jam do you charge at 3am? So, for what it’s worth, the incomplete program has had its supporters and its detractors. What I see is the exodus of businesses struggling to survive, now this plan would close the coffin and thus reduce congestion. Who comes to a ghost town?

Passenger vehicles access the central business district, but not as many private vehicles as rental vehicles. I should know because I see it firsthand on my express bus ride.

So what exactly are we trying to accomplish? This program is said to fund the MTA’s capital plan. What happens when the MTA does not meet its projected revenue? Let’s not forget that each company, performance hall, non-profit will be taxed directly or indirectly by this tax. Why stay in the CBD when downtown, outer boro and other non-local environments make it easy to do business? Now what does the MTA do?

What if you don’t have an E-ZPass? I heard you will be charged, but the only ones who will pay are those who incur a penalty like vehicle seizure, fraud status, or registration suspensions. Vehicles that do not have an E-ZPass and are coming from South Carolina get out safely because they are transient and we have no way to enforce what is owed. Once again, the inhabitants are the most affected. It’s time to re-legislate this idiotic plan to tax those who can least afford it. Jim Ralston

Bronx: Thanks to Mayor Adams for a $150 property tax rebate when the same day I received my second summons in a month from the sanitation department for non-existent trash in front of my house. A sanitation worker told me he has to meet certain quotas, but giving illegal summons, especially to the elderly, is abusive. Dadnie Borras

Beechhurst: Spokesman Robert Rudenbaker strongly denies the takeover of the Democratic Party by the radical left. When Bill Clinton was president, he declared that the era of big government was over. But now, with Sleepy Joe’s blessing, the Bernie-AOC wing of the party is running the show. Rudenbaker lives in a time warp. The government is now a god for this reinvented Democratic party. And this Marxist sensibility is an obvious affront to the American spirit. We’re in new territory when the President of the United States acts to crush our fossil fuel productive industry – which only shows you that green is the new red. And imagine how high the bidenflation would be if the real Moderate Joe (Joe Manchin) hadn’t put the kibosh on this $5 trillion Orwellian monstrosity Build Back Better. Space doesn’t permit me to list all the insidious ways in which the Democratic Party is moving closer and closer to a Marxist party, but most Americans are well aware of what is happening before their eyes. James Hyland

Brooklyn: It’s clear that America’s infrastructure really needs to be significantly modernized. The fact that the citizens of Jackson, Mississippi have no fresh water is a real shame. It is a reminder that our roads, our bridges, our water supply systems need to be modernized. Of course, it is expensive but essential. Remember which party opposes spending money on improvements. Alan Podhaizer

Floral Park: Re Front Page September 1 “Punch in the Face”: Maybe this young woman will think twice before trying again to interfere with a uniformed NYPD officer making a lawful arrest . I’m glad Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell and Mayor Adams supported the officer’s actions in a very dangerous situation. Edward Rankin

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Staten Island: Let me clear things up. The police make the legal arrest of an attempted murder suspect. Rather than showing gratitude for removing an armed thug from their streets, community members assault the officers, and when one of them is knocked out, we’re supposed to feel bad because she’s small? Have Legal Aid and the Daily News lost their minds? (I know, rhetorical question.) It’s literally a life or death situation where a mob of goons attack the police in the street. Cops need to control the situation and defend themselves, not individually assess each attacker in terms of weight and fighting strength. Maybe that moron should have minded his own business and acted like a civilized human being. This town is spinning around the drain, and left-leaning media outlets like The News are hastening its demise with the endless pro-criminal narrative. John Colella

Staten Island: Let’s be positive! Positive thinking lights up the world. Step by step, let’s reach our goals. I love your post! Let’s dance under the rain. Let’s help each other; let’s help the earth. We can change things for the better! Let us move forward in this world with grace and ease. You are love, you are wonderful and you are welcome! I’m going to have a coffee now! Eva Tortora

Whitestone: Thank you, thank you Voicer Lee Crespi! I have long been married to a family physician, now retired, who has always understood the wisdom of providing single-payer health care to patients, as is now the case in most countries around the world. People generally get good care and don’t have to go bankrupt to pay for the health care they need! We don’t need to call the term “Marxist” or any other label describing our health care. Medicare for All will hopefully be the way forward for people of all ages! Leonore Brooks

Pompton Plains, NJ: Re Voicer Pete Scott: I’m sorry to hear of “Red & Rover” comic book artist Brian Basset’s illness. We wish him good luck and a speedy recovery. I hope he can come back soon with “Red & Rover”. MaryAnn Buesing

Arlington, Texas: Re “No end to flood of migrants” (August 31): 7,500 migrants bused to New York from Texas. I also suggest you focus on the hundreds of thousands of migrants entering small towns along the Texas and Arizona borders. These communities are overwhelmed and the problem of 7,500 in New York is laughable. Bill Rosenberry

Astoria: Regarding the creation of gun-free zones in areas where legal carrying permits are required: you think that criminals carrying illegal weapons who commit crimes in these zones are going to say, “Oh no, this is a gun-free zone. weapons? You want law-abiding citizens with a legal transport license to eventually stop a crime if they were a victim. These are the areas where you want legal carry permits so criminals can think twice before pulling out a gun. Legal gun owners aren’t the ones who commit the crimes – wake up, stop the smoke and the mirrors and prosecute the criminals. Anthony Gigsntiello

Glendale: To ensure the continuity of your print publication, I want to suggest purchasing the copyright from Mad magazine. Think of the daily frenzy when readers flock to newsstands to see the back page fold to display a hidden commentary. You will bring back the reading of newspapers from around the world. Can your writers try to be journalists instead of budding novelists? Your article descriptions bounce around the plot lines like an episode of a new Tolkien-inspired fantasy series! Seriously, in what kind of alternate universe do you expect readers to believe that 50% of Americans believe everything about the Mar a Lago parody? During an election year, the house of a former president was raided! Are we living, as every day reports in one way or another, an Orwellian romance? Maybe you should also consider changing the front page – so it looks like a 1950s film noir poster! There are so many ways to increase your booth footprint! Jonathan Kiddrane