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Readers talk about who bears arms, the oil industry and Prince Harry – New York Daily News

North Bergen, NJ: For anyone who thinks the mass shootings have nothing in common except that the shooters were young men using AR-15s, I recommend you check out the episode “FRONTLINE,” “Documenting Hate: New American Nazis.” He explains that one of the goals of this movement is to promote rogue actions by lone wolf individuals.

It’s time to recognize that the shootings in Uvalde, Texas, and elsewhere appear to be random acts by insane individuals. Mass shootings were less of a threat before the recent Supreme Court ruling on the so-called right to bear arms. Following this decision, there was an increase in the sale of weapons of war like the AR-15 and other firearms. The decision can be seen as an attack on our right to live safely in America. Haven’t the judges seen that there will be an increase in gun violence as a result of more people feeling free to walk around openly armed?

I can think of three possible reasons for their decision: 1) They were too stupid to recognize the harm that would result from the proliferation of guns. 2) They knew, but didn’t care, that their decision would lead to increased gun violence. 3) They actually want the chaos and violence that letting the citizens carry openly will surely cause.

By preferring their interpretation of the right to bear arms to our right to live in safety, the judges demonstrated their lack of respect for the court. It’s time to judge the judges. But how? Irving A. Gelb

Hicksville, LI: To Voicer Raymond P. Moran: Your assertion that ‘our new judge can’t even define what a woman is’ is proof of the simplicity of the conservative mind when it tries to wrap itself around a difficult question. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was not unable to define the word “woman”, she simply refused to define it and thus falls into the fallacious line of questioning of Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn, whose aim was to inject lots of anti-transgender/LGBTQ baloney in confirmation hearing. Steven Malinofsky

Brooklyn: It’s very simple, people: keep voting Republicans and we’ll keep falling back and losing our rights. Personally, I will never vote for a Republican again, and I will never stay or spend my vacation dollars in a state that is against a woman’s right to choose. As for judgment, I defer to God. Bruce Selfridge

Flushing: The guns and ammunition used in the Uvalde massacre cost over $4,000. Where did the madman who blew up the school get the money to buy them? Did anyone back home know he had this arsenal stored away? Why didn’t anyone react to the warning signs he presented? Does anyone know? Lester Simon

Oradell, NJ: To Voicers Robert Kralick and Irwin Cantos: Aren’t we already living in the age of misinformation? We don’t need people writing in well-read newspapers to spread falsehoods. All it takes is a quick Google search to see that oil produced in Alberta, North Dakota and even Alaska is not suitable for refining into gasoline. They are way too dirty. Our refineries are not equipped to transform them into gasoline. They create more pollution than you can imagine when mining and refining, not to mention the damage they cause when burned. Most of this oil is exported to South and East Asia and Africa, where it is refined for applications such as two-stroke engine oil in countries where motorcycles and scooters are the main sources of transport. For the sake of future generations, please do some research before being published in a widely read publication like the Daily News. Paul Keley

Centerport, LI: It’s obvious that many Voicers who complain about President Biden and other issues don’t care about the facts. According to a March 19 NPR report, Biden says oil companies “currently have 9,000 drilling permits.” That’s 34% more than Donald Trump’s permit issuance. However, oil companies like those in Texas won’t produce oil for “six to eight months.” There is a shortage of skilled workers and truckers and the oil companies fear a “price crash” like in 2014. In short, the oil companies do not want to be punished by investors. Get the facts. Don’t believe everything you are told. Pete Scott

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Bronx: I hope the Daily News, as an unbiased news reporter, will clarify that AOC was not arrested and handcuffed as your photo on page 11 of the July 20 newspaper suggests (“AOC, Maloney and Velazquez arrested in pro-choice protest at high court”). She was fined for blocking traffic. One has to wonder why most of them wore coats or long sleeves in 95 degree heat with their hands behind their backs. Was it to hide the fact that there were no handcuffs? It was a stunt and the record should be cleared. Bill Reddan

White Plains, NY: When I saw Beanie Feldstein’s photo and read the bold headline of Voicer Larry D’Angelo’s letter, I thought he would say what a pleasant surprise it was to see Beanie in the role of Fanny Brice. Instead, he sang the praises of watching Beanie stunt double Julie Benko perform. Why didn’t you show a picture of Julie instead? To quote Yul Brynner in “The King and I”: “It’s a perplexity.” Randi Bernstein Feigenbaum

Barnegat, NJ: To Voicer Stanley Denker: I think you’re thinking of Johnny Puleo. He died in 1983. GW Cairns

Hopewell Junction, NY: Would love to see Al Sharpton and the Son of God in an episode of “Undercover Boss.” Freddy Sacco

Ridgewood, NJ: Bill de Blasio ran for president, considered running for governor of New York, and ultimately ran for Congress. He is now done with electoral politics after a trifecta. His term as mayor, interrupted by the pandemic, has been without distinction at all levels. Arguably, during his tenure, some violent crime increased and the education system declined – both quality of life issues for a major city. Maybe he can find a role where he does less damage than as the chosen one. Ed Houlihan

Bronx: As a layman, I am not bound by the Goldwater Rule. I enthusiastically endorse the conclusion that “it’s clearer than ever: Trump is a psychopath” (ed., July 19). I disagree with Vince Greenwood and Alan D. Blotcky that none of our previous presidents “had Trump’s severe pathology.” Kurt Vonnegut says, “Psychopathic Personalities (PPs) are presentable, they know full well the pain their actions can cause others, but they don’t care. They can’t care because they’re crazy. They have a loose screw! By this definition, Trump shares PP disease with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill de Blasio, and members of the People’s Democratic Party of Puerto Rico. Roman Gene

Morristown, NJ: Prince Harry, a spoiled brat, is getting into the habit of bashing America, its laws and its Constitution. While the seeds for some of his recent clueless comments were most likely planted by his dishonest, attention-hungry wife, Meghan Markle, some of his misguided opinions are strictly his own. Although the mediocre actress/wife seems to control the strings of the puppets that Harry dances to, he’s a big boy and old enough to choose what to believe and what to ignore. Although Britain is a great country and a steadfast ally, years ago we had to give them a quick good kick in the kiss to win our freedom. Maybe this pampered peekaboo should have the same. Go worry about your homeland, Harry. America may not be perfect, but we never said we were. It’s called modesty. That said, we are still the best country on the planet. Frank J. Perry