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So you think the downstate abortion protesters looked “a bit like the insurgency to you.” You must need glasses because it was a peaceful protest. There were no weapons, there were no police officers injured, there were no broken doors or windows. These were people protesting the removal of their rights, not people protesting a lost election.

If the Indiana Legislature decides to go after the birth control ban, a reminder that women on the Accutane medication should be on birth control. Accutane is a medication for people with severe acne. Accutane may no longer be available if contraception is prohibited. This will cause serious mental harm to those trying to improve their skin. Male patients will also be affected as the drug will not be available. For many reasons, you cannot ban contraception.

If you can’t pay your bills, shouldn’t you be allowed to vote? I don’t think I agree with that in principle, but in one specific case, I do. Donald Trump is known for refusing to pay his bills, and how many times has he gone bankrupt (six, in fact) because he couldn’t or wouldn’t pay what he owed, preferring to stiffen up and sometimes ruin small and large businesses that he owed money? So I guess that means Donald is disenfranchised. It couldn’t happen to someone more deserving.

Indiana Republican lawmakers as well as conservative politicians across the country have gone out of their way to denigrate the teaching profession in recent years. They questioned teaching methods, censored teaching materials and threatened to fire teachers for teaching our true history. Remember that the truth will “harm” our children! Guess what? The chickens have returned to roost. Translated, the actions of conservative politicians came back to haunt them. The school is about to open. Indiana alone is short of 3,000 teachers and support staff. Incidentally, Indiana’s average teacher salary is ranked 38th in the nation! Teachers say there are three main reasons for leaving the profession: harassment from conservative lawmakers and parents, unruly young people and low pay. I hope our state legislators will be willing to serve as substitute teachers when not in session!

Republicans refused to pass the burn pit bill for health care for veterans with cancer. Just as they refused to pass the military housing retrofit bill and embezzled millions of veterans for border wall funds. If you vote Republican, stop saying you support the troops. You don’t! You’re just waving your flag and being a hypocrite.

In the running for the award for worst senator in a fiercely competitive field, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin shouts “energy independence”, but then votes against efforts to make us independent of computer chips, which is just as important. China could cut us off at any time (over Taiwan, for example), and our economy would shut down. It is essential that we are able to manufacture a sufficient quantity of these electronic components ourselves. But Johnson thinks the bill to support their production here in the US is just “corporate welfare”. And besides, if the Democrats are for it, then he must be against it. If the chip lobbyists only treated Johnson like the NRA does, then you can be sure he would have voted differently.

Finally found a truthful comment from a Quickly reviewer. Such truthful comments are rare. The lady said that the last presidential election was the biggest electoral robbery in the history of our country. So the protest was called an insurrection.

During a speech in DC, Trump called our country “a cesspool of crime.” Did he know he was talking about him? This guy knows nothing of imposture and is totally out of touch with reality. Trump may become the most corrupt president to ever serve in the White House. Dysfunction is his middle name. Yet he claims to have an answer to reduce the crime rate. A good start would be for him to stay at the Mar-a-Lago golf course. Again, I don’t blame Trump for his brazen hypocrisy. I blame those who still choose to support him despite his corruption. It is a crime to pour money in silence. It is a crime to attempt to bribe. It is a crime to pressure an election official to change the results of an election. It’s a crime to support a Capitol riot. At some point, we have to assume that he will be held accountable. Until then, Trump will continue his tirade against societal norms. Why? Because he knows that a majority of the Republican Party, despite the evidence, is still willing to ignore his corruption. How sad!