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Well, the lies finally took hold on abortion. For years the GOP and the religious right lied about taxpayers paying for abortion, which never happened, planned parenthood performing abortion without informing patients of other options and practicing abortion beyond term. Naturally, these were all fueled lies to fuel their deception. I hope they are convinced that they are now going to force a woman to make the most difficult and also the most dangerous decision of her life.

Banning abortion will not end it. All you did was ban safe abortion.

How stupid are Lake County Democratic voters? You’re voting for a sheriff candidate who’s under indictment? You’re worse than Chicago…

Charged with attempted murder, Bert Flores won again yesterday for the East Chicago Borough Committee! Only in East Chicago! Ironically, today he returns to Sam Cappas Criminal Court as his indictment for four crimes continues.

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Radical Republicans have succeeded in taking control of women’s bodies, then they will go for the LGQBT rights. Once they impose minority values ​​on us, they will attack social security and medicare. If they can’t take them out, they’ll privatize them to enrich their cronies like they did with taxpayers’ money for charter schools. Keep voting Republican and all rights will be eliminated except the right to bring your assault rifle to church. This fiasco proves that voting matters.

What could be clearer? All three Trump appointees to the Supreme Court lied brazenly during their confirmation hearings. They knew then that given the chance, they would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, whatever protection they said as precedent and “established law”. They committed outright perjury. It is time to increase the number of judges in the court where we have been stuck for decades with a majority of judges whose word is not to be trusted and who make decisions based not on legal principles but on personal beliefs.

As for the demented bangs on the right (which now comprises 2/3 of the Supreme Court), the right to abortion is not protected by the Constitution. Not like the right to own an assault rifle and a few high capacity magazines.

Until a male can give birth to a child, they should have no influence on the issue of abortion. It’s a woman’s decision and no man should have a say in it.

You believe in free speech when it comes to your far-right entertainment news. You have zero tolerance for books or people who openly talk about being gay. Me, me, me — it’s all about you and that’s not how free speech works.

It’s no surprise that Trump-hater turned Trump-lover JD Vance won the GOP Senate primary in Ohio. He’s a shameless liar and a hypocrite, so he’s a perfect candidate for the Republican Party. Lies and hypocrisy are their middle names. But note that many more voted against Trump-endorsed nominee Vance than voted for him.