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Readers Talk About Pro-Life Hypocrisy, Lee Zeldin, and the Right to Shelter Act – New York Daily News

Bronx: To justify overturning Roe v. Wade, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett lamented the dwindling national baby supply. Well, it turns out that Americans are continuing to decline as more men request vasectomies and more women tie their fallopian tubes.

Moreover, denying abortion under all circumstances will guarantee the death of women with ectopic pregnancies in states where medical personnel risk jail time for trying to save lives. Women who live with violent partners can be beaten because of their pregnancy. It’s happened before – I guarantee it will happen again.

By the way, what happens to the surviving children of a family if the mother is forced into a dangerous pregnancy and dies? Will pro-lifers step in and help the family?

Of course not. Carrying anti-abortion signs and advocating for the right to life may be valid in the ether but the reality is that pregnancy is not easy. A lot can go wrong, and the men who refuse to understand the biology, and the women who say they just want to adopt the baby are clearly imposing their beliefs and wishes on those who have to make one of the most important decisions of their lives. . It’s their business, not ours! Claudette Mobley

Brooklyn: It is almost unbelievable that privacy rights such as access to birth control methods and same-sex marriage are now in serious jeopardy. A growing cohort of Republican politicians and judges want to wrest our rights to them and are making their intentions very clear. It is disgusting, it is a misuse of religious beliefs in the public arena and anyone angered by these actions should remember to campaign and vote for candidates who support these rights. Don’t become complacent. Ellen Levitt

Weehawken: To Voicer Jeffrey Baer regarding your remarks about the Sesame Place character’s actions: Your ignorance is part of the problem! The question is whether racism is involved. Jo Ann Cahill

Levittown, LI: Why aren’t we protesting the founders of Black Lives Matter and the Reverend Al Sharpton, who don’t live in black communities? Hypocritical! Darlene Antonick

Manhattan: Nowhere in the Daily News’ coverage of the violent attack on New York GOP gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin or the editorial (“Free to Assault Again,” July 23) on how whose violent assailant was released without bail, do you mention that the district attorney for Monroe County (where the attack occurred) could have easily charged him with a class C violent felony (allowing bail) instead of the lesser Class E felony (no bail) he charged him with. You don’t mention that the DA is Sandra Doorley (a Republican) who happens to be Lee Zeldin’s campaign co-chair. Why would a Republican DA who also works for the victim allow the release of this violent abuser? History has provided covert politicians like Zeldin and editorial boards like yours with false arguments to continue to misrepresent the real effectiveness of state bail reform. Oh wait – that’s why. Eli Ganias

Huntington, LI: Lee, nice publicity essay, but I think most people read it. I bet the story is fading fast! Leonard Stevenson

Rosedale: It was interesting to hear in Saturday’s Daily News that New York State GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy is asking Governor Hochul to provide security for Lee Zeldin. Meanwhile, I don’t recall Langworthy calling for President Biden’s safety as he faced multi-stage invasions during the 2020 campaign after Trump endangered people with violent rhetoric. I’ve also heard crickets from Nick when AOC faces daily death threats from radical right-wing racists. Using the unacceptable actions of a troubled military veteran for cheap political points is beneath the dignity of a major party president as well as the candidate for our state’s highest office. If they really cared about safety and our veterans, they would focus on passing laws to help our brave veterans. Unfortunately, Zeldin shamefully voted against helping fellow vets while in Congress. David S. Pecoraro

Bronx: In response to Nancy Brenner’s voice: We were almost a Third World dictatorship, but luckily it was stopped when President Biden won. As for your assertion that the January 6 committee members were unfairly named, please stick your head out of the sand. As Rep. Liz Cheney said, do you really think Republicans like Bill Barr and others who testified would have withered on cross-examination? Donald Trump lost and his actions after the election were treacherous. Think about it, those Republican Secretaries of State from Georgia and Arizona who testified, are they wrong? Martin Sandok

Brooklyn: The liberal press and liberal celebrities are having a blast over Sen. Josh Hawley “running away” from the MAGA crowd on Jan. 6. Did any of them do the same to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who hid in a closet in a building 450 yards from the Capitol on Jan. 6 because she thought the mob was coming for her ? Or when she was arrested with ghost handcuffs? Michael Massa

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Manalapan, NJ: Steve Bannon has threatened to “go medieval” on the pitch. Apparently, that means sitting there like a puffed up bullfrog saying nothing. He called the Jan. 6 committee “heartless” for not being there and then refused to testify. Guess who’s gutless? Joe Fontanelli

Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania: It is fair for Voicer Darryl Easton to raise the issue of our unjust occupation of the Mexican cession and the annexation of Texas: “…the United States had a southern border. Most people who now stop at the Rio Grande are likely descendants of natives of those areas. John A. MacKinnon

Manhattan: Voicer John Procida Seems Right: Why Shouldn’t Electric Vehicle Owners Be Grounded to Save Electricity During the Heatwave? But drive greenhouse gas-emitting internal combustion cars instead?? Those who have contributed to our global climate catastrophe with its frequent and prolonged heat waves? A better plan is to invest in our aging power grid and aggressively adopt electric vehicles. Governor Hochul has earmarked $1 million for infrastructure and adoption of electric vehicles. It must expand the affordability of electric vehicles for working-class people. Laurie Joan Aron

Ridgewood: Why are all U.S. Republican senators opposed to action on climate change? Do they want more wildfires, hurricanes and droughts? Why are all these same senators against reducing drug prices? Why are they all against the United States manufacturing its own computer chips? If Taiwan stopped sending chips to the United States, we couldn’t make many new cars, phones, etc. Even if Trump was in favor of returning industries to the United States, our government needs help. John Sendlein

Rochdale Village: I totally agree with Voicer Gene Tracy: Not only does The News ignore the Mets, but your coverage of hockey is almost non-existent. It’s almost all about the AP, and what there is is almost all about the Rangers – almost nothing about the Islanders or the Devils. You are a Yankees and Rangers newspaper through and through! Saul Rothenberg

Manhattan: Beware of Vladimir Putin’s tea party. The Russian tyrant enveloped the eastern and southern borders of Ukraine much like a teapot. He simmers his coveted region of Ukraine while occupying President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and others with his tea conversations. The world should not be fooled by such chicanery. Six months into Putin’s war, Ukraine still matters to all of us. Susan A. Stark

Staten Island: I would like to know who came up with the right to shelter law that says anyone from anywhere can come here to New York and ask for a bed. Meanwhile, our taxes are skyrocketing. It’s getting harder every month to pay our ever-increasing bills. Why should we foot the bill for this senseless law? How can we change this ridiculous legislation? Phyllis O’Callaghan