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White Rock, BC: Re ‘Shooter had no criminal record, says troubled’, May 27: Salvador Ramos had been brutally bullied while attending high school, largely because of a speech disorder. Although he is not said to have had issues with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), neurodevelopmental disorders in young people who commit school or mass shootings are not uncommon.

It’s no secret that Negative Childhood Experience (ACE) abuse/trauma is often inflicted on children and adolescents with ASD and/or highly susceptible by their normal or neurotypical peers, so why not at least acknowledge it in a meaningful and constructive way? Neurodiversity could be taught in school to perhaps reduce the incidence of chronic bullying against these vulnerable students.

By extension, we could prevent possible bloody retaliation on a school day in the form of a mass shooting of innocent students, including peers who had never even spoken to the tortured student-turned-shooter, let alone insulted.

Such a neurodiversity program could explain to students how, among other aspects of the condition, people with ASD (including those with high-functioning autism) are often mistakenly viewed as willfully difficult and socially incongruous, whereas in fact such behavior is not a choice but rather instinctive. .

Additionally, when with their normal or “neurotypical” peers, people with ASD typically feel pressured to “camouflage” or “mask,” terms used to describe their attempts to seem to fit in naturally, a effort known to cause their already high anxiety and/or depression levels to worsen. And, of course, this exacerbation is reflected in the disproportionately high rate of suicide among people with autism. Frank Sterle Jr.

Bronx: In addition to losing their children to a psychopath and learning that a possible rescue was botched by the police, the parents of these children also had to endure the former commander-in-chief mispronouncing their names and doing his little dance to finish his speech. Give the guy a pass, though – he can’t even speak English properly. What a shame all around. Mary Ann Guarneri

Astoria: How many mass casualties have to happen for people of common sense to stand up and bring about change? Half the country sticks to its gun rights and the rest of us sit idle. I can’t stay still anymore. I urge all schools in New York to have metal detectors and that everyone who enters, from the principal and assistants to teachers, cooks, guards and strangers, be checked for weapons. Security guards must treat everyone as a threat to our innocent children, but especially the domestic terrorist; the lone wolf killer. Let’s prevent these attacks by installing metal detectors in our subways, LIRR, Metro-North, office buildings, big box stores, places of worship, tourist attractions, etc. This is what gun enthusiasts want. It’s us against them. If we can’t bring about policy change in Washington, let’s protect vulnerable, high-traffic sites by installing metal detectors. Kosmas Patikoglou

Staten Island: Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s pathetic response to the tragedy was a travesty. No mention of the open carry law change that allowed the 18-year-old killer to hunt and kill his prey. Abbott can hide behind the camera as he had the audacity to say, “It could have been worse.” Easy enough for those Donald Trump and Ted Cruz creeps who echo the myth of the “good guy with a gun” when it’s not their kid. Come face to face with grieving families and look them in the eye, you cowards, and tell them with thoughts and prayers. The Republican Party is indebted to the NRA for its campaign contributions to maintain its power. Trump’s insurgency on January 6, 2021, where five people died, was meant to maintain power; those lame excuses for the murders at Uvalde, all to maintain power. I maintain that power should be the eighth deadly sin. We are seeing the repercussions of that in real time now. Michele Corelli

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Greenburgh, NY: If Congress doesn’t act on common sense gun safety measures, maybe Congress would authorize a referendum. Polls indicate that most Americans would support certain action steps that would make it harder for murder to happen in our schools, subways, streets, supermarkets, and malls. Let the American people vote on at least some measures Congress is afraid to vote on and break the deadlock! Paul Feiner

West Columbia, SC: Can someone explain to me why the Second Amendment, which states that Americans may “keep and bear arms” in “a well-regulated militia,” is interpreted as any American being free to carry military-style killing machines, but a woman who wants the freedom to make her own life and health choices is somehow constitutionally not allowed to abort a barely formed fetus in her own body? The religious fanatics who now control the Supreme Court are passionately protective of fertilized eggs in wombs, but they have no interest in actual babies and children – or all of us – who are threatened by powerful weapons of war. It has become clear that gun enthusiasts are perfectly willing to allow gun violence to continue unabated, fearing that any effort to reduce gun accessibility will be a slippery slope towards freedom. weapons at all. Gee, wouldn’t that be a shame. Too bad it’s just right-wing propaganda. Caroline Robinson

Cincinnati: I’m glad my first reaction to the mass shootings is sadness, anger, and empathy for the families of the victims. The Trumpers’ first reaction is always, “Now the liberals are going to take our guns away.” Guns are the problem, but our society lets smartphones raise our children too. Smartphones have more influence on our children than their parents. More than not, parents are also addicted to their smartphones and Facebook. There is a shortage of work because the younger generation has not learned the work ethic. When this major social issue began to surface, tech CEOs took no responsibility. Tech companies are raking in money on smartphone addiction. I’d like to ask one of the earliest tech legends if this is the company she wanted to start. Mark Jesse

Massapequa, LI: Maybe if abortions were performed with an AR-15, Republicans would support them. Paul Pepe

Brooklyn: As we mourn the innocent victims of the horrific Texas massacre, we wonder why police were slow to eliminate the shooter even as children inside the classroom continued to call 911, desperately asking for help. help from the police. Call it poor judgment, lack of training, or perhaps even cowardice, School District Police Chief Pete Arredondo and Texas Department of Public Safety Chief Steven McCraw should, out of respect for the victims and their families, resign. And if they don’t, they should be fired. I don’t pretend to know a thing about being a police officer, but what I do know is that if you choose this profession, you have sworn to protect people, and that’s what they have miserably failed to do. Bert Wedemeyer

Massapequa, LI: Think about it, the cops who wouldn’t try to save the kids at this school in Texas are now on patrol issuing minor tickets to drivers, trying to show how well they’re doing their jobs. What a shame for their uniform. I commend the police who serve the public every day. Ron Boehning

Morristown, NJ: Giants manager Gabe Kapler said he felt like a coward for defending the national anthem before a game against the Mets. By boycotting the anthem and disrespecting the flag in a later game, he proved himself right in this self-analysis. Regardless of what our country faces, it’s still a great country. The flag and the anthem represent something that punks like Kapler just don’t understand. It’s all about fighting through the tough times and dealing with the tough issues – together. This sad sacking of a manager is meant to be a leader. Instead, he’s a gutless bum. Yes, Gabe, you’re a coward with a capital C. Frank J. Perry